Escort Service Bucharest - Diary of an escort

Escort Service Bucharest - Diary of an escort

Being part of an Escort Service Bucharest type experience is pleasure and pain, together as one. But us, bad girls know how to enjoy them both. The more you let one sink in, the sweeter the coming of the other. We know so well that life is not about having more, but nobody said something about wanting it all, and having it. It's nothing worse than not being true to yourself, and that's coming from a girl who's someone else every single night. Escort Service Bucharest is my Broadway and my church.

By your arm, I'm whoever you want me to be. You don't know this but I know. I see through you, your desires and your needs. I see what's itching inside when you see me and what makes you twitch. Think about it and I'll make it a reality. You don't even have to tell me. But I'd love to hear it. Tell it how you want it, let it rumble out your throat as it'll get clogged and you'll die if you don't. I love it when you let me save you like that. You know you're life is leaking out of you little by little and you need my services to fill you up. I understand how heavy the "should've" and "could've" are. How much we'd love them to be "did" and "am doing", "is" or "are". You can tell me.

That's what I'm here for. I'm not just a pretty face, I'm the pretty face you need. We all feel like that sometimes. That's what I'm running from too, whenever I'm with you. You pay for the best life there is, so I can borrow it and make it my own afterwards, you know?

It's more than meets the eye, you know?

I started offering escort services without thinking too much. Somehow I always knew there was something inside that led me here. I never caused problems, never stirred waters too much. I was a good girl, living a normal life. But I was so keen on leaving it without a second thought. I was underneath this good-girl way of living, my thoughts were drifting away from time to time to something "different".

I don't know what's with humans and doing "bad" things to feel good, but that was me. As I said, I am really true to myself. I was drawn to this life. I wanted to be adored, I wanted the attention. And not just from someone. I fantasized about being used, and then putting on my clothes and leaving that person behind. As much as he felt powerful and thought he used me, if not more, I was using him. That's my way of feeling powerful. That's how I get to grips with how life is. Everyone wants to be special, to be loved, to have control. I feel in control when I let go, lay in bed or smile while I hold your arm and feel everybody in the room telling dirty things to themselves. I hear you gentleman! Loud and clear. And that's what I'm here for.

Don't feel pity. I don't need you to be sorry - Best escort service Bucharest

I never needed a "sorry". Or I needed too many and that's why I am like that. Every promiscuous thing I do is an "you should've apologized" to someone. This is me sticking up for myself sometime ago when I needed it, but I wasn't able. It's not sad. It is empowering. I am in control, in that moment more then ever. You may feel like I'm losing it, but it's the opposite. I feel so powerful at all times I can let myself go. I can give you the keys to the night. You can't hurt me. And I know you don't want it dear. We both want to drive off to that dream we have for ourselves. I know you could've have it any other way. But you didn't get it from somewhere else. Something in you wants this. The secrecy, the whole experience.

You can be James Bond, but you don't have to save me from nothing. I'm your dangerous quest. I am the mystery you have to serve. And I know you can. Oh, you can do it so well. Oh, so well!

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I work for an escort service in Bucharest, but there's more to it, I told you. And to anyone else, you can bad-mouth us all you want. That just adds more spice to it. And I'm sure in some of you're hearts you either want it too, or you're just jealous you can't have the same thing in an crowd pleasing fashion. But that's the deal. That's the thing about it; you wanna by naughty. You are not one of them. You're above it all.

It just feels good to be bad sometimes. And we, through the escort service, can do it all the time

Imagine being rewarded for doing "bad" things. That's all the flavor. This is why you're coming to me. You want to taste it...SO, SO BAD! That's what you're paying for. Face it. In that moment I am not just a pretty face and a smocking hot body. I'm what you always dreamed of. You chose me in the likeness of your dreams. I am wild, and wildness is what you want so bad. Just choose an angel face to better fit your dreams. I love that. I feel essential. Everybody thinks you can have it any other way with anybody.

But it's not just that. It's not physical. It is not superficial. Everything there is about this lays underneath the surface. You can find as many pretty faces as you want. But they're not me, and I already explained as detailed as I could why. Everybody is sincere here, darling. That's why I see through you. I see you as you are. But I'll keep it to myself. I'll be the fantastic story you want to say to others, unravelling in front of them in my night dress. Or not. But that's why I'm doing this. That's why I'm your naughty secret and I enjoy being with the escort service Bucharest.

Because lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off.

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