5 tips for improving sperm quality

5 tips for improving sperm quality


 Usually, the last thing men think about when they plan to start a family is the quality of their sperm.  Unfortunately, many of those who dream of parents find out late that they may have problems of this nature.  In the following article we will give you a series of handy tips for improving sperm quality.

 What does sperm quality mean?

 As you know, even if a man is fit in terms of potency, it does not necessarily mean that he is also fertile.  The process of conceiving a child is so complex that there are many aspects that medical science has not been able to explain.

 Sperm quality refers to its ability to fertilize the egg.  Scientists have identified many factors that determine sperm quality.

 These include:

 quantity (concentration of sperm contained in the semen);

 motility (the degree of movement of the sperm cell both inside the sperm and on its way to the egg);

 average rectilinearity (average speed at which sperm move on a predetermined path).

 If the semen taken from the patient has imbalances in the above factors, the result may be infertility.  There are also other factors that influence the diagnosis of infertility such as low libido, certain erectile dysfunctions, and hormonal secretions.

 What do we do to improve sperm quality?

 The best approach is to be scared to hear a diagnosis of possible infertility.  Keep in mind that in most cases, this condition is treatable, and the regimen does not necessarily have to be drug-based.  Here are the best tips for improving sperm quality:

 1. Get rid of extra pounds

 This advice is auspicious even if you do not suffer from any ailments.  In the case of patients with fertility problems, a proper diet associated with an active lifestyle helps to increase the amount of sperm as well as sperm motility.

 2. Get as much movement as possible bucharest escorts

 An active lifestyle helps you not only to prevent metabolic disorders (diabetes) or cardiovascular disorders, but also to prevent sexual disorders.  American researchers have shown through a clinical study that patients who practice performance sports, especially weightlifting, are much less prone to infertility than others.

 Regular exercise can improve both the quantity and quality of sperm.

 3. Eat foods or dietary supplements rich in vitamins

 Another cause of infertility is vitamin deficiency (lack of vitamins in the body).  To improve sperm quality, it is recommended to consume complexes containing vitamins D, E, and CoQ10.

 Also, the lack of vitamin C can result in decreased sperm quality.  In order to prevent infertility, doctors recommend consuming a daily dose of 1,000 milligrams.

 The tablets contain natural plant extracts that can help improve sperm quality.

 4. Wear appropriate underwear

 Although it seems surprising, the physiological properties of semen can also be influenced by the underwear we wear.  Panties molded to the body can prevent thermoregulation of the scrotum, which can affect the quality of sperm.  Specialists recommend wearing comfortable underwear that allows the scrotum to breathe.

 5. Give up harmful substances

 Smoking or abuse of hallucinogens can also affect semen.  Usually, when the specialist draws up the anamnesis, he asks the patient for details in this regard precisely because smoking or drug use contributes to the appearance of infertility.

 Conclusion escorts bucharest

 The quality of semen is given by many factors, only the main ones being listed above.  As I said, there are many ways you can improve sperm quality, and many of them are natural and simple solutions that can improve both your sperm quality and your quality of life.

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