If you want to have a woman for a long time, you have to earn her respect

If you want to have a woman for a long time, you have to earn her respect

If you want to have a woman for a long time, you have to earn her respect, arouse her feelings of admiration and only then will she obey you.  And he will do it easily, with confidence.  They will all jump like burns now hearing of the submissive, but they will do so because they have had the bad experience of sitting under incompetent, immature men and often at a lower level than them.  And they know that, they know that they would like to listen to a man with all their heart without any drastic consequences on their confidence, on their career.  Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.  Before, the man knew what was best for the woman, because the woman did not have the right to have life experience and somehow that one, as primitive as he was, even knew what was best for her.  In the meantime, she woke up, she tasted both of these, now she takes care of herself, but it's not like hundreds and hundreds of years can be erased in a century.  Now she has realized since the roles were reversed that it is better to make her own decisions and manage her own life, she has adapted, but the desire remains there, repressed, but it remains.  The desire to obey a man better than her.  Maybe many of their failures in relationships come from the fact that they let the natural come to the surface, the natural nature of the woman to obey the man, the bad luck was that they didn't really have anyone.

 The woman's respect and admiration for the man next to her will be much stronger than any other man, no matter how much he offers.  Otherwise it will be a relationship based strictly on sexual needs and - when it is time - emotional.

 You no longer impress today's woman with flowers and gifts.  These are no more pluses.  You know, it's like in advertising, if you do certain things (which used to be a plus) you don't have an advantage, but you have a minus if you don't do them.  She will be impressed if she sees that she can build more than you already do, the gifts and flowers are normal.  If he sees in you qualities of admiration - ambition, determination, initiative, action - if he sees in you achievements, then he will respect you.  Now we no longer choose men to be among the world, there is no more world - we are unmarried, we are well thanked and divorced and so we can raise children.  This kind of woman does not confuse men to eat her time and energy, because since she has learned to manage on her own, to love herself, to be successful and to achieve, she calculates her invested time well.  If he's made a mistake before you, you have to make sure he has standards.  We want men next to us to evolve, to stimulate us to evolve, not to confuse us.  Nobody wants to go with the handbrake on, nobody wants unnecessary burdens.

Those to whom women are subject are those who do not demand obedience, much less impose it.  It's about the same way you have to earn your place in a group of males, you don't do it by asking for it verbally, because you fall for fools, you will be the maximum boy who goes to buy cigarettes for the group.  You prove that you deserve to be part of their group.  It's the same with the woman.

And how to do that, you're going to wonder.  Well, first of all, think of her as an "opponent" of your level.  If cheap spells don't work for you, don't offend her with that either.  Continue to give it time and space, do not enter more than you can afford.  And if you want her respect, don't turn into a desperate person who would do anything to have her.  It's the thing that causes the most revulsion, you're going to be the guy who carries the nets and goes for cigarettes while someone who knows how to take the initiative, but also lets her ask for it.

 Below I will make a list of what kind of men we do NOT like (at least most of us).  So we don't like men:


who talk more than I do



who does not assume any shitty mistake he would make.

who sleep on them, brother, the man must be active

 -who is amazed in the hope that it will impress you.  You are fake and it shows.  It's disgusting to always talk about how cool you are and emphasize what great things you do.  Usually the accomplishments are seen, when he walks unquestionably about it, he squeaks.  Rest assured, we'll pick you up anyway and ask you at the right time.

 -who make bad jokes to impress us.  Mystery, it's okay not to be funny, if you're not, not a force.  Seriously, leave her alone.  It generally annoys us when you force it with impressions when you want to look like you are not.  It's a big turn off.  Impress us sincerely, but about this with the impressed I wrote in the book.

 -which blows us in the back of the head.  What are you doing?  Where are you going?  Let me pee, after I take out my ob and then wipe that piece of paper off the floor of your bathroom with a piece of paper - if you're lucky and it didn't fall on the lid.  No, ask again.

 -who lie to them.  We generally run away from them eating the earth, because they are very dangerous in their parallel reality and you cannot trust a man who lies to him.  I mean, that's the maxim of theft, to steal yourself and convince yourself that you don't.  I don't care what goals and targets you have in life, you don't have to give me an explanation, but if you tell me that you want to do x thing and that you will do this, this and that, I'll leave you for a few months  , but if I see you eat shit and do the opposite, you're a pa.  Sorry, I was talking about determined and determined men, I can't stand pushing you from behind.  Ah, that you ask me for help and I can have an influence, okay, but if I sit like that and I look at you and I see you say one and do another, you're fine.  At least he doesn't say more.

 -who complain a lot.  The country, the system, the weather, the women, everything goes wrong and the apocalypse comes.  But with this soto, I'm going to have a baby!

which are useless.  You do the same without them.  You are the same with the fallen chandelier, the same you are with the car down, the same one swears at you quietly on the street when you are with him by the hand.  You can just as well pay someone to fuck you and you don't owe him anything extra, he doesn't ask you, he doesn't bother you.

 We generally like men better than us and respect those who are not like the ones above.  If you have omitted something from the list, feel free to fill it out.

 Remember that there are two options: either you are respected or you are taken by surprise.  It's the same with the woman.

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