7 kamasutra positions for an intense orgasm

7 kamasutra positions for an intense orgasm

 A work attributed to the Indian philosopher Vātsyāyana, "Kamasutra" represents the vision of Antiquity on modesty, completely exploring all aspects of human sexuality.  Written between 400 and 500 BC and brought to its current form around the 2nd century AD, this collection of erotic texts has always fascinated man eager to explore his own sexuality.

 In honor of the oldest sex textbook, we designed this article about the most exotic kamasutra positions that will help you warm things up in the bedroom.

 Pafta position bucharest escorts

 This is an extraordinary sexual position due to the depth of penetration.  Keep in mind that it is quite difficult to practice.  Therefore, we recommend that you follow our steps carefully to prevent the risk of injury.

 For starters, ask your partner to sit on a flat surface like a table, with the pelvis slightly raised to facilitate penetration.  During the act, I grab her vigorously and lift her up.  To prevent the risk of injury, it is advisable to wrap your legs around your waist while holding it tightly to your pelvis.

 Plug position

 Ask your partner to sit on her stomach on a bed or table, with her legs out.  Grab it by the front of your thighs and lift it to the level of your pelvis for penetration.  During intercourse, your partner will either lean on your hands or elbows.

 Position Challenge

 The challenge is an extremely difficult sexual position as it will test your fitness.  For a start, pull up a chair and ask her to sit on it.  For penetration, she will need to kneel on the chair so that her pelvis reaches the level of your penis.

 Waterfall position

 A very intimate sexual position, but one that requires a little effort.  Here's what it entails.  Sit in a chair and ask your partner to sit on top of you, facing you.  Once you penetrate her, lean forward a little so that your head is at her navel.  All the while, her head will reach the level of your soles.  Take this opportunity to massage her breasts during penetration for better stimulation and a guaranteed orgasm.

 Indian Wheelbarrow position

 To implement this position, ask your partner to sit on your stomach.  While standing, bend over and grab her firmly by the thighs.  She will lean on your palms while you lift her belly to your penis for vaginal or anal penetration.

 This position requires good physical condition on the part of the partner as she will have to support herself in the hands during the whole sexual intercourse.

 Monkey position

 The monkey position is one of the most difficult kamasutra positions as it will test your physical endurance as well as your leg muscles.  Fortunately, it is also an ideal position to lose extra pounds.

 Sit comfortably on your back and raise your legs at a 45-degree angle.  She will position herself for vaginal penetration with her back to you, resting her back on your soles and forearms.  In this position the partner's hands remain free for testicular stimulation or, if you prefer, anal stimulation of the partner.

 Suspended Scissor Position  escorts bucharest

 The position of the suspended scissors is executed as follows: first, ask her to sit on the side.  You will need to stand on top of her, so that her left foot is between your legs.  Bend over, grab it in the middle and lift it to the level of the penis for penetration.  During intercourse, she will lean on the palm of her hand.

 These kamasutra positions are not at all for beginners or for those who are too conservative to try something new in bed.  Keep in mind that the risk of injury is very high for some of the positions described above, especially since they require both partners to be in good physical condition.  If you feel that something is wrong during sexual intercourse, we recommend that you stop and try a more comfortable position.

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