I want to feel even more pleasure!

I want to feel even more pleasure!

 Practical exercises for women escorts bucharest

 In order to succeed in abandoning yourself to pleasure, you must, first of all, be aware of your body, of every fiber of it, to know all the sensations that touch can offer.  You have to wake up your body!  Make it vibrate with every touch!  And this happens only through exercise: ask your lover to touch every part of your body with your fingers, palms, to kiss you everywhere, to massage you with the bridge of your palms, with your forearms, with your thighs.

 Give her a massage!  I have to tell you something: I had made love to my boyfriend and he wanted us to stop because he was tired after a tiring day at work.  I was lying next to him and I was a little frustrated: I wanted him to caress me!  The thought immediately occurred to me: "What would it be like to give him what I expect to receive from him?"  I got up and started stroking his whole body with my hair.  Then I integrated the touches with the right palm - light and very sensual.  I took the body oil, stretched it all over his body and massaged his body with his knees, thighs, buttocks, arms, chin, cheeks!  And everything like a game, not knowing any technique!  I simply let myself be driven by the sensuality, the love and the attraction I feel for him.  And immediately his fatigue passed.

 How to increase and prolong pleasure during love?

 The first thing we need to do is learn to control our deep vaginal muscles.  We can do this very easily by urinating in fractions, leaving free and then stopping the urine flow, suddenly contracting the muscles every two seconds.  This process can be controlled at will. bucharest escorts

 Have you heard of Kegel exercises?  Not yet?  Good!  You should know that any woman can become an expert in vaginal muscle contractions, but for this, like any muscle, they must be trained to become very dynamic.  Where are they?  Close your eyes!  And easily enter your vagina!  Do you feel them?  So, deeper!  Yes, they are those circulars!

 Now contract them like when you want to hug the sex of your boyfriend and not let him out!  Now just tighten the urethra as if you don't want to let the urine flow out.  Do you feel the difference?  Now only tighten the muscles of the anal sphincters!  Do you feel the difference?  Now contract them all at once but letting the gluteal and abdominal muscles rest.

 Inhale for a long time and stay in full retention.  now contract your vaginal muscles as many times as you can.  Relax and exhale… Practice as many times as you remember!  When you're in the car or on the subway - no one will ever know what you're doing there!

 This exercise helps us to acquire in a very short time, the ability to use the contractions of the vaginal muscles at any time we want, implicitly when we make love.  With this extremely easy method, the vaginal muscles can become very strong, which helps us to have intense feelings, of a longer duration, during the act of love.  However, these exercises not only help us to increase the orgasmic potential, but also help us to produce a much more intense and pleasant state for the lover, contracting and relaxing in an alternative way, the vaginal muscles around the penis, in a wavy and passionate caress.

 Diversify your love games because spontaneity and experimentation are ways you can experience more orgasms!  I wrote down some unique erotic game ideas!  If you take care of them now, you will be busy all year round!  You have the courage to be as honest as possible with your loved one by revealing your own sexual conceptions and fantasies because this way you will open up and get closer both physically and emotionally to each other.

 Try to be as open, spontaneous and creative as possible!  He will surely be delighted and captivated by these manifestations full of femininity.  He will feel more and more "enchanted", more conquered, more aroused and will participate enthusiastically in all these games, and the chances of living multiple orgasms together are clearly increased.

 In order for the act of love to be as fulfilling and extraordinary as possible, make sure that you are as sincere and open as possible, playful (in the direction he likes best - in Tantra it is very nice to say that a woman must know how to manifest and  a virgin - that is, to be submissive, ignorant, open, to look at the man with reverence, but also as a priestess, that is, as a woman with a lot of experience who guides her steps and initiates him) even when you tell her, you ask her  or you teach him how to stimulate you and when exactly, so that you feel the most intense pleasure.

 Remember that men really like to feel that women give themselves completely to them! escorts bucharest

 The man should be encouraged very tenderly to continue even after you have your first orgasm and you can even show him how to do it.  If you are not very determined to do this, remember that there are many men who still do not know that women can experience repeated orgasms, that orgasms can be different and that by experiencing as many overwhelming orgasms as possible, you enrich your being with positive, uplifting states that  they cause the love between you to grow very much and to become deeper and deeper.

 Be bold and tell your boyfriend what you like the most, what you dislike, what drives you crazy and what you like the most when you make love.

 Try as much as possible to manifest to each other during the act of love what is beautiful, harmonious and pleasant for both of you.  Try to alchemize the disharmonious impulses or thoughts that may occur.  Look at it as you looked at it at first: with the same amazement, delight, longing, effervescence, attraction!

 "Making love is an art.  This art can be learned so that we can be perfect and harmonious.  In erotic games it takes a long time to get to know each other very well and it also takes a lot of perseverance, openness and patience. ”

 It is important that the act of love always begins with the prelude, continues with the play and ends with the postlude.  I read somewhere, but I don't remember where, that the foreplay starts when the game ends, that is, you are preparing the next love meeting from the moment the last one ended!  What a wonderful idea!  That is, we must always be loving, attractive, fascinating, enchanting!

 It is very good to be able to reach orgasm during the foreplay, when he caresses and kisses you everywhere, especially in the intimate areas, at least for 15 minutes, after which he penetrates you because after experiencing the first orgasm you will be able to  easy to experience other orgasms.  Long kisses, caresses, sensual and affectionate gestures are manifestations that should not be missing in the love game.

 Take his palm in your palm and guide him sensually as you like to be touched the most.  Such gestures can be extremely constructive and in this elegant way, we teach him how to behave with our body, and so you will be able to experience intense states of pleasure again. bucharest escorts

 All these games and caresses require considerable control over erotic energies.  In order to succeed in refining them, managing energy and inner states, aim to help your partner not to ejaculate, practicing sexual continence because this way you will be truly fulfilled.  Find an interview with a man who practices sexual continence and explains the difference between orgasm and ejaculation.  is an interview with Raquel Welch about sexual continence - a mysterious and fascinating art of oriental love.

 Another way to live the pleasure very intensely is to caress yourself, with a lot of sensuality and refinement, while your boyfriend is watching you.  Most often, men really like this game and find it extremely exciting and exciting, and then when you are ready, when you feel more and more eager, but also in control of his condition, you can call him again to  get into the way you enjoy the most.  Also seek to kiss, caress each other, as much as possible because such actions help you a lot to feel this act of making love as a meeting of souls, a perfect and deep communion between the two of you in all aspects.

 We kept talking about pleasures, about how to make a pleasure as intense, long-lasting and refined as possible, but in the end I would like to define orgasm.

 And yet… what is orgasm?

 Orgasm is the euphoric perception, with a maximum intensity of sexual stimulation which, most often, is manifested by a paroxysmal sensation of pleasure and happiness.  Orgasm begins with a delicious sensation of suspension in a vacuum or a mysterious stop that lasts a few moments and then is immediately followed by intense awareness of sensuality and polarization of our being's energies by the opposite polar energies of the being we make love with, yin energies -  yang.  Orgasm reveals an overwhelming voluptuousness that envelops our whole body, making us live overwhelming states of pleasure in which time seems to stop and sometimes makes us intuit eternity and perfection.

 Orgasm has nothing to do with reproduction, as it has been found in many situations that the perpetuation of the individual can occur in the absence of orgasm (the case of women who become pregnant without experiencing orgasm at all and men who ejaculate - often feel a loss followed by a  lack of energy and a feeling of fatigue).  Love must fulfill, energize, not harden you!

 Sexuality achieved with love, affection, harmony and control of energies is a great benefit to the body and to our moods and mental states.

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