How to do your own yoni massage

How to do your own yoni massage


 Between the yoni massage, self-pleasure and masturbation there is a big difference that is given by the intention is a conscious exploration of the vulva and vagina that has a therapeutic purpose that aims to heal tense areas inside the yoni, sensitize the intimate area, stimulate points  bioenergetic foci that are inside the vagina, connecting with the feminine energy, with the eroticism of the being, awakening sensuality, healing and eliminating energy blockages and traumas that are accumulated in the tissues of the vagina.

 Masturbation seeks arousal, it is most often performed to relieve sexual tension, for relief and relaxation that occurs through a loss, because the paroxysmal state of clitoral orgasm is often followed (in the case of masturbation) by discharge,  loss of sexual, creative, vital energy in escorts bucharest

 Masturbation can lead to desensitization of the yoni and the inability to feel orgasm during the erotic act There is another esoteric mystery that very few people intuit: during masturbation there can be no question of polarizing the yin and yang energies, feminine and masculine, as happens in the intimate interaction between a man and a woman, and for this reason  it intensifies one's own aspects of being.  If the energy is controlled only by arousal and oriented in an egocentric way to reach the paroxysmal state of pleasure, then aspects such as selfishness, low passion, chaining, pride, anger, shame, fear, etc. will be energized.

 Self-pleasure (I'll think of a combination of words to translate this concept, the closest now seems to me to be "self-eroticization", but I'm still looking) involves turning arousal into an erotic experience, in which you  take care of your own body maybe with a hot, romantic bath, along with scented candles and erotic music, or a breast massage (deer exercise), discovering erogenous zones, or even an intimate meeting with the lover who is at a distance.

 One's massage

 The first necessary step in this journey is to set an intention that can be achieved through an invocation to the guardian angel: “My dear guardian angel, please come and assist me in this intimate journey of mine to heal me, to heal me  unite the soul with the yoni.  Please support me to alchemize all tensions and eliminate the stagnant energies of the yoni to open me to beneficial pleasures, thus experiencing the ecstasy of love. " bucharest escorts

 You are preparing for the most important relationship in your life: the relationship with yourself!  You will create an intimate space, full of magic, with a diffused, romantic light, with sensual music in the background.

 Undress (and clothes and modesty) and lie on your back!  Place your right palm over your lips.  Squeeze your vagina into the palm of your hand.  Stay still for a few moments and feel it!  Connect with him!  Feel the slight vibrations, the heat!  Listen to his "voice"!

 Then gently penetrate with your fingers between your lips and massage them.  First the big ones, then the small ones.  Grasp them between your index and middle fingers and massage them lightly.  Pay attention to the sensations you have!  Do not rush!  Do you feel uncomfortable or scared?  Stop for a moment.  Take a deep breath!  Give yourself time!  Be affectionate and tender!  Move your palm slightly, keeping in mind the intention with which you started to massage.

 Feel with each soul the massaged part, integrate it in your heart!

 (If you want, you can extend the caressed area: touch with the same tenderness on the perches, on the region of the pubic bone, etc.

 Stroke your clitoris With the same 2 fingers, "walk" along it, from root to tip.  Even if you are aroused, do not run after orgasm, relax and feel the pleasure of the present.  Gently pull on the clitoris, then, when you reach the top, grab it between your fingers and rotate it slightly.  Continue with these movements as much as you feel inspired, but slow so that you feel that you are rising on a valley of pleasure.

 It then penetrates you, into the secrets of your femininity.  It is good to have a little coconut oil on hand that you can use if you consider that you are not lubricated enough.

 He enters you easily with his middle finger.  Stay there.  Be aware of the sensations you have.  Talk to the vagina Tell him that you love him and that you are happy to feel him in his fullness!

 Walk with your fingertip on the wall where the G-spot is. Stimulate it gently, patiently and tenderly, in concentric movements.  Then climb on either side of the vagina, touching the walls of the 2 grooves that guard the wall of the G-spot. Penetrate in the middle, as deep as you can, until you meet the neck.  Caress him with love.

 Alternate the movements with moments of stillness in which you pay attention to your breathing.

 If you are massaging with a vibrator, dildo or a crystal wand that I wholeheartedly recommend, enter them in the temple of your femininity with great delicacy (During this period I am in negotiations with an Indian producer to send me eggs of  jade and other crystals with healing properties and massage sticks that we will have for sale on the site).  When you encounter painful areas, inhale deeply, press the point as much as the sensation allows and release the tension felt by exhaling.

 Visualize with your mind's eye how those painful areas are shrouded in bright white light.  He hugs the area with his heart and says: "I love you, I accept you, I forgive you, I forgive you, I thank you!"  In these moments the heart merges with the vagina, unites and gives itself to each other: the heart gives its love and impregnates each fold of the yoni with the tenderness of its affection, healing it, and the yoni gives its magical, creative force.  sensual, vibrant!

 During the massage of the vagina, erotic energy is transformed into healing energy.

 Press again, but not hard, but enough to feel that the tension is released.  Breathe and push the deep sexual muscles, like when you give birth.  Contract the muscles around the wand.  Direct it to the areas you feel painful.  Because many traumas are "kept" at the level of the yoni you can experience the memory of unpleasant events that appear as images or emotions (I do not mean here only women who have been abused, but also those in which there is a split between the emotional plane  and the erotic one, who may have had sex too often when their body was not ready, but their minds were aroused; or in women who have closed themselves erotically, or who have an unsatisfactory sex life).

 It inspires love and healing, and it exudes trauma and tension.  You cry if you feel it!  It is absolutely normal, I wrote about this process.

 Get inspired by your yoni and touch it as it asks and where it asks!

 If you just feel pleasure, keep up the slow movements!  Do not turn this process into masturbation or self-eroticization.  Keep its sacred character, dive beyond pleasure, in transcendence!  Help yourself with your palms to direct the energy towards the upper areas of the body, towards the chest area, for example.  Imagine how you turn sexual energy into the energy of love.  Relax in this delicious pleasure without running after the climax.

 At the end of the exercise, stay still, with one palm between your breasts and the other in the vaginal area, and be aware of all the sensations and their effects.  Show gratitude to you for your effort in healing your body and to the guardian angel who is with you every time you ask for his help.

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