Are men crying?

Are men crying?

 And can men experience catharsis?  When we make love, sometimes my boyfriend starts to tremble, I feel him go somewhere deep inside him and I shed tears.

 That was a question I received yesterday.

 A few days before, I was reflecting on a man's courage and strength to cry.

 Nothing excites me more than the face of a man streaked with tears.  Tears of emotion, when he sees his child for the first time, tears shed from the splendor of a mystical experience, tears that come from the fountain of fusion with his own self, after consciousness has been purified from all earthly pain, tears born from contemplation of beauty to transcendence  .

 I am not referring here to tears that come from the weak and fluctuating nature of man, from trouble, from envy, from the memory of death, from deception or pride, but from tears that purify us, cleanse us, elevate us.  Those tears that have their source in our soul, which remove the upsets, worries and all the bitterness in the soul.  As our eyes weep with these tears, the soul becomes purer and purer.

 This gift of tears has greater strength than our will and mind. escorts bucharest

 And that is the strength of the man who kept the gift of tears.  After hundreds of years the man was forbidden to express his emotions - love, fear, pain - through words or gestures, being harsh, cold and even ruthless, aggressive, combative, authoritarian, now he knows that his strength lies in being AND  affectionate, tender, sensual, intimate, happy.  He is brave and has the ability to take a risk: to bathe in feminine energy, to allow it to penetrate and heal him.  He lives the happiness of letting himself be loved, of totally surrendering to the protective arms of his girlfriend.  Protective through love, delicacy, gentleness, tenderness.

 While she surrenders to his protective arms, protective through courage, honor, verticality, tenacity, authority.

 The feminine is a source of spirituality;  to awaken the man to the divine dimension has always been and will always remain the task of the woman.  Where, if not on the woman's chest, in his loving arms, embraced by the warmth of his yoni, the man can express his emotions to tears, can heal his traumas to regain his laughter and the joy of the soul, melts his copper plate with  who protected himself until then, to release his sensitivity, tenderness, refinement, creativity, sensuality, gentleness?  Thus the sexual relationship will acquire a spiritual, sacred dimension, and the sexual union becomes the union of two souls in the same measure as that of two bodies.  Having access to the "anima" (his inner woman), the man goes from orgasm to ecstasy, alchemizing the tears of pain into tears of ecstasy.

 These purifying, regenerating tears burn and annihilate the toxic energies that existed in the man's being, generating tensions, suffering, rigidities, imprisonments and sometimes illness.  A cathartic cry is a second baptism, which frees the body from sadness, anger, doubt, jealousy, helplessness.  It gives him light, peace, tranquility, liberation.

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