Don't ask the man for exclusivity, act like you deserve it.

Don't ask the man for exclusivity, act like you deserve it.


The worst thing you can do in front of a man, for fear of being deceived, is to ask him, directly or indirectly, not to deceive you.  Repeatedly: Will you ever cheat on me?  Who are you talking to?  Who are you dating?  But how do you know Ixuleasca?

 The moment you did that, you transferred all the power to him.  On you and your relationship.  You acknowledged your weakness, and gave him fewer reasons to be important to him.  You gave up behaving like a woman with power over him, but not power in the sense of castrating him, but that power of the woman they also like, the power to be desired and the ability to create intrigue.

 Don't ask the man for exclusivity, act like you deserve it.  Perhaps the most important thing a woman can do in her lifetime is to know her worth and not discount it so that she can "sell" it at "full price."  What do stores do at the end of the season when they add discounts?  They recognize the true value of their products.  You have no end of the season, your life is not in seasons or at least it would not be desirable to be, so you can not start again with "full price", if you are not a new collection, in front of the same buyer   Sounds mercantile, I know, but doesn't it fit?  You, on the contrary, should evolve, add more and more to the quality, and the value should increase, not decrease.

 The moment you asked a man not to cheat on you, do you know what you did?  You just lowered your value and then, why would he invest the same price in something that fell in his eyes?  Why would he still strive for something he has and is sure of, and even if it may be quality, he saw that it can be even cheaper.  Thus, it will end up offering less and less, directly proportional to the value you offer, until it really changes the brand.

 A woman who knows her value, who is confident in herself and who invests in her, will not seek attention, will not seek appreciation, will not seek the "buyer", will not doubt her quality, will keep her strengths.  Only poor quality products have aggressive advertising, quality ones are sought after in places that honor them.  Only the Chinese shops have high prices displayed, 5 times reduced, which you get even if you don't need them.  The luxury ones do not go with the visible price, whoever can afford to stay, whoever asks the price, cannot afford it.  In such representations, people do not go out after you in the street to ask you why you buy from another.  If you want to be treated like Obor, you behave like Obor.

I don't know if you knew, but if not, I'll tell you now.  The motivation behind people's actions has two directions:

 to pleasure (you do something to get pleasure, out of a desire)

 from pain / fear (you do something motivated by pain, for fear of feeling it again)

 Because desire or pleasure is less powerful, or has a shorter duration than pain or fear, as all negative emotions weigh and are felt more than positive ones, most people are highly motivated to think that they could  to lose or miss something.  I am not saying to manipulate through fear, nor to be just a desire, but if you manage to combine them, to rekindle in him, periodically, the emotion of a conquest that he had thought impossible, you eliminate 90% of the competition.  And you will never be able to do this without knowing your value, you will not be able to do it through compromises and doubts, but through the quality and the confident way in which you expose it.  To be that woman a man would be afraid of losing.

 However, do these things in a modest way, as if they were part of you.  Not by arrogance and not by amazement.  Just as underestimation is lethal to a woman, knowing your worth does not mean overestimating yourself and it does not mean arrogance.  And "more" lethal, if I may say so, is to put a high price on a questionable quality, but I do not think it is your case, because if it were, I am convinced that you will work to increase the value.  The men didn't even come with the raft.  

 If you want me to develop or there is a topic close to this that you want me to address, please leave me a comment.  Thanks!  

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