Do you know what financial mistakes couples make?

Do you know what financial mistakes couples make?

There are no clear and distinct rules when it comes to managing money in a couple, whether it is a stable relationship or marriage, because each person has their own preferences and a unique way of thinking.  Whatever it is, keep some of the money for yourself.  Don't give all the money to your partner, you have to have something for yourself in case of need.  We pay the common expenses of the house, we keep the rest of the money from the salaries for each of us.

 Tips, ideas and habits like this (and the list goes on!) Can be heard everywhere, either from relatives or from friends or acquaintances who have experience living together and raising children.  Some of them work, depending on the case and situation, but how much can you rely on them?  Especially since income varies from person to person, and the solutions a couple finds to keep or increase their earnings cannot always be applied to others.

 However, some financial mistakes are common to large groups of people, no matter how restrained and organized you are in managing money, and if you know them, they can be avoided.

 Lack of organization in time

 It's spring and you want to go somewhere at sea, either on the Romanian coast or somewhere outside the country?  Autumn has already come and you want to go skiing in a mountain resort?  Many people prefer to postpone their holiday plans thinking that "then we will see what we do and how, depending on the money we have at our disposal".

 Lack of early vacation planning often leads to higher expenses (booking a plane ticket overnight is much more expensive than booking a few months in advance) or even additional expenses, which you did not take.  in calculation at the right time.  This can ruin your vacation or completely destroy the plans you make.

 After you got engaged

 A big wedding, with many guests and even more gifts, in a beautiful place, is a beautiful dream for many couples and they start to make their wedding plans based on these expectations that the world (parents, family,  and not only) prepared them to have them.  From a certain point of view, that of the contributions that the bride and groom make at the end of the party, the wedding is a business - an investment from which you can earn enough money to pay all the expenses and set up your home.

 But the most common mistake a couple can make is to assume a wedding that is too expensive for their pockets and the guests who get there.

 Even if parents, godparents, relatives and friends help to organize the wedding, sometimes it can be too much from a financial point of view.  Especially when you choose the most expensive and extravagant wedding dress, the most expensive menu, and a lot of sheets that you don't really need.  The wedding and the wedding (party) that takes place after that is a specific day when the two partners publicly assume that they want to be together for the rest of their lives.  They don't need a waste of money on a big party, which leaves them in debt.

 Dividing the money into a couple

 Often in a family, even if you have not formalized it through marriage, one of the partners has complete control over the money: when the payday comes or the money from one project or another enters the house (when it comes to free  entrepreneurs), he or she collects all the money and then divides it according to needs and preferences.  This imbalance is a disadvantage for both partners because the one who manages the money can feel a strong pressure and stress when he is a bad administrator and he does not have enough money from one month to another, and his partner is forced to ask for money from each  when he needs anything, even for a loaf of bread, a haircut or going out for a beer or a coffee with colleagues or friends.

 Therefore, everyone must keep at least part of the money, no matter how small the amount, for various needs.

 Managing money when you have a small child

 Children tend to want anything: they see an interesting and beautifully colored toy and immediately ask their parents to buy it for them.  Sometimes they end up making a fuss or crying if they don't get it.  One of the most common mistakes is to give the child more than he or she really needs, leading to expenses he or she cannot afford.

 It is natural to try to give your children everything that can be best for them both as education and as objects (toys, clothes, etc.).  But it is not good to exaggerate, even when you have enough money to afford anything.

 When you wait too long to take care of yourself

 It is one of the most common mistakes that couples who have a long-term relationship make.  There comes a time when children are either out of school, or have jobs and their lives elsewhere (or another home, or even another city or country), so you have more time, more energy and often even more.  lots of money for you, for your partner.  If until now you have struggled to help and support the child until he has chosen a path in life, putting you in the background and leaving your needs and desires aside, from now on you can take care  by yourself.

 However, you don't need to reach retirement age to give yourself time and energy to your own desires and dreams, to invest in yourself: try to put money aside, either alone or with your partner for short vacations.  or escapes away from problems, or various training courses.

 These things give you a balance in life and recharge your batteries, giving you the strength to keep going.


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