How he deceives a smart man.

How he deceives a smart man.

A smart man will always know how to change the subject when the woman asks for his phone and will somehow make it clear that he is spoiling her surprise for her.  The same smart man will have to think of a surprise as soon as possible.  He can contact me, I have a lot of ideas.

 A smart man will never pay attention to her group of friends, not even to drunkenness.  For the human species called "friend" he will come to the smart lady and be proud of that.  Sure, in a form of compassion seasoned with pity and revulsion for the pig, but with a laughing soul and revalidated confidence.  The smart man has to agree with me that his wife doesn't deserve her girlfriend to take unjustified faces in front of her.  It's not done.

 A smart man will know how to wipe after him.  So Andreea won't be called Andreea on the phone, she'll be called Bogdan, a point later.  Or a beer emoticon, not to arouse suspicion.  The same smart man will never sleep without a code on the phone, unless he sleeps with him under the pillow and knows for sure that he does not wrinkle at night.  Although the conversations are erased, it is never known how Andreea will get drunk on a night full of longing or worse, she will vomit on the door.

 A smart man will constantly check his option of nearby friends, and the same man, if he found it activated, will know that the car is not a safe place for hand-to-hand discussions with different ladies.  Because there's another lady listening.  I don't want to scare you, but I know cases.  I'm looking forward to it!

A man with neurons plugged in will know that conversations are being deleted on Facebook, but there are still people who recommend chatting to you, in case you want to talk to them while sitting in bed with your wife.  So it is not the most recommended way, Whatsapp instead is more secure.  A place where, of course, the last seen will always be visible.  No explanation for why it is taken out will ever be believed.  Even if it really has nothing to do with women.

A man with above average intelligence will know how to determine his position from the beginning.  So the second young lady, for her own sake, and for the good of all, will have to know clearly who she is and why she is there.  Otherwise, they may want more, and the former may react.  Violent.  This position must be clearly and clearly communicated by the above signatory.  You can talk about sex, you can even study in practice, but you never talk about the bad lady.  When the gentleman says to himself that he loves the lady, he never puts her in a bad light out of respect.  Mârlănia, she also has some limits, what the hell.  You don't know what's going on, who hears it, and you keep your hand on your heart.  Otherwise you have another chance to straighten her out with "she's a whore, you're important".  Let's be men of character, shall we?

If he is caught, the same type of man will not be agitated.  Maybe she'll even start laughing, that will short-circuit the lady's mind.  It is advisable to skip "what you were looking for on the phone", this is even more annoying and he can calmly explain that he had nothing to avoid and everything is just a movie, and the lady is a good director.  Up to the white canvases.

Any smart man, if he puts all these things into practice, will be caught at some point.  Because no man, no matter how smart, can touch the jealous woman's mind and the sudden awakening of her neurons when she smells something, regardless of hair color.  And no man, no matter how many convolutions, will no longer be able to correct the traces that his hens leave in the mind and soul of the one next to him, which will be remembered in eternal remembrance at every quarrel.

A smart man will know how to juggle women.  A wise man, on the other hand, will know that he cannot do it indefinitely and will struggle for a lifetime with the inability to give back what he has taken.  Trust.  The smart man will know how to trick and hide, he will reach even a professional level.  The wise man will know that there is no need, because he chose what he loved.  And because the Universe somehow does it in a way and gives it to the back of the head, despite all the careful calculations.

The wise man deceives, the wise man loves.

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