Gifts given by men and their meanings

Gifts given by men and their meanings

The beginning period of a relationship is one of probing, in which both partners try to find out more about each other and waste enough time analyzing each action trying to guess its motives, or the messages hidden behind the gestures of the other.  He wears shirts or T-shirts of a certain color, went out for beer or football with friends, or through bars.  What did he do there?  What is the significance of your favorite colors when it comes to clothing?  After talking for a few days in a row, he / she did not call or signal.  Is he really busy with his usual business or has he simply lost interest?  He bought his girlfriend a perfume.

 It is a gift chosen at random, something she thinks she might like, or is not at all pleased with her usual perfume.

 And the list can go on and on because, even if he / she appreciates beautiful gestures and gifts, he / she ends up wondering what motivates those choices.

 He gives her a bouquet of flowers as a gift

 It is a gift that does not fail.  Obviously, it also depends on the type of flowers (and the pollen allergies that many people suffer from): many women in our country associate carnations with the cheap flowers that they used to offer to teachers, but a huge bouquet of such things can surpass a  red rose thread.

 However, what does this gesture mean, to give flowers to your partner?  It depends on the occasion when the gift is given: for example, a man who gives a flower at every meeting is eager to have sex with her, while the man who always gives flowers (and only that) to his birthday partner or to  anniversaries can be completely devoid of creativity and / or money.

 On the other hand, men who bring home a flower or a bouquet of flowers, occasionally, when they remember but without marking any special moment, are attentive and loving with their partners.  In such situations, the flowers represent a simple gesture by which they show that they have thought of them with pleasure.

 Candy or chocolate as a gift

 When candy and / or chocolate are offered on Valentine's Day, Dragobete or on anniversaries, then it is clear that the man just wants to get out of obligation, or that he didn't have much money at his disposal (although a sexy suit or some edible bikinis don't  -s expensive at all) or I don't know what to buy, so he went to the first store that came his way and took what he found there.  Something sweet, candy or chocolate.

 But this can also mean something else: that men like the way they are, even if they weigh a few extra pounds, that they find them sexy and attractive, and that they don't mind if they eat something sweet and good.

 Jewelry, gifts for special occasions

 It means not only that men have money to invest in the relationship, but also that they are really involved in this relationship.  Whether they are gifts for special occasions or just by chance, a piece of jewelry shows a strong commitment.

 Books never expire

 They will always be a good gift, regardless of the age of the partner or the object exchanged between them.  Normally (that is, when it does not involve a cookbook or a technical book in a particular field that none of them is related to), such a gift from a man says a lot about it: it shows that he is interested  reading and literature, but also knowledge in general and that he wants his partner to be interested in these things as well.

 And when they both share the same passions for literature and works of art in general, the interest is even greater.

 Household items as gifts

 Did you get a toaster, some pans or a blender from your boyfriend?  When this happens after many years of relationship and living together the gesture indicates that he wants to make your work in the kitchen easier, but when the relationship is still fresh (less than a year) and presents itself with something like that then the situation is  kind of suspicious.

 Or at least suspicious, it depends on how you want to take it.  However, you should start questioning him about his motives and not weakening him until he says it all.

 Underwear is actually a gift for both of us

 Especially if it's erotic and sexy underwear, or even edible.  When a man gives such a gift, he wants (or at least hopes) his partner to use it before the hot moments of their relationship in which they are both happy.

 Although in most situations the tastes and knowledge of men when it comes to such a thing leaves much to be desired and, therefore, the gift shows the lack of creativity and sexual interest expressed in an inexplicable way.

 A handmade object is always unique and an excellent gift

 Especially when done excellently, it looks good (or it's really beautiful) and it's something of quality.  This means that he really wanted to make a good impression and that he was interested in the way the object was made, in its qualities, and he wants to offer his partner something unique.

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