He had been gone for too many days.  Longing for him raised me in love, but at the same time it made every fiber of my body tremble with desire.  We set out to "meet" at 5:00 p.m.  The closer we got to the moment when we knew we would hug and love each other from a distance, the harder my heart beat with emotion.

 A strong heat nestled in my midst, a light shone in my chest.  I could feel his strong arms wrapping around my waist.  Our bodies clung to a delicious delirium.  My palms explored my roundness.  The innocent voluptuousness of my intimate rose opened, petal by petal, emanating sweet scents.  The desire for my palm pressed on the mountain of Venus vibrated to the depths of my womb.  I could hear his heart pounding in my chest and his hurried, steady breathing embracing me, even though it was thousands of miles away. escorts bucharest

 I stroked tenderly and delicately, as I felt his desire.  My fingers flowed along my lips.  I grabbed my clit and rubbed it between my thumb and forefinger.  Slowly, I entered, and this temple, so hot, damp, velvety, embraced me with spasms.  With my eyes closed, I could see him looking at me with delight.

 My interior was bursting with energy as if an avalanche and an accumulation of wonderful energies had taken place.

 The power of attraction and the mystery of energetic bodies were revealed to me for the first time: although he was not physically next to me, his desire penetrated me, his thoughts kissed my body, our love made any barrier disappear.  I was experiencing a continuous crescendo of pleasure.  I could smell his body, I gave myself completely to him.  My groans ascended to heaven as if in a prayer to remain permanently united in this beatific love

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