Does he want too much sex?

Does he want too much sex?

 Since I write on the site, I have subscribed to several groups on Facebook to be up to date with what people think about what I am passionate about.

 A few days ago a woman posted the following, on a group of women only: “Hello, girls!  I know you'll say a lot, maybe I'm lucky, but it's not.  My problem is the husband, more precisely our intimate relationships He wants sex every night, even 2-3 times, and it's not that I don't want to, but it's too much.  For him, a single act lasts between 30 minutes and 50…, sometimes even an hour.  I can't even walk in the morning.  How can I explain it nicely, not to get upset, not to quarrel, because I can't go on like this.  It's too much… and it takes too long.  Please give me some advice. ” escorts bucharest

 Reading her message, I had a specific reaction for each sentence and I felt feelings of sadness, and a little fun, and compassion, but also understanding.

 I must confess that when I read the "advice" I laughed heartily.  I will take some of the comments from the post and I will comment on them below:

 Poor you.  It really is a lot.  Tell him it hurts, you can't.  More jokingly, more seriously, this is organ destruction.

 The vagina is not connected to either the lungs or the stomach.  The vagina has no opening in the rest of the body, it is not a passageway to the abdominal cavity.  So the sex of the man cannot reach the other organs.  The "massage" that is done through penetration really helps the woman a lot.  Certainly every man has experienced at least once that moment when his girlfriend told him: "not there and do not penetrate me so deeply because it hurts!".  The cause of these pains is the existence of tensions, not only sexual, but even emotional, which "gathered" in that area of ​​the muscles of the vagina.  There are also sometimes, in women's lives, especially when they go through traumatic experiences (both sexual and emotional), but also because of the stress to which they are exposed, moments when the vaginal area is very contracted.  In those moments, therapeutic massage with the vibrator and very affectionate love encounters are even indicated bucharest escorts

 Let's go back to organ destruction: the vaginal muscles (pubococcygeal) are very strong.  There is even a world record for vaginal muscles.  The record belongs to a Russian woman who managed to lift 14 kilograms from the ground using only her vaginal muscles.  So - the male sexual organ could not destroy the muscles of the vagina by penetration!

 Really every night?  What do you feed him?  Tell him nicely that you can't, that it hurts;  he, what, obsessed with sex?  Or are you just at the beginning of the relationship?

 Popular wisdom is very… wise!

 I say this because, without studying the subject thoroughly, people know from old age that there are some foods with aphrodisiac properties, which once eaten have the effect of a certain inner frenzy, relaxation, erotic desire.

 For men, aphrodisiacs are: ginger, carrot, basil, ginseng, tomatoes, garlic, chocolate, bear's cheese, scallops, muira puama, catuaba, ashwagandha, maca, etc.

 We also talked about the fact that sexual attraction lasts 3 years - I don't say it, but the researches of sexologists and neurologists say it.

 What do you feed him?  Poor!  Talk calmly and without quarrels.  You destroy yourself from within.  He must understand that you are human, not an inflatable doll.

 Ooofff, here I sighed.  Today I saw in a movie the following dialogue between a man and a woman:

 "Why would a woman pretend to have an orgasm?

 -To bring a man to orgasm as soon as possible.  Usually so he can get back to what he prefers to do. ”

 If the woman is not sensual and does not have a native openness to sexuality, or has not been lucky enough to have a man who is aware that his pleasure comes primarily from giving pleasure to his girlfriend (and vice versa), making love  it will become a chore (especially after the 3 years of relationship I talked about above) or a duty that the woman has towards the man "to stand in front of him".

 How did you get here?  Simple.  Society has long disregarded women.  He was not given the right to feel pleasure.  Many men even used the woman to masturbate in two.  Men generally get aroused very quickly and often they ejaculate very quickly.  The woman needs more time than the man to reach orgasm: the average is as follows: the woman reaches orgasm in 20 minutes, the man "ends" in 5-7 minutes.  (I said "it's over" - it's no coincidence that this term is used, because American scientists and French sexologists have published two reports: "HITE REPORT" and "FULLNESS PROGRAM" in which they showed that ejaculation and male orgasm are 2  Judgment is only a complex physiological process of discharge, which results in fatigue, drowsiness, weakness and indifference to the loved one).

 Most men in the West believe that they must prove their manhood during intercourse, which is why they tend to behave like very energetic, vigorous lovers.  Many times, they assume the dominant role and I think they will better satisfy their girlfriend through strong penetrations.  For this reason, they often ejaculate before their girlfriend is fully satisfied or even, in most cases, before she has reached orgasm.  Poor sex education is to blame, even the one that wants to be banned in schools, in 2018!

 Why don't women want to make love longer?  Because if they don't find pleasure in making love, they don't want to "waste time" making love! escorts bucharest

 There is also a big difference between men and women who stand in the way of their happiness.

  The woman opens first emotionally and then amorously.  The woman needs to feel a certain emotional stability, security, confidence to give herself.  Instead, the man opens first amorously, and only then emotionally.  That is, the man must make love in order to feel that he loves a woman.  This is why the man insists on going up to the room of the woman he likes from the first night, and the woman keeps him at the door.

 The famous Hite report, first published in 1976 by sexologist Shere Hite, highlighted the fact that women prefer long caresses, the erotic act being appreciated more for the tenderness it causes than for the orgasm which - in the happiest case - is reached.   This was the case in 1976. In 2018, the situation is no different.  Women need affection, comfort, a long foreplay, to disconnect from the worries of the day, and to create a state of intimacy, openness, to feel free from sexual prejudice or inhibitions, free to  she can enjoy the pleasure of sexual intercourse with her boyfriend to the fullest.

 It means he's not tired.  How old is the husband?  Maybe he's young and doesn't understand yet…

 … Or does not feel that he has spent his talents, ie the sexual potential with which he was endowed, and has entered andropause.

 Is he having trouble ejaculating?  Does it serve alcohol?  She needs to go to the doctor.  Do you enjoy sexual intercourse or do you have to?  Excuse me for the question, but are there hot moments between you (orgasm)?  Maybe he doesn't make it to the end and that's why he's struggling so much.

 In Tantra it is said that the foreplay begins exactly when, by mutual agreement, the sexual intercourse has ended.  There is no end in tantra - it is intended that the delicious intimacy that appeared during love be maintained regardless of the activities that take place.  Ejaculation can be seen as a problem in itself.  That's because he "finishes you".  One drop of semen is equivalent to 40 drops of blood.  A man needs 7 days to fully recover after ejaculating.

 My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 years, when we started the relationship it was the same, in fact it lasted somewhere for 2 years, we had relationships every night, now the situation has changed.

 I said above… nature does not want us happy, it created us to multiply.  Happiness, including erotic happiness, we build ourselves.

 The girl's comment follows: "She has a job… (in response to a woman who recommended that she put him to work physically to get tired), with the organs it's ok… so I'm fulfilled, but I can't stand so much sex anymore.  I don't feed him anything unusual: traditional food… he is 44 years old.  me 28… We have been together for 10 years, we also have children.

 But, God forbid!  What do you love, women?  The man loves his wife and wants her very much, what's the problem that I don't really see?  If you are not wanted as much, it does not mean that the husband has problems or something like that… I think it is something natural and normal, simply.  The wife is a bit exhausted, maybe because of the children, but the husband always wants her, I don't think it's a specific problem.

 That's what I said, that's not a problem.  The girl is really lucky.  But she must learn to use her luck in order to enjoy it.  He's probably tired of her because he's not very affectionate, and he's more athletic.  Or he is affectionate, but passion predominates.  He must learn to pay attention to her, to make love in her rhythm, to caress her whole body, lightly, affectionately, to kiss her everywhere, to listen to her rhythm. bucharest escorts

 Woe to such love.  Yet since when does he want you like that?  Even 9 years, every day, 3 times?  Something's wrong with him.  We all have men, and we are all wanted, but not really.  All this work is done for pleasure, but to face you all night is still not good.

 Don't confuse love with sexual harassment!  It's a big difference!  I know what I'm saying .. I had one too .. 7 years .. then I got cancer!

 I'm really sorry for the suffering this woman went through, but I'm sure something was wrong there.  It's not sex that's to blame.  Sexual energy is a neutral energy.  It exists.  How we choose to use it is up to us.  If we use it to bring more love into the relationship, more intimacy and respect, then it's great.

 If she controls us and we are instinctive and do bad things, then it's not her fault, it's ours.

 He just loves you so much, bravo!  I think it's okay for a husband to want his wife often.  The problem was if she didn't want it and didn't touch it for weeks, as most women probably live.  There I think there is something unnatural in the man's desire.

 You have to talk nicely with your husband, explain to him that you can't stand this rhythm every night and that you can't take pains anymore.  Well, once a night it's good, but 2-3 times a night it's already too much, it's addictive or addictive.  Your husband is either addicted or has an easy job and then the body is rested and that is why he resists so much and wants so many times.  He needs to understand that you are a person, not a robot in my opinion.

 Yes… sad… Is this the level of sex education in our society? escorts bucharest

 You will find all the answers at the doctor, when you both go, if you continue like this, you will get tired, it's not good…

 I also went through something like that and I preferred to leave him, the reason was that he was obsessed and he didn't understand me at all when I told him I didn't want to.

 I think that the ladies who think it's normal didn't have such a situation or are not satisfied enough at home.

 Or maybe I make love and not sex.  Maybe they have an affectionate man who puts them in the first place and he doesn't just want to feel pleasure.  And in such a situation you would want non-stop.

 16. Known situation.  I can tell you something: without him getting upset, he won't exist!  Either way you tell him, he will be upset because you criticize his ability to be a man.  Men think they are super lovers, if they last long and a few times a day, they say 100% that they are the best.  My advice: talk to him openly, without hiding anything.

 I said to my husband, “My boyfriend, I love you so much and I always want you.  But you satisfy me so well that my sexual organs need rest between acts. ”

 Explain that it causes you pain if you do it very often.  Of course he will be a little upset, but he will pass if he loves you.

 I guess he starts the game most often.  In this case, tell her that you want less, but to start you, dressed sexy, be sensual, etc.

 Believe me, after the first and second time, you will look forward to starting, because men love these things.  And in time you will make your own rhythm, without him realizing it.

 I had a boyfriend like that and I really liked him like that.  And when you break up and have someone else, it seems to you that someone else is hurting him.  I agree with the girls that you have to talk in two!

 In conclusion: communication is sacred!  In a relationship there are two people with different needs, with different conceptions, with different visions who must find a common rhythm.

 The difference between having sex and making love is, from my point of view, the following: sex is instinctual and passionate.  It is the instinctual need for procreation.  There is no difference between 2 people having sex and two animals having sex.

 Making love involves emotions, feelings, a high passion, self-awareness, intimacy.  When you make love you connect to the being you embrace, you care about her, you want to make her the happiest being in the universe.  When you make love, you unite with the loved one, you breathe through it, you deify it.

 LATER EDIT: I really liked what you said in this article.  He brought some additions worth mentioning here:

 "I start by saying that it is by far my favorite article of all.

 I find myself in this subject only because I am in the situation of "HE"!

 Let me say the opinion of the person who wants more and more often:

  When there is passion and attraction between partners, I see that you want a daily sexual act on something normal.  From the love you have for your partner, the desire to make love is born.  Or sex. bucharest escorts

  Before the present relationship, I was not attracted to having sex / sex with my partner often.  Just because I wasn't fully satisfied with it.  So most of the "pain" of the lady in the subject probably comes from the partner who focuses on him not on her.

 .  Her feelings for her husband have probably faded.  She should feel it is her duty to have sex and not have a natural lubrication.  Vaginal walls automatically become irritated and cause pain.  There is also the option in which their organs are not compatible.  Here I mean dimensions.  Maybe he's too big and "hits" in despair.

 .  Indeed, daytime tensions and stress build up in the vagina.

 And let's not forget the mind.  Because that's where everything starts.

 I totally agree with what you wrote.  That's my opinion.

 All in all, I declare myself extremely lucky to have a partner with a sexual appetite as high as mine and I am luckier because it values ​​my pleasure.  Because that's exactly what he said: when he sees me satisfied during the act, then his pleasure is 10x greater.

 I would really like to organize sexual seminars for couples and not only.  Where to learn and communicate with your partner, even during the act. "

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