Anal sex for beginners: 6 tips for a successful and painless game

Anal sex for beginners: 6 tips for a successful and painless game


 Anal sex continues to be one of the insurmountable taboos of married life.  Whether it is the pain associated with such sexual intercourse or hygienic objections, couples are generally limited to vaginal penetration, as the apotheosis of sex.  In the following article, we will show you that anal sex, practiced properly, can be the same or even more exciting than vaginal sex.

 Communication is very important escorts bucharest

 I don't think we need to remind you how important it is to talk to your partner about your intimate life expectations.  However, in this case, you will need to do a little persuasive work, because, more than likely, you will be hit by prejudices or maybe even unpleasant experiences.

 Try to convince your partner that such a game is not painful or "disgusting" at all.  To start this conversation, we advise you to read online materials about anal sex or even watch an adult video on this topic.  However, be careful which film you choose because it is very possible that your partner's refusal will be categorical if the film in question presents extreme situations.

 The penetration must not be deep bucharest escorts

 Anal sex is not vaginal sex Most couples, especially men, imagine that anal sex is similar to vaginal sex in terms of penetration.  Nothing wrong!

 Many sexologists say that pain in anal sex occurs when the man inserts his entire penis into the anal cavity.  Instead, they recommend a sexual practice called rimming, which means inserting the head of the penis into the anus.

 Because most nerve endings are found on the surface and not in the rectum, this practice will help your partner to have a painless orgasm.

 Lubrication is very important

 Another important aspect to keep in mind is that the anus cannot lubricate itself like the vagina Therefore, you need to use a much larger amount of lubricant.  We recommend a water-based solution that does not dry quickly.  For more information on anal sex products, you can consult the offer of any adult store.

 Don't rush the foreplay

 This rule must always be strictly observed.  However, in this practice, the prelude is as important as the chosen lubricant.  For starters, you can stimulate the usual areas such as the neck, breasts and clitoris.  When you think you are ready, you can start stimulating the anal area.

 You can use both your tongue and your fingers.  However, be careful not to force entry and have your nails cut and chipped to avoid injury.  Don't forget the buttocks;  a light bite can only drive her even crazier.

 Don't ignore the extra stimulation luxury escorts bucharest

 As mentioned above, the anus cannot moisten on its own like the vagina.  Therefore, great care in stimulation.  For more comfort, during penetration you can ask your partner to gently massage her vagina.  jStop if something is wrong

 At the slightest sign of discomfort or pain, it is advisable to stop and continue the game in another way.  Accidents in the bedroom such as ruptures or anal fissures are not the only things you hear about on the news, but things that can happen to you if you don't know when to stop.

 Anal sex is a practice that requires a lot of patience and sometimes accessories.  As usual, our recommendation is to discuss with your partner what you expect from sex and what to do to make your partner have a big day orgasm.

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