6 strange sexual practices from antiquity to the present

6 strange sexual practices from antiquity to the present

 The human imagination knows no bounds when it comes to exploring sexuality.  From adult films in which the protagonists mutilate their bodies for pleasure, to tribes celebrating the entry of young people into adult life by ingesting semen, the eros show continues to fascinate and shock the audience.  In what follows, we will present the most bizarre sexual practices from time immemorial, but also today.

 In ancient Greece, older men had sex with teenagers

 Although modern society condemns sexual intercourse between minors and adults, in ancient Greece not only was this practice common, but it was also a source of pride for family members.  Known as "pederaşti", meaning men who publish pederasty, they were part of the nobility.

 To prove their social status, high-ranking and wealthy men kept teenagers from poor families by the house.  In exchange for his protection and that of their families, the young people were morally obliged to sleep with their masters.

 Historical sources record pederasty as ubiquitous and lawless in the Archaic period (between 750 and 490 BC), but also in Classical Greece (between 490 and 336 BC).

 In ancient Egypt, men masturbated in public( escorts bucharest )

 Bathed by the scorching sun embodied by Ra, Egypt has always had a close relationship with the earth.  Considering that the name of the land in antiquity was "kemet", meaning "black earth", the Egyptians strongly believed that the gods decreed that they occupy that place because it was particularly fertile, compared to the desert that meant death.

 That is why, for the Egyptians, fertility had a special significance.  For example, Min, a pre-dynastic deity, was always embodied in the form of a man of impressive stature, with an erect penis.

 In honor of the fertility god, the pharaohs organized annual festivities.  In order to show their devotion to Min, men had a moral, but also a civic, obligation to masturbate in public.

 In addition to the festivities dedicated to Min, the Egyptians had a similar holiday.  Named the feast of Nim, during this holiday, the pharaoh must masturbate and scatter his seed on the waters of the Nile.

 The explanation for this gesture is that, through ejaculation, the pharaoh recreates the episode of the creation of the world.  In Egyptian mythology, Atum, unanimously considered the creator of the universe and humans, shaped the world and the important deities in the Egyptian pantheon with only his semen.

 In Papua New Guinea, men drink semen from the village elders

 Etoro, a tribe of natives in Papua New Guinea, forces their young people to drink the sperm of the village elders and to be anal penetrated by their adoptive uncles.  This practice, reprehensible in many parts of the globe, is deeply rooted in the beliefs of the Etoro tribe.

 One of their religious perceptions suggests that a child who is old enough to be subjected to the rite of passage (around 7 years old) must consume the semen of his father or an older person in order to take power.  The members of the Etoro tribe believe that semen is the essence of male power, and the young man will have to swallow significant amounts to become a fearsome warrior.

 In some cases, children will be anal penetrated either by their father or by an adoptive uncle.  This practice ends when the young people reach the age of 17, being considered men and warriors capable of protecting their tribe.

 In Mangaia, sex is practiced between children and adult women

 Usually, sex education is done at home, by parents, but also at school, by teachers.  In a relatively small community in Mangaia, an island in the South Pacific, elderly women have a duty to have sex with 13-year-old boys to teach them the secrets of love.

 The method of pruning on the basis of an apple kept under the arm in Austria

 Although a dying love practice, the apple dance under the armpit can still be found in rural Austria.  During a festival, all the breath of the village gathers, and the women who have not yet found a husband will put a slice of apple under their armpits and will dance a dance in front of everyone.  When the dance is over, each woman will go and give the apple slice to the one who fell on her trunk.

 Inis Beag, the place where couples don't take off their panties during sex

 At the opposite end of libertinism is Inis Beag, a small island off Ireland.  The inhabitants of this island are so shy when it comes to intimate contact that most do not take off their underwear during intercourse.

 Moreover, only men initiate sex parties that are usually limited to a single sexual position (missionary).

 Also, men will never have sex with their wives if a tiring day of work awaits them or if it is menstruating.  After birth, husbands will not sleep with their wives unless a few months have passed.

 A saying from the people said: "how many huts, so many habits!".  We should probably not be so surprised that every people understood, in their own way, the idea of ​​sexual intercourse.  Our goal is not to condemn or criticize, but to observe and see how we relate to them. AUTOR: bucharest escorts

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