6 things men want you to do in bed

6 things men want you to do in bed

 The fundamental aspect of a healthy and long-lasting sex life is reciprocity - that is, a sincere dialogue about what everyone wants from their life partner in terms of sex.  If you want to make him want you even more in bed, we invite you to discover in this article what men in bed really want.

 Take the initiative ESCORTS BUCHAREST

 Although it may seem surprising, men like it when their life partners take the initiative.  Lead him to the bedroom while you hold his hand, kiss him passionately and then whisper that you are waiting for him in bed.  Take control.  Moreover, you can make everything look like a game.  Surprise him with a long and tender kiss on the neck and continue from there.

 When we talk about initiative, we can not fail to mention oral sex surprise.  Most men secretly want their life partner to pleasantly surprise them with an oral sex game in the strangest places possible, for example in the kitchen, in public places, or when sitting in front of the computer.

 Wear sexy lingerie escort bucharest

 Maybe there is no greater delight for a man's eyes than to see your girlfriend or wife wearing a steamy outfit, which highlights his body.  It doesn't matter so much that that outfit will arrive on foot a few minutes after you enter the bedroom, the important thing is that you will tell your boyfriend that you are paying attention to his sexual desires.

 To fulfill his sexual fantasies bucharest escorts

 Although for many couples sexual fantasies are a taboo subject, you could try to talk to him about his sexual fantasies.  You don't have to put them all into practice, but it will show them that you are paying attention to what they want.  Also, a sincere dialogue will show him that he should not hide behind his finger when it comes to the things you do in the bedroom.

 Try things from adult movies

 Even if you are the kind of person who does not like adult movies, you can take the initiative and ask him if he wants to try in the bedroom something he saw porn movies.  Moreover, you can even watch a movie together, trying to reproduce the movements and positions of the actors.

 Of course, you must first agree on the things you are willing to try and the limits you do not want to exceed.  The most important thing in a relationship is to be both comfortable and communicate as openly as possible.

 Show her how good you feel

 Most men are crazy to hear their partner moaning with pleasure or grabbing the sheet tightly during an orgasm.  That's how I realize I'm on the right track.

 This does not mean that you have to imitate the actresses in adult movies, but to find a way that you find most comfortable to show them that the moments you spend in the bedroom are to your liking.  Whether you choose to moan, stick your fingernails behind him, shout his name, or whatever else comes to mind, don't be afraid to unleash yourself a little.

 Invest effort in foreplay

 Even though many people think that foreplay is only for her, sexologists show that men also value a hot foreplay.  Not only will it drive him crazy and make him want you even more, but it will help him maintain his erection for a longer period of time.

 You can start the game with a relaxing massage and from there you can continue as you wish.  It would not be a bad idea to ask your ground floor about what he wants or to let him guide your hands.  You can even try tantric sex.  Try to discover your partner's other erogenous zones and explore them to the fullest.

 Remember that oral stimulation of the penis should be the highlight of the game, not the beginning of it.  You can also stimulate lingually and other nearby areas such as the perineum or even the testicles.

 Beware of bites!  The penis area is as deeply innervated as the inside of the vagina.  A light bite can stimulate him even more, but a stronger one can cause him terrible pain and even bleeding.

 As always, the rewards for paying attention to your partner in bed will be ample.  Remember that he, like you, has certain expectations from a sex party and will not be upset at all if you sometimes take the reins.

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