How sexual dysfunctions affect a couple's life

How sexual dysfunctions affect a couple's life


 Since sex is an important aspect of a couple's life, it is obvious that sexual dysfunctions do not affect a single patient but the dynamics of the relationship between partners.  Although many of these conditions can be treated with medication, psychotherapy or a combination of the two, sexual dysfunctions leave their mark on couples, sometimes leading to the breakdown of relationships. escorts bucharest

 What are the most common sexual dysfunctions and how they affect us

 Statistically, the most common sexual dysfunctions in men are premature ejaculation and erectile problems.  Women, on the other hand, experience anorgasmia (lack of climax during intercourse), pain when penetrating and inability to reach arousal.

 Let's approach them one by one.

 Sexual dysfunctions in men

 In the previous article we discussed at length the topic of premature ejaculation and how this condition can be treated and prevented.  It should be noted that often a sexual dysfunction is not reduced to just one individual, but can harm both partners.

 Premature ejaculation can generate feelings of frustration and inevitably lead to decreased self-esteem.  Perhaps the hardest thing is for the patient to admit that he really has a problem and ask for specialized help.

 In many cases of premature ejaculation, the frustrations created around the inability to perform are directed, in a totally erroneous way, towards the other partner, accused of either rushing or focusing on personal gratification in bed to the detriment of the other.

 Of course, whether we are referring to premature ejaculation or erectile problems, we discover a common psychological substrate capable of generating anxiety and feelings of guilt, the result being quarrels and even separations.

 Moreover, if this issue is not discussed in the couple, and the affected partner does not try any remedy to treat premature ejaculation, the partner may seek sexual satisfaction elsewhere.

 Sexual dysfunctions in women

 In the case of ladies, sexual dysfunctions can, on the one hand, negatively influence physical and mental states and, on the other hand, can favor the appearance of unwanted tensions in the couple bucharest escorts

 As in the case of men, women can suffer from a condition similar to premature ejaculation which consists in the inability to arouse during sexual intercourse.  Doctors believe that this condition is caused by anxiety about the quality of sexual intercourse, vaginal infections, depression, or blood circulation problems in the clitoris or vagina.

 In any case, it is obvious that such a condition can be the basis of a state of tension, a state that can take various forms such as self-blame or, worse, blaming the life partner because he does not know how to  the job".

 Moreover, because the impossibility of arousal during sexual intercourse translates into insufficient lubrication, the affected person will not be able to complete the sex game, generating frustration for the aroused partner.  Over time, these resentments can turn into hatred, destroying a relationship or marriage.

 The pain felt during sexual intercourse, especially during penetration, is another female sexual dysfunction that can damage the couple's life.  Although most gynecologists believe that insufficient lubrication is one of the main causes of this dysfunction, some studies show that certain conditions such as vaginitis, ovarian cysts, endometriosis (development of the uterine lining outside the uterus) or candidiasis can be relative causes.

 Of course, unbearable pain during penetration automatically means stopping sexual intercourse, which means that both partners will be frustrated.  And because at least one partner was close to orgasm, tensions, quarrels and problems in the couple's relationship appear.

 The last of the female sexual dysfunctions we will talk about today, but also the least common, is anorgasmia, ie the inability to reach climax (orgasm) during sexual intercourse.  The causes are quite varied, from chronic diseases to drug abuse.

 Doctors believe that, in most cases, anorgasmia is based on a number of psychological factors such as anxiety, guilt or a traumatic sexual experience.  This condition usually leads to the separation of the partners as the source of anxiety is vague, in the sense that the problem may be only her or her partner's lack of experience or perhaps just an incompatibility between the two that suddenly manifests itself in bed.

 It should be noted that any condition, whether it is a sexual dysfunction or something else, can influence the dynamics of married life.  Beyond the obligatory visits to the specialist doctor, it is very important to talk to each other and, above all, to be honest.

 Sexual dysfunctions can seriously affect a couple's life.  The most important step in dealing with them is communicating with your partner.  In the case of men, the problems can be solved easily. Unfortunately, for ladies things are more complicated, the dysfunctions listed above requiring a visit to the gynecologist.

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