Everything about oral sex in women

Everything about oral sex in women

 When it comes to satisfying your life partner, many men rush to the vagina, forgetting on the way that stimulating the surrounding areas can be just as sensual.  In this guide we will show you everything you need to know about oral sex in women and how to give your partner unforgettable nights.  Keep in mind that many of the things in this article require exercise and a lot of patience.

 Vaginal stimulation differs from partner to partner

 There is no supreme recipe when it comes to oral sex You will be surprised to find that what worked in bed with your ex-girlfriend might not work with the current one and it would probably be a really bad idea to remind her of this.

 What you need to keep in mind is that oral sex differs not only from partner to partner but from party to party.  Maybe the "direct attack" gave her an honorable orgasm the night before, but it is very possible that the same technique will be boring next time.

 What to do then?  Keep in mind that the only applicable rule is experimentation.  You need to spend some time exploring your partner's body to find out what she likes and how you can improve your techniques.

 Here are some tricks that you can integrate in your repertoire and that will help you bring your partner to the heights of pleasure.

 1. The technique of the alphabet

 The so-called alphabet technique is great for men who do not yet master the movements for lingual stimulation of the clitoris and adjacent areas.  This involves using the tip of the tongue to "draw" the letters of the alphabet inside the vagina.

 Although it is a great way to learn how to stimulate your partner, many women avoid it, admitting that the alphabet technique results in additional wetting of the vagina without climax.

 You can try this simple method when you are at the beginning of the relationship, but don't forget that there are good chances that your partner will not be too impressed, especially if she knows exactly what kind of stimulation she likes.

 The easiest way is to start with the alphabet technique and discover, over time, the types of clitoral stimulation that your partner prefers.

 2. Do not rush to stimulate the vagina escorts bucharest

 Even if this is your goal, you should not rush to the vagina.  Instead, try to use the tip of your tongue to stimulate other erogenous zones such as the inside of the thigh or the area around the vagina.  Don't forget the rhythm - everything must go as slowly as possible.  As a result, the moment you reach the vagina your partner will not only be stimulated enough but will be close to orgasm.

 3. Don't be shy to use your fingers

 Obviously, oral sex involves using your tongue to satisfy your partner, but that doesn't necessarily mean you have to stop here.  If your partner likes this, you can use your fingertips in combination with your tongue.

 For example, you can try massaging your clitoris with your tongue, using up-and-down movements, while massaging your extremities.  Of course, you can take things further.  If your partner is sufficiently lubricated, you can continue the lingual stimulation of the clitoris and the adjacent areas and at the same time you can insert your index finger into the vagina.  Don't forget the other areas, such as the lips, which are as innervated as the rest of the vagina.

 4. You don't have to stop right after

 Although most men tend to stop oral stimulation immediately after their partner has an orgasm to go straight to penetration, it would be more appropriate to continue.  Stay in the same position for a few seconds and let your partner rest.

 You can resume oral stimulation but at a much slower pace.  You can also use the techniques listed above.

 What should be kept in mind when practicing oral sex in women is that you need to be very careful and experiment as much as possible.  Things may not work out for you on the first try, but you don't have to give up

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