How to… sex in public

How to… sex in public


 Any kind of play or sexual activity in public can be exciting precisely because of the potential risk.  If anyone sees you?  If you are actually caught?  The key word for any exhibitionist who wants to play in public is training!  What does this actually mean?  Well, think first about what you would like to do, because depending on that you will choose the accessories and the clothes.

 If it is an oral or a fingering, then it is relatively simple: the recipient will not wear panties and, if you need condoms or latex gloves, then it is good to be somewhere very easily and quickly accessible.  If we think about sex, then for her it is very good a flared skirt or dress or made of a stretchy material, so that the access is as easy as possible.  For him, slightly wider pants, which open and close easily (without buttons instead of slits).  Both, obviously, without panties.  If socks are required due to the temperature, there are stay-ups or 100 den garter stockings (thick, but which do not prevent access).  If you want to get your head around nature and you have to sit on the ground, in some grass, be sure to spray ticks at home and you can take a long shawl with you, which will become a makeshift blanket.

 Accessories should include, in addition to a condom, gloves, a small hand sanitizer, and wet, dry wipes.  Because it's not good to touch intimate areas after touching the RATB bar, and if you end up in a condom, you have to clean up afterwards.  If you are fluidly bonded with your partner (ie do not use condoms), then the other person will need things to clean with.  Very, very important, if you took them with you, don't forget them in the car, because this also happens (true story).  Don't throw toys and accessories in a bottomless bag like I do.  Choose pockets that are easily accessible, quick to close and open.  If it's also about some impact play in public, take a cream for reddened bottom and a spray with alcohol, to disinfect the wounds.  If it's cold outside, some warm compresses are the rescue and can be found at Lidl (press on them and warm up on the spot).  It will freeze your soul, but not the lust for joy in nature!  :)) ( ESCORTS BUCHAREST )

 And now the big question: where?  A first simple, classic option, but only for those with a driver's license is the car.  It's not super comfortable, but the back seat goes great for a doggy style.  If it's also a car with tinted windows, then sex and play become ultra simple.  And the passenger seat on the right can be used, if fully tilted back, for a reverse cowgirl.  Or for oral sex, if the person offering it is small.  Or if you have, like me, a Toyota, which has a huge space inside. You can stop in the parking lot of a mall late in the evening, as far away from the entrance as possible and with the car parked against the wall  to capture the action). bucharest escorts

 If you don't have a car, another good place for lunatics would be a not very crowded cafe with compartments.  You choose an hour when there aren't many people out for coffee and you go to an empty booth.  The parking lots are again a pretty good place, especially the big ones, but be very careful that some have rooms from place to place.  Check the area.  For ad-hoc joys, you can enter a block of flats later at night and go up to the top floor.  Some blocks have stairs that go up to the roof, where you can head.  Being on the top floor, there is a relatively small chance that someone will leave the apartments.  Try not to make noise and make sure there are no rooms on each floor.  A cool option for fingering / maybe an oral (if you learn how to do it underwater) is the local pool.  If it has a small jacuzzi where you can both go, then you have found the perfect place.  The cinema is also a classic place for nonsense.  Not any modern mall, they sure have rooms in the hall!  Also, any place with a unisex toilet, where the toilet is a little more hidden, is an ideal place.  Choose the place according to the criteria of cleanliness!

 If the open air causes you the most joy, you have the option of abandoned buildings.  Every city has them, many are easily accessible.  Be careful not to fall on you!  Poorly lit alleys between blocks, late at night are a more risky but tempting option.  Large parks are good at almost any time, but not on weekends, in summer (when it is full of people and, worse, children).

 Now, if you are caught, which is a real possibility, it is important to move as quickly as possible.  Remember that the person who comes across you will most likely be more ashamed than you are.  And if you don't have enough reaction time, you get away with it.  So decide in advance in which direction you leave after you finish the adventure and, if you happen to be interrupted, calm but fast, leave the area.  If you are caught by a zealous guard, the simplest thing is to “soften” him with empathy: “We are young and we love each other.  / We have small children at home and we never catch them alone.  / We stay with her parents and there is always someone in front of our door ”.  But most guards have no authority to detain you unless they call the police, so the maximum escape rate rule also applies to them.

 Towards the end, it is important to mention something about the ethics of sex in public.  As long as no one sees, there's no problem.  But any witness at a public play, whether it's oral sex, sex or spanking, becomes a participant who did not consent.  For some, witnessing a sex scene can be exciting or enjoy having a funny story to tell.  But there are people who can really be bothered.  And the problem becomes even more thorny if the potential witness is a minor.  So my advice would be to try to minimize the possibility of exposing minors to such scenes.  This means that late at night, bars and cafes are just a good option.

 That being said, I can only wish you success in adventures and as much successful exhibitionism as possible!                                        AUTOR



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