7 Sex myths dismantled

7 Sex myths dismantled

 Over the centuries, people's perceptions of intimate life have changed thousands.  From the mundane magazines of the nineteenth century that taught married ladies to repress any trace of pleasure during intimate contact to online guides that show you, step by step, what to do in bed, the terms "sexuality"  and "sex" have been redefined to meet societal needs.

 Of course, these paradigm shifts have generated preconceptions, superstitions and even myths.  Below, we present the most common myths about sex and the ways in which they have been dispelled by medical science.

 Excessive masturbation leads to blindness escorts bucharest

 As a child, you have probably heard, more than once, that excessive masturbation can have serious repercussions on your health.  Usually, in order to discourage their children, mothers of boys told them that masturbation can lead to blindness.

 Medical sciences, especially psychology, have shown that there is no correlation between masturbation and vision loss.  Moreover, masturbation does not pose any danger to the health of the individual.  On the contrary!

 Psychologists say that masturbation, especially in men, is the most natural way possible to explore sexuality.  Specifically, during masturbation, the person realizes what they like about sex (eg the optimal position of the hand to reach orgasm) and what they do not like (eg stimulation of other areas of the reproductive system such as the prostate, rectum).  or perineum).

 And other myths about masturbation such as hair growth in the palm or the idea that onanism increases the body's predisposition to cancer or dementia are as untrue as the one about blindness.

 In order to illustrate even more thoroughly the societal pudibonderia regarding malachia, we will mention a pseudo-19th century medical publication that talks about the dangers of masturbation.  The protagonist, a "lively" young man of only 17 years, falls into bed shortly after discovering the pleasures of self-satisfaction.  In the 17 illustrations, the anonymous author shows the young man's physical decline: pale face, red eyes, accompanied by hematemesis (vomiting with blood), baldness, loss of appetite, purulent pustules that attack his body and then death.

 Most women have an orgasm during penetration bucharest escorts

 Another aspect of misinterpreted sex is penetration According to this myth, most women have an orgasm after vaginal sex, in the absence of additional stimulation.

 As each person is different, it is clear that such a generalization means the reduction of an entire intimate act to a series of robotic movements.

 Experts say that there is a small segment of women able to reach orgasm only by penetration.  However, this statement is subjective, in the sense that it depends very much on the relationship between the partners (eg if the partner has a studied sexual technique or if the size of the penis is appropriate.

 In most cases, touching the body is a combination of stimulation during foreplay closely followed by additional stimulation during penetration (eg breast stimulation).

 Consumption of aphrodisiacs guarantees sexual performance

 There are various publications that claim that a diet based on aphrodisiac foods (eg celery, avocado, oysters or chocolate) automatically increases sexual performance.  Nothing more false!  The above foods are meant to induce a more pleasurable state before intercourse.  For example, the consumption of chocolate can improve certain brain functions due to its ingredients that fluidize the blood circulation to the brain.

 On the other hand, for erectile dysfunction, they are very suitable in treating problems that may occur in married life.  Their natural ingredients and, especially, the precise dosage, strictly target that category of symptoms that can lead to the loss of the sexual satisfaction of the partner.

 Sex is fixed as in adult movies escorts bucharest

 Many couple issues stem from the way partners view sex.  Adult films, although educational to some extent, have over time distorted the perception of how sexual intercourse should take place.  For example, men will feel frustrated when they realize that they can't last as long in bed as a naughty movie actor.

 On the other hand, their partners will feel uncomfortable when they propose a stranger sexual position, which, of course, they saw in such a film.  Probably the most damaging aspect is related to foreplay - men who skip foreplay and go straight to vaginal sex just because they saw that it is possible.

 Everyone can tell if you are a virgin or not

 No one has a label on their forehead that says "virgin."  Although most people think that those who have not had sex behave differently (for example, they are more nervous, avoid talking about sex), in reality this is not the case.  Not even the presence of pimples on the face or eczema is a sign of virginity.  The same applies to people who are no longer virgins.

 Older people no longer feel the need to have sex bucharest escorts

 Sex does not take age into account.  Just because the two have retired doesn't mean they said goodbye to their intimate lives.  On the contrary!  If there are no intimate issues then there is no reason why an older couple should not go crazy in the bedroom.  So, it would be good to knock on your parents' bedroom door before you even burst into old age.

 The size of the penis is equal to that of the foot

 Gentlemen, before you take out the ruler to measure your foot, find out that there is no scientific correlation between its size and that of your penis.  Of course, this myth may be a pretty good joke, but in essence it is still a preconception.

 When it comes to the human imagination, not even the most rigorous scientific treatises can drive away what is rooted in collective thinking.  The purpose of this article was to show that we do not have to take everything for granted.  According to the proverb, "not everything that flies is eaten."

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