3 positions for tantric sex that will take you to the heights of pleasure

3 positions for tantric sex that will take you to the heights of pleasure

 In a previously published article, we discussed the origin and significance of tantric sex.  As we know all too well that in the bedroom the practice, and not the theory, reigns, in the next article we will capture the most important and, why not, popular, tantric sex positions.

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 Before presenting our selection of positions, we feel obliged to remind you of some aspects related to tantric practices.  First of all, you must never lose sight of the fact that tantric sex is just one of the thousands of philosophical perceptions that have sprung from the Vedic religion.

 Related to yoga, tantric sex emphasizes, above all, intimacy, meditation, self-knowledge and spiritual ascension.

 Another thing you will need to keep in mind as a tantric neophyte is that this practice cultivates discipline.  Everything about tantric sex is limited to ritualism - if one step is omitted (eg we skip the prelude), then the whole act loses its meaning.

 Also, consuming food supplements for potency will only increase your pleasure even more, by prolonging the act.

 With this note in front of you, you will more easily understand the tantric sex positions that will follow.

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 For a better understanding, Yab Yum's position is for tantric sex what Homer's "Iliad" is for the history of universal literature, that is, a canon, a landmark.  Tantric followers claim that this position is ideal for those who want to decipher the secrets of tantric sex.  This is how the Yab Yum position is practiced.

 The man sits on the bed with his legs spread.  She will sit on top of him and hold him in her arms, her legs wrapped around his pelvis.  Don't rush!  As I said, the purpose of tantra is to promote intimacy.

 Look into each other's eyes and try to synchronize your breathing rhythm.  Stay in this position for a few moments.  When you are ready, kiss the veil lightly on the lips.  Throughout the process, try to maintain physical contact with your partner.

 The Yab Yum position can end in two ways.  Either you hug and kiss until you decide the moment is over, or you can make love.  If you decide to continue the game, do not rush to penetrate as in the case of a wild game.  Let everything flow - the movements must be as slow and controlled as possible.  Above all, do not rush the climax.  For a more pleasant sensation, it is good for the partner to control the movement.

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 Don't be fooled by the name of this position because it has nothing to do with the classic one.  Like the Yab Yum position, the goat position emphasizes intimacy, the physical and spiritual contact between you and your partner.

 For the goat position, put some soft pillows on the bed.  The partner sat on her knees, with her legs spread and her pelvis slightly raised.  The partner gets on his knees, behind her and penetrates her.  Stay in this position for a few seconds.  He then leans over and embraces her in the middle.  The man's chest must be in contact with the woman's back.

 Stay in this position for a few minutes and try to synchronize your breathing.  Very slowly, the partner moves his pelvis to penetrate it deeper.  The man needs a lot of discipline in order not to rush to finish and to move naturally, fluidly, in the rhythm of breathing.

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 An exceptional position for total physical contact.  For starters, the partner lies on the bed and sits on one side.  The man will position himself behind her so that his pelvis is slightly lower than hers to allow penetration.

 During intercourse, the partner can stimulate the partner's breasts or neck using the lips and tongue.  For extra pleasure, she can stimulate her clitoris with her fingers.

 These were the most popular tantric positions.  Although some of them seem strange, do not forget that the purpose of the act itself is not penetration, but energetic contact between you.  Everything must be done as slowly as possible.  Don't forget the foreplay and the atmosphere as both contribute to your mood. autor- luxury escorts bucharest

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