If you doubt yourself too much

If you doubt yourself too much

There are people who will try to bow your head, they will put on a tray everything that does not satisfy them in you and they will serve you beautifully arranged as truths about you.  They will point out all the things you don't know how to do, everything you could do and didn't do, everything you would be able to do, but you don't want to.  They will put you on the wall and shoot at you in the name of love or with the title of a necessary evil, they will steal your peace in the name of harmony and they will subtly force you to give up on yourself, for the sake of a false stability.  They will seduce you and take you on paths that are not yours, they will alienate you from who you are and they will tarnish your image in front of you and others.

 They will make you feel small, because that's how they measure their value, in front of small people.  And those who may be over them will be tormented to put under, and those who fail will be judged to the blood.  They will make you feel that you are wrong at every step and you will be wrong.  As long as you relate to them, you will be wrong.

They will feed on you, on you claustrophobic.  He will thank you for knowing a creature in a box with holes, enough to let air in and breathe.  He will thank you for everything that will be enough for you, enough that it is not the maximum that you can reach.

 And they will succeed when you look in the mirror and you don't know who you are.  When at every step you take, you will find a fear.  When you will be afraid to say what you think, when you will be afraid to walk with your shoulders straight and your forehead up, when you no longer know what clothes suit you and you feel that things are struggling in you, there are fights that you do not  you have power.

 If you happen to feel at least one of the above, let me tell you that you are not.  That's not your truth.  You are the one who smiled, you are the one who knew and could dream, the one who knew her way well and with each passing day she took steps towards what fulfilled her.  Who is she really when she combs her hair, when she wets her flowers, when she puts on her make-up, when she is the only one with her thoughts.  Listen carefully, and if you do this, you will realize that you are in the direction drawn by someone else, you will hear from there, from you, whispering with love: hey, let's be two of us whole again, full of  life and with confidence, not with doubts!

 If you doubt yourself too much, if you don't look in the mirror and smile, it means that you are not surrounded by the right people.  And hold on, if he sees you other than wonderful when you're on the ground, he doesn't deserve to be by your side when you're successful.  And success, no matter how you define it and whatever it means to you, will not come to your ears as long as it is whispered that you are not good and you are wrong.

Building the trust of others is the occupation of small people.  Write it down in the fridge.  

 Now get up, break that box and remember what you deserve!  I promise you that what you will feel at that moment when you realize what it is like to be big again and straighten your shoulders, will be like a medicine for everything you felt in moments of claustrophobia.  I promise you'll be thankful.  You don't deserve to be an option in your life!  You do not measure your value according to the wrong vision of others and it is not your fault that they do not know how to look at you.

 Love does not put padlocks and does not oppress.  Harmony does not grow on big concessions and compromises.  Take that dream you left somewhere, take him by the arm and go on the road with him.  You do well what you do, you can't stop just because some people look at you crookedly.

You're magical, woman!  Behave like that!  Don't lose yourself!  Don't forget who you are, you are all you have!

 P.S.  If you really want to feel small in front of someone, go and look at the stars in silence.  You will discover in yourself things you had no idea about.

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