And yet, size matters

And yet, size matters

The genitals are as individualized as any other part of our body.  Look at how varied the shapes and sizes of the noses are and you will realize that things are the same with the vaginas and penises.  As usual, what one sex does not want the other.  Men say emphatically that their penis is too small (I have not yet met one who complains that it is the other way around, except in exceptional cases with appropriate equipment), and women have problems because their vaginal trajectory is too large.  There are ways to get around the dimension, but first we discuss the emotional aspect.

 Being different from the norm in any way is quite difficult, but what matters is how you react.  You can turn the mosquito into a stallion and become paranoid - or you can accept what nature has given you, get used to trying to have a satisfying sex life.

 The penis can even enlarge and the vagina can shrink - through plastic surgery, but the solution is quite hard (not to mention the price).  First it's good to apply the tips below and maybe the size won't matter so much.  People fall in love with body parts - or don't want them - but with a person.

 If sexual intercourse is very painful or impossible to penetrate, you may suffer from vaginismus, a disease in which psychological factors cause a muscle spasm of the vagina, which they tighten.

 If your vagina is too small.  Women who do not have serious problems, but whose vaginal canals are small, sometimes feel uncomfortable during intercourse.  Fortunately (or unfortunately, because it can go too far in the other direction), natural birth heals you.  Do not panic!  Having a baby is not the only solution.  Here are some more:

 Always use a lubricant.  But extra lubrication is the only and most effective method you can use to make sex more enjoyable.  If you are embarrassed to keep the tube next to the bed, go to the toilet and insert ointment deep into the vagina.  Natural heat and lubrication will spread the substance wherever it is needed.

 - Do not start sexual intercourse until you are completely aroused.  Explain to your partner that you need a lot of foreplay for your vagina to get wet properly and dilate.  If he doesn't want to caress and excite you as much as necessary before penetration, change your partner.

 - Choose positions that allow you to spread your legs wide.  Make it easier to penetrate by spreading your thighs and bending your knees.  When he enters, come to meet him (as if trying to push something out of his vagina).  You will feel more in control of the situation, and the vaginal muscles will relax.  Instead of penetrating you suddenly and quickly, ask him to insert his penis in stages, little by little.  A boyfriend who cares about you will let you dictate the stages.

 Some women are built that way, others find that after a birth (or after several) the muscles of the vagina weaken.  If you do not "grab" the penis, the sensation is less pleasant.  - For both.  Fortunately, the problem is relatively easy to solve if you are hardworking.

 Do Kegel exercises every day.

 Dr. Arnold Kegel invented in the 1950s a series of "vaginal exercises" designed to strengthen the muscles around the pelvic platform, which contract during orgasm.  For starters, you need to discover the pubococcygeal muscle (PC).  It's simple: insert your finger into the vagina and contract the muscle around it.  It's the same muscle that keeps you from peeing when there's no toilet around.  You understand?  If you feel the muscles tightening around your finger, it means you are in shape.  If not, you will be!

 Contract and relax this muscle 25 times, twice a day at first.  Work slowly and gradually increase the frequency.  When you get to do 25 contractions fast, you are ready for more - 50 twice a day!  Have you become a teacher?  Now try to keep each contraction until you count to three and only then relax.  Repeat twice a day until 25, then go up to 50. Once you get here, which will take you a few weeks, you will notice a huge difference when you make love.  Not only will your vagina be tighter, but you will be able to massage his penis by doing Kegel exercises while he is inside.

 Put a pillow or two under you, he being on top.  The pillows change the angle of the vagina, which looks tighter.  Do not open your legs wide during intercourse, the closer your thighs are, the tighter the vaginal canal.  Choose positions where the vagina is "tilted" - any position on the back or where it penetrates you from a certain angle.

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