Learn to communicate your sexual desires

Learn to communicate your sexual desires

What do you think is the secret to a successful sex life?  The pursuit of pleasure, the stimulation and self-stimulation of erogenous zones?  Or the most efficient communication between the two partners?  Arousal helps a lot to reach orgasm, but the last option involves something more: it means daring to say what you think about sex and what you want to do, it means patience and affection, it means the courage to behave as directly and sharply as possible.  when it comes to this subject.

 Each person lives by a certain daily rhythm: it was a full and tiring day, and he does not feel like having sex, although the woman next to him is very eager, she is too preoccupied with the next day of work or the exam that is approaching to  satisfies his boyfriend's sexual appetite, he would like to enjoy a short game early in the morning, but she hurries him to work or to take the children to school, and the list goes on and on.

 The idea is that very often one of the partners met a categorical refusal, even if only momentarily, when he wanted to have sex - and in some situations he felt disappointed or even offended by this.

 The difference in sexual rhythms and needs is normal, as is the wear and tear of sexual desire and the routine that sets in after a certain period.  Sometimes the misunderstandings and the lack of communication “get on the wire” that end up ruining the pleasant atmosphere that one of the partners hurried to prepare, expecting something special.

 The best solution to avoid (or at least improve) these problems is good sexual communication - it's something that guarantees increased sex quality for a longer period of time.

 That is, it uses more often "I want to do this" let's play a role during the prelude ".  Or whatever comes to mind to enjoy better and more often the benefits of mourning massage as a prelude or breaking the monotony in the couple.

 Avoid making accusations or putting pressure on the other, or anything else that could damage communication between you.  Look for a constructive method of communication, respecting your partner and trying to understand him as well as possible as a way of thinking and as a rhythm of life.

 Keep in mind that each person has the opportunity to improve their whole life, and this involves their own sexuality.  Some "move" a little harder, others do it very quickly - each at their own pace, depending on their own abilities and choices.

 For good communication you need to know your own body, your own reactions and your partner's reactions to know what to ask for and what to expect from him.  If you only guess what he wants, you may be wrong more often than you are right.

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