Do you know why many are more excited about sex in a relationship than an affair?

Do you know why many are more excited about sex in a relationship than an affair?

If you have not had occasional sex and have not had a sexual adventure, then you should do it at least once: when you meet a potential partner who is attractive and interesting enough.  to have sex with him / her, and if that person is also interested in you, do not hesitate to take action.  It is part of the sex education that should be learned by every man.

 Moreover, that experience will show you quite well that sex in a long-term relationship is much more pleasant than an occasional one.

 Here are some reasons.

 Your partner knows you

 As well as you know him / her, he / she knows what you like and how you react in certain moments, of pleasure and interest.  But this is only achieved after a certain time spent together, after you get to explore each other during and with the help of sexual activities.

 While the occasional partner acts very often at random, depending on what he knows (and which may not fit) and what he feels (and sometimes can be wrong).

 Mutual acquaintance can lead to two things: fewer inhibitions and more intense / faster / longer orgasms.

 Intimacy and mutual knowledge lead to a better stimulation of the partner, to the exploration of new positions and sexual practices different from previous experiences.  Some will fail (most likely), but overall these exercises increase the chances of both reaching orgasm and gaining memorable experiences.

 You can laugh at the little incidents together and hug each other afterwards

 Do you know those little incidents you went through together on one occasion or another when you had sex in an unknown place or tried a new position?  Whether it's small noises or accidental gas leaks, or the amusement of the position you have reached, etc.  The list goes on and on, it's all about those little things you can always share with someone you trust, someone intimate, but who become embarrassing the moment you share / live them with someone you barely know.

 Someone you would hardly take in your arms and sit with for a while, naked next to each other, after everything that had happened.


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