How good would a wrench and a screwdriver be if we could get in there in a man's mind and change some screws, right?  See the plumber's skills that a woman would gain if she knew she could.  But you can't do anything to them.

 It is said that people do not change, that is, if you took it from the pub, you will take it from the pub for the rest of your life.  If you took it from the library, you would take it from there for the rest of your life.  Mostly true, you will not be able to become a football player or an IT painter, if the person does not have any inclination.  However, here it depends on the will of the woman and the material from which the man is built, miracles also happen.

 The woman has had a burning desire for a long time, she comes here with a mission on earth: to change the man to her liking.  Change it for her.  If he could be a humble and faithful subject, say "yes, my love" to anything, "how not, it's done immediately, my love", "no, I don't go out anymore, I'll stay with you and make you  and a gift for that. "  Yes!  Well, is he still called a man if he doesn't make the rebel a little?

 Well, first of all, the man changes you when you give up the idea that he has to suck your heel.  The man changes himself, you don't change him, if he's for whom.  If you throw plates at him now in an attempt to stop him from going out with the boys, his natural behavior will be to want to go out even more with the boys.  Because he's a man and he just won't do what a woman wants.  It doesn't matter, you may be right that you should have done other things together as you had agreed, but he wouldn't be foolish to give in because you scream and force him: Don't go out !!.  He'll say in his mind, "Damn it, I'll show you I'm coming out."  Even if he is right in himself, he will never give it to you.  Why?  Because he is a man's pride and pride does not provoke him, but deceives him.  And he's right, you'd be the one to do the same…

 I was saying that a man changes if he has someone for whom, that means he should love you.  No, that doesn't mean you have to make a man love you.  This is nonsense, love is not made in steps, it exists or not.  Just as it doesn't mean you take men off the street and start changing them, I think that was clear and that it's about the man you're in a relationship with, which you've previously chosen to be right for you.  , but it still needs small adjustments here and there.  If you choose one because you like the way it looks, but you don't fit in anywhere and you want it to be, well, I wish you success in fighting dragons.  Don't read on, you don't have to.

 Returning, the woman especially has an innate ability, the ability to change things in detail.  To make an apartment look at home, to combine some clothes so as to reflect an image or a personality, even to model men.  It can be a motivation to change the man, provided he does not make it a goal and with another condition, that of having patience and controlling his emotions.  Her behavior will generate the man's behavior, so the first thing she can do to change is to change her.  An attitude of hers that is based on reproaches will generate an attitude of the man that will continue to support the reproaches.Didn't you take out the trash?  Why didn't you take out the garbage?  , but what, did you see him hanging from the garbage truck with a shovel in his hand?

 I didn't feel like it or I forgot the man will say, short, scratching his zipper, and the woman will explode.

 Woe is me for taking such an ugly T-shirt, are you looking at yourself?  Where do you go with me on the street like that?

 Come on, sir, leave me alone, it's perfect like that, go with others on the street if it doesn't suit you

 Honey, can you please take out the trash while I make the popcorn and then watch the movie?

 Be buttery!  the man will already say with the garbage in his hand.

 Maybe you want to wear the X shirt better, it looks very good in green, especially with these jeans, but then I have to take my gun when I go out with you:

 Which one, this green one?  Do you think it's better? ”  he said, his hand already on his shirt.

 And so it can go on, until discussions about cars, house, business, etc., but do not make a habit of handling.  The man does not necessarily have a problem with the change, but with the fact that the woman is dissatisfied with him and that he also conveys this to her in a critical and acid way.  He has a problem with the way the woman cancels his manhood (in his mind, although most certainly not her intention, but only impulsive) and reacts exactly the opposite.  He may even want a woman to talk to, to consult with, but when the woman takes the NO in her mouth, she better go out with the guys who understand him.  Maybe he also knows that he needs an opinion on how to dress, but when the opinion contains reproaches, it is better to miss it.  Maybe he would like to have that woman at home who can understand a dilemma he is in, without getting too nervous.

 The man likes to think that change is coming from him and that's the way it should be, you can only suggest it in a warm tone and be careful how you formulate it.  To tell him in such a way that even if he feels that you are trying something, to feel that he has something to gain, to analyze him there and say: yes, he is right.  But when you scream, he doesn't have time to analyze, but to be right.  And at the same time, to accept that you may not be right, to let him say no and be ok with that, but at least being calm can explain to you why not.

 A woman can change a man, she can motivate him, she can encourage him, she can make him better.  There are men who say with their mouths: I have changed since I was with her.  The important thing is for you to be the woman who awakens the change in him, who aspires to him and who understands him, who does not want to change the man to be perfect for her, this is an illusion, because you will wake up with people  next to you that you do not want, but to change small things for his own good and then yours.  You will only be able to do this with love, patience and changing yourself.

 Careful!  You really can't change a man completely, you just have to accept that you are not suitable for each other.  Plus, you don't have to deal with brainwashed men.  What you manipulate to have will not be given to you.  Otherwise, be creative and warm in words.

 I now realize at the end that it works for both sexes, in fact.

 That "you can" will make him show that he can.  Next, show her that she doesn't do things alone, but that you would take out the trash yourself if you weren't busy doing something that would satisfy both of you later.  Basically, you also induce the idea of ​​a reward, that of watching the movie together if you take the garbage now, an effect that you wouldn't get if you told him: If you take the garbage now, then we watch the movie.  Ehh, let's just say I've seen better.

  The subconscious does not perceive "maybe" and will turn more into yes, I want.  It will be reinforced by the nice explanation that it looks good in green and what effect it will have on you and those around you.

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