5 Erotic Games that can rekindle the Spark of Passion

5 Erotic Games that can rekindle the Spark of Passion

 The monotony in the bedroom can become very stressful, leaving you with the impression that your partner can no longer surprise you with anything.  Fortunately, there is a very simple solution, namely erotic games that will test your imagination and rekindle the flame of passion.  If you are out of ideas, read this article to discover the hottest erotic games.

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 Although many sexologists claim that pornographic films have distorted the perception of sexuality, such a montage would be exactly what you need to spice up your relationship.  The game itself is very simple: convince your partner to watch an adult movie together.

 Then try to recreate the movements or ‘lines’ as best you can.  But you don't have to stop here.  To give a note of veracity to the erotic game, you can try to recreate the story of the film or wear the same clothes as the protagonists.

 Probably the hardest part is choosing the movie, as sexual fantasies differ from person to person.  A good tip in this regard is to go to an adult movie site and browse the categories to see what you like and what you don't.

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 A classic erotic game, we could say, that emphasizes the fantasy of some people to sleep, at least once, with their boss.  The first time you need to design a scenario.

 Imagine that you are a model and shy employee who often stays overtime to impress her manager.  When everyone leaves, the door to the boss's office opens, and he greets you ceremoniously inside.  You hesitate but in the end you accept.

 Once you get to the office, you can experiment with several scenarios.  You can turn into a bad girl who wants to be possessed by her boss or you can remain that good girl who, in the end, gives in to the boss's advances.  Again, you can use whatever comes to mind to give a note of truthfulness to the story - clothes, accessories or even furniture.

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 If the prospect of seeing your partner masturbate incites you, then you can try this game as well.  Don't get too complicated with the script;  the simpler, the better.  Sit on the bed and start stroking very slowly.  All this time he or she, who will either hide in the closet or sit and look through the keyhole, will be attentive to all your movements.

 Everything must be done at the slowest possible pace.  After a while, let your hand slide lower and lower.  While masturbating, you can try to put into practice the things you know that drive him / her crazy, such as stroking his / her breasts or moaning slightly.

 The doctor and the nurse

 Even if it sounds a bit kitsch, the doctor's and nurse's game never failed.  Keep in mind that for this story you will need a few things like two white robes, a stethoscope, maybe some caps.  For the nurse's uniform you can buy a very short robe, a pair of white or foot-colored tights and maybe some shoes with a slightly higher heel.

 As for the scenario, you can try the following idea.  Imagine you are on guard in the same section.  Patients sleep peacefully, there are no emergencies, so you decide to retire to the emergency room for a cup of coffee.

 Word for word, you end up stroking, kissing and finally throwing away your clothes and having wild sex.

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 A slightly more exotic scenario compared to the others, but very hot.  To put the script into practice, you can dress in fitness clothes, possibly some that highlight your shapes.  Here's a script idea.

 The fitness trainer, severe in fact, makes you do a series of exercises that you do not like, for example the abdomen.  You will sit on your back and try unsuccessfully to do the series of exercises.  When you can no longer, you will ask him to sit next to you and cover your legs for more safety.

 After the first abdomen, you will wrap your arms around his neck and give him a passionate kiss.  Then all you have to do is pull it towards you and throw away your clothes.

 The five erotic games presented are just a few examples of stories you can relive in the bedroom.  As usual, the key to success is to experiment as much as possible.

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