5 sexual positions for losing weight or how to burn calories pleasantly

5 sexual positions for losing weight or how to burn calories pleasantly

 The little crazy things we do in the bedroom contribute equally to the well-being of our partners as well as to maintaining our physical shape.  Here are the best sexual positions for weight loss to combine the useful and the pleasant in the most literal way possible.


 Yes, we are firmly convinced that many of you are bored with this classic position.  However, if you want to carve a body worthy of all envy, the missionary position is the best choice.

 During intercourse, the man will train the muscles of the arms, back, buttocks and most of the abdominal muscles.  This position is also beneficial for ladies, as during sex they use their pelvic and buttock muscles intensely.

 For a more intense exercise session, you can ask your partner to put her feet on your shoulders and lift her pelvis as you penetrate her.


 This position trains all the muscle groups of the partners.  For the archway, ask your partner to sit on her back.  You will kneel in front of her and raise her pelvis at an angle that allows penetration.

 So, during sexual intercourse, you will sit on your knees, with your back slightly tilted, while supporting your pelvis.  Your partner will lean on your fingertips and will have your back arched.  If you want to experiment even more with this position, ask your partner to synchronize the movement of her belly with penetration.

 The bridge

 A rather complicated sexual position, but one that helps you burn more calories than a day spent in a gym because it trains all muscle groups.  Here's how to do it.

 The man will sit in the attic (his hands will go completely back and his back will flex until you touch the floor with the bridge of your palms) and the partner will sit on top, leaning his hands on the thighs of the ground floor and sitting on tiptoes.

 Another variant of the bridge is the one in which the partner sat in a similar position, while the man will kneel in front of her.  Grasping her buttocks with both hands for support, her partner will penetrate her, while she will remain with her back arched.


 The wheelbarrow is ideal for people who want to increase the muscle mass of their hands and feet.  This position involves the following group of muscles: shoulders, trapezius, quadriceps, biceps, chest, abdominal muscles and knee tendons.

 For the maid position, the man will sit behind his standing partner and will cover her pelvis, raising it to the level of the penis.  Your partner will sit with her arms on the edge of the bed and her legs flexed so that her feet touch her partner's back.

 Hot hug

 Another ideal position for maintaining fitness.  For a start, the man will sit on his feet, while his partner will jump into his arms.  During intercourse, the woman will wrap her legs around the middle of her partner and with her hands wrapped around her neck or left on the partner's back.  This position trains the muscles of the legs, back, both trapezius and abdominal muscles.

 In this article we have tried to present the most effective sexual positions for weight loss.  Before embarking on ‘sports’, keep in mind that many of these positions are quite complicated, requiring prior training to prevent the risk of injury.

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