All about the vagina: 13 surprising things

All about the vagina: 13 surprising things

 Now I'm back with a list of the least known things about the vagina.

 The clitoris is extremely well innervated

 There is a good reason why most sexologists recommend intense clitoral stimulation.  This organ contains no less than 8,000 nerve endings.

 Women can be born without a vagina bucharest escorts

 Vaginal agenesis is an extremely rare disease (affecting around 5,000 people worldwide) that involved the lack of a female reproductive organ.  Considered a congenital defect, vaginal agenesis can have other consequences on the body, such as problems with the development of bone, heart and kidney systems.

 Pubic hair grows very fast

 Pubic hair has a significantly shorter growth time compared to the scalp.  So, pubic hair reaches its nominal size in about three weeks, after which it stops growing.

 Female erections exist escorts bucharest

 When a woman reaches an advanced stage of arousal, the vagina can dilate by up to 200%.  That's why there are no women with "tight" vaginas, but only insufficiently aroused partners.

 The vaginas are similar

 According to the literature, the only part of the female reproductive system that differs from woman to woman is the vulva.  This means that all vaginas look about the same.

 The cervix can dilate up to 10 times

 During birth, the cervix, a cylindrical organ that connects the lumen to the uterine cavity, can dilate by up to 10 centimeters.  Before birth, the cervix is ​​1 to 2 centimeters long.

 Vaginal secretions play an important role

 Vaginal secretions help cleanse and lubricate the reproductive organ.  The latest estimates show that a healthy patient secretes about 1.55 grams (a quarter of a teaspoon) at 8 hours.  During ovulation, the amount of vaginal secretions increases considerably (about 2 grams every 8 hours).

 Some women are allergic to semen

 In extremely rare cases, women may have an allergic reaction to the proteins found in sperm.  This dysfunction is associated with inflammation and itching after intercourse.

 Not all women have a vaginal orgasm escorts bucharest

 Statistically, only 30% of women have an orgasm during vaginal sex.  Most women have an orgasm only after clitoral stimulation.  That is why it is very important to never skip foreplay and opt for sexual positions that favor the clitoris.

 There are hallucinogenic substances for the vagina

 Although it sounds a bit dubious, there is a product that can give the vagina a state of euphoria.  Called "weed lube", it is a lubricant based on cannabis, this substance is absorbed by the vaginal tissue.  Those who used it claim that the vaginal muscles have become more relaxed.

 The vagina and the sharks have something in common

 You'll probably find it strange to find out that the vagina and sharks have something in common.  Squalane, one of the substances that contribute to the lubrication of the vagina, is also found in shark liver.

 Vagina, beer and tomatoes have the same PH

 Did you know that the vagina is related in terms of pH to tomatoes, beer and wine?  All these have a pH value of 4.

 The smell of the vagina varies depending on the diet

 Our diet largely dictates the smell that the vagina eliminates.  So, it would not be a very inspired idea to eat garlic, onion or fish before a sex game.  Instead, eating pineapple is recommended.

 The vagina is a complex, very sensitive organ that requires an increased dose of attention.  That is why it is important to know that whatever choice we make, whether it is a new diet or a sex toy, we must keep in mind that anything can leave its mark on it.  Now that you know everything about the vagina, can you tell us what you find most surprising?

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