Hedonistic mental games: the first 10 female erotic fantasies

Hedonistic mental games: the first 10 female erotic fantasies

Sexy thoughts make us feel butterflies in our stomachs, make our skin shiver and moisten our vagina.  Women who consider themselves good lovers have more fantasies.

 In addition, those who prepare for sex with fantasies before, get aroused faster and feel more intense pleasure.

 Almost all women get carried away in the realm of fantasies when they masturbate, many do so during sex, especially if they have trouble reaching orgasm.

 1. Fantasies about your current partner.  The first category on the list, as in the case of men.

 2. Sex with a man other than your partner.  Most of the time, it's about an ex-boyfriend.  Some women feel guilty or even feel like they have committed adultery if they relive a hotter sex game in the past.  Not necessary!  It's a normal fantasy.  Research shows that we do not marry the person we have had the most passionate sex with (most women want safety and choose more reasonable qualities).  Therefore, even though you love your current friend, you may have been more excited by someone in the past.

 If you have fantasies with a new boyfriend, it's the well-known "I want what I don't have" syndrome.  Unfortunately, morals and unpleasant things, such as AIDS, prevent us from having sex with anyone we like.  But being involved in a relationship with a man does not mean that the other desirable men have disappeared from the world.  The safest valve is the imagination - and especially fertile on top.  So, we imagine - if we are white - that we have sex like a black man (he has a super penis, and his skin color makes him terribly exotic);  with a toy boy (he is perceived as more sexually active, he has a harder penis and you are the experienced one, who leads the game);  and with celebrities.  The truth is that the stars do not look at all like, in general, the image that their advertising car has, but, damn it, these men seem infinitely more interesting than the ones you usually deal with!  And how famous you would become, in turn, if you got your hands on one!  To go arm in arm with a star… here is something that tickles your self and confirms your attractiveness.

 3. Sex with a woman.  The imagined woman is generally a stranger, but she always knows exactly what to do to excite us, given that she has what all women have.

 4. Something new that you would like to try.  Although many women are very eager to experiment and extremely imaginative, few recognize their "strange" desires for fear that their partner will not condemn them.  So the simple solution is to play the script in your head.  For women with an open attitude, fantasy is also a form of repetition, increasing the desire to wait for the real act.  Being tied up, threesomes, group sex and looking at others all fall into this type of fantasy.  Public sex is another common dream: we can excite others, not just our partner, and the exhibitionist side enjoys it.

 5. To receive oral sex.  It's the fastest, most efficient (and sometimes the only) way women reach orgasm, so it's no wonder it occupies an important place in their fantasies.  The guy in the dream not only does this with pleasure, but he is so excited that he would be ready to go inside and stay there for days.  He is often a sex slave: tall, handsome and full of muscles.  We order him to have oral sex (for hours on end), but he also gives us food, he massages us wonderfully, he washes the dishes, he even makes the bed.

 6. Romantic sex fantasies.  It is the one that women recognize the easiest, perhaps the most "acceptable" form of fantasy.  Somehow, you're more of a lady if you say you dream of making love on a tropical beach at sunset.  Romantic fantasy means sex with emotional implications.  That is, a gorgeous man, unable to love a single woman, who, however, when he knows you, is upset by your mirobolante look and personality and only then possesses you on a beach in the moonlight.

 7. To be forced to have sex.  "Dangerous rape" is a widespread female fantasy, but so far from the real act that it can no longer be called rape.  Passionate, strong, but rarely violent and painful, the "rape" in women's minds is something else because there is always control.  The responsibility is therefore his, and you can relax, being a simple piece in the sexual game.  At the other extreme, women force a man to possess them, usually in a predominantly masculine atmosphere, such as in a court or business meeting.  Being the aggressor or dominating him by physical force is attractive, because in everyday life things usually happen the other way around.

 8. To be considered irresistible.  If you are so gorgeous / sexy / with long / amazing legs that you make it dusty, you are absolved of responsibility again.  It is the favorite fantasy of women who still think they need "permission" to indulge in pleasure, but also a pleasant dream for most of them.  Who wouldn't want to be so beautiful that men would fall at their feet?

 9. Being a prostitute.  Again - a common fantasy among women who in real life are sexually inhibited.  In the imagination, they manifest their true sexual selves under the pretext that they are paid for their "work."  It's sex for sale, without sentimental involvement - it gives you the opportunity to reveal yourself to the world.  The fact that men pay to have sex with you ensures that you are attractive.  You have something they want so much that they are willing to offer money in return.  Striptease is a variation on the same theme.  So many ruthless men, and they fall like flies crazy about your body.

 10. Sex with a stranger.  In real life, this kind of sex doesn't go well at all.  But in fantasy - the rewards are fantastic.  No more practical (often boring) requirements of a relationship, now it's about sex for the sake of sex.  You can get your head around it the way you want because you'll never see him again and on top of that he doesn't know who you are, so he won't spread malicious rumors about you.  In addition, sex with a faceless man is more exciting.  It comes from behind, you feel it rather than you see it and you can experience pure sensations, without the intimacy of eye contact.

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