6 Natural Foods for Potency to Include in Your Diet

6 Natural Foods for Potency to Include in Your Diet


 When it comes to satisfying our life partner in the bedroom, many of us will resort to various methods to increase the potency and, implicitly, the duration of sexual intercourse.  Fortunately, there are simple and natural solutions to increase potency, guaranteed to give you unforgettable nights. escorts bucharest

 Next, we will present you the best natural foods for potency - some of them banal ingredients, cheap and easy to buy from any supermarket or market, but with totally unexpected effects, which bring unforgettable benefits.

 1. Garlic

 Who would have thought that the common garlic could be used outside the kitchen?  Recent studies have shown that certain substances found in garlic, namely sulfides, are effective in the fight against stomach cancer and the reduction of tumor masses.

 Surprisingly, clinical studies show that garlic is, on the one hand, a powerful aphrodisiac and, on the other hand, a food for potency.  This is because garlic helps to remove fat deposits from the arteries, which means better blood circulation, especially in the genital area.

 A little advice from us: although garlic is one of the healthiest foods, it would be preferable not to eat it before going with your partner to the bedroom.  Like any other food, eating in moderation is beneficial, and excess can significantly reduce your partner's sexual appetite.

 2. Pumpkin seeds

 With a high content of iron and magnesium, pumpkin seeds contribute to increasing the level of male hormones and thus the duration of the match.  In addition, due to its anti-inflammatory effect, this food can improve circulation, allowing you to enjoy a lasting erection.


 Also, pumpkin seeds have a rich content of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which play an important role in stimulating libido.  To enjoy a long sex party, try to integrate pumpkin seeds in your diet.

 3. Dark Chocolate bucharest escorts

 Although sweets are often contraindicated in people with certain conditions such as insulin-dependent diabetes, it is a good food for increasing potency.  In about 20% of cases, potency problems are caused by mental factors, and dark chocolate is a wonderful remedy because the rich cocoa content helps fight stress or anxiety.

 Cocoa-based dietary supplements are generally indicated for people with potency problems, as cocoa substances can reduce stress and anxiety, thus allowing users to enjoy a long-lasting erection.

 So, if you want an unforgettable night in the bedroom, consume a moderate amount of dark chocolate during the day.  If you don't like the taste of classic tablets, you can also consume it in liquid form, with a little skim milk or you can opt for natural supplements that also contain natural cocoa extract.

 4. Spinach

 Do you remember Popeye, the cartoon character who ate spinach to gain strength?  Spinach is not only a healthy food but can also help increase sexual potency and appetite.

 Rich in arginine, a substance that helps strengthen the penis and maintain a lasting erection, spinach is the ideal food to satisfy your sexual partner.

 5. Beetroot

 Beetroot is not only a delicious garnish but also an excellent vasodilator.  Studies have shown that patients who regularly consume beets benefit from improved blood circulation, especially in the penis area.  Also, beetroot nitrites will help you maintain a long-lasting erection and satisfy your life partner escorts bucharest

 6. Babei's fangs

 Also known scientifically as Tribulus terrestris, grandma's fangs help maintain an erection, increase libido and are often used as an adjunct in cases of infertility and impotence.  Preparations based on grandmother's fangs stimulate blood circulation and have a strong anti-inflammatory effect.  Usually, in alternative therapies, the flowers, seeds and leaves of the plant are used.

 Problems related to male potency can be treated and, fortunately, most treatments are based on either natural remedies or non-harmful dietary supplements.  Using these treatments, you will be able to fully enjoy your relationship with your loved one, without having to worry about what will happen when you retire to the bedroom.

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