How women feel during sex

How women feel during sex


 Not once have we wondered how she feels when we have sex.  It is a rather difficult question because, beyond all the medical descriptions of sexual intercourse, there is that part that involves momentary feelings and emotions that are difficult to define.  In this article, we will try to answer the question of how women feel during sex and, of course, we will show you how to figure out if she likes what you do in bed or not.

 Do men and women feel the same way during sex? bucharest escorts

 Sexual pleasure is manifested in different ways, women being able to experience different types of orgasm.  In short, the answer to this question is no.  Men and women are different, both physiologically and emotionally, and this makes them feel different things during intercourse. escort bucharest

 Usually, women describe physical closeness to their partner as a humid heat that is due, on the one hand, to the unconditional lubrication reflex and, on the other hand, to the mental processes associated with the sex act itself (penetration, change of positions, stimulation of erogenous zones.  , pleasant pain).

 There is no simple answer to this question.  Moreover, there is more than one.  For example, there are some women who associate vaginal penetration with drinking water.  More precisely, those moments before sexual intercourse is like when you are extraordinarily thirsty, but you have to wait a little longer to drink water.  Thirst is consuming;  it's as if you imagine how that liquid, slightly cold and velvety, floods every tissue, every cell, extinguishing the sting of your flesh.

 And then, after you have waited long enough, after you have counted all the moments until you have been able to indulge in what is yours.  The moments after are hard to put into simple words.  In the literature, there is a stylistic figure called synesthesia, described as a twinning of the four senses. escorts bucharest

 The same can be said about sex.  In those moments, a kind of emotional madness happens.  Touches can turn into hot images, smells become visual, and all the sounds made during sex only excite her even more.

 Vaginal penetration, ie the long-awaited moment, feels just as we probably imagine: as a feeling of fullness, as something that should be there to give you pleasure.  Of course, the little things you can do (a massage or maybe a little erotic game) do nothing but amplify all this cavalcade of emotions out of control.

 Sex is not just a physical act, meaning it does not involve inserting an organ into a cavity just for the purpose of reproduction or to satisfy a biological need as stringent as eating or drinking fluids.  We could say that it is something almost spiritual - an exchange of liquids accompanied by a transfer of emotions and feelings that are neither yours nor his, but both.

 In the case of your partner, sex can also involve a small dose of pain;  enough to make her want you even more, but not too strong to endanger the act itself.

 As you can see, it is quite difficult, if not impossible, to put into words what women feel during intercourse.  It can be a pleasant burn, an electrifying sensation that runs through the body, the mixture of body odors, a feeling of fullness.  It can be just one of all these things or all of them put together.  After all, every individual is different, which means that pleasure can come from anywhere and take any form. autor- luxury escorts bucharest

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