A new beginning a new challenge

A new beginning a new challenge

I started the escort site business 4 years ago and something likely as a natural consequence of what I am, of what defines me, initially from the need arising from the bad course of the old business, affected by the crisis, on the one hand and  the village of dozens of burdens and burdensome taxes to which our rulers oblige us, always different but practicing the same oppressive style, as if we returned to the Phanariot era, instead of overcoming the bureaucratic barriers of the original democracy in Romania and entering  natural among the states of the European community, where, unfortunately, we are only with the name.  I have to admit that I personally lost hope that it will ever be good in this country again… in the end… I don't want to bore you with politics, which I hate anyway.

 After an extremely long period in which I totally neglected the blog, the writing, the articles, more precisely those that had to be dealt with, I decided to get personally involved.  I am not a writing specialist, I have never had a talent for composition, but I will try to post especially real events and stories, generally some of the personal erotic experiences that, fortunately for me, have abounded abundantly in my life.  over the years.  On the one hand I want to revive the blog both from a commercial point of view to keep you up to date with all the news on the market of escorts and erotic massages for adults, on the other hand, a thought that does not give me peace of mind.  years ago as well as at the urging of a friend to whom I shared some of my wonderful sexual experiences, I decided to "put on paper" to share with you, as time allows me, sensations, feelings and pleasures  which I had in my long activity as a "nymphomaniac".  I used this term because in the Romanian language vocabulary there is no word that defines a man's boundless desire to have sex always, much and as diverse as possible.  If I had been born a woman, I would certainly have been a Nymphomaniac.  So probably most of the time I was categorized as a whore.  But I prefer to say that I lived my life and if I had to take it from the beginning, it would probably be the same.

 I apologize from the beginning if my texts do not rise to the level of a professional blogger, nor do I try to stand up as if I were one, but I hope to be able to offer you a little or at least to present you a small image of  the feelings and sensations I had from an erotic and sexual point of view.

 I can tell you that for 20 years I experienced everything that was possible, of everything, absolutely any dream or fantasy I had, from normal sex, oral, anal, sex in 3 (thresome), to swing and  bdsm.

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