Manhood is not just about power, it is about courage to allow yourself to become vulnerable in order to gain power.

Manhood is not just about power, it is about courage to allow yourself to become vulnerable in order to gain power.

Tobby was 17 years old.  His father, who was his protector, had died, leaving him alone in a world of hyenas.  He was too young to run his father's business, so everything fell into the hands of those in power.  He now lived with an old aunt, got into fights with older boys from whom he always came out wrinkled, and all his classmates mocked him at school.  One day, he goes for a walk in the park.  There he sees a group of people training for some martial arts.

Seeing this, he runs to the master and says:

 -I want it too!

 He ignores it.

 -I want to learn too, can you hear me?  she snaps, pulling his hand.

 The master turns to him calmly and says hello!

 -Will you teach me?  I'll do anything!  Please!

 -Just anything?

 -Yes, anything.

 - you at the lake.  2 dollars a day.

 He leaves happy and feeling stronger than ever.  He would learn to fight and his nightmares would end.  But for that he had to take a part-time job, to be able to pay the master, because his aunt could not help him.

They meet as they set out, and the master jmakes him do the splitting.

 -The split?  Tobby asks in astonishment and grimacing.

 -Yes please.

 He tries once, twice, three times and fails.

 -Enough for today, says the master.  Seeyou tomorrow.

 -But… I didn't learn anything today.

 -You learned more than you think.

 The days that followed were as short attempts at splitting and physical exercises as those you do at school sports class.

 2 weeks have passed and all I did was try to do the splitting…

 And?  You managed?


 It means it will last longer.

 But what is this?

 The master replied, pressing him to his knees.  See you again 

 In the days that followed, Tobby became more and more unmotivated and angry.

 -Why are we doing this?

 -To learn.

 -What the?

 -The split, Tobby.

 -But it hurts and I don't see the point.

 "The dead don't have the privilege of feeling that, it means you're alive."  Rejoice!

 -Why do we do the same thing every day ??  I want to learn to fight and win!

 The master pressed to his knees, at which point Tobby, terribly annoyed by the pain, stood up and began to scream.

 -Fuck your slit!  I came to learn Karate !!  I'm done with this!  It was my only chance, and you're making fun of me.  I'm a man, not a ballet girl!  You made fun of me and everything that meant to me !!!  I don't step here in my life anymore, you are all liars who don't care, who just want to make money from others !!!  I hate you!

 -It hurts?  the master asked.

 -DAAA !!!  Tobby shouted with all his might at the sound of the whole area.

 -Do your muscles hurt?

 "And the muscles," he replied with tears in his eyes.

 -Because you resist.

 -Because I'm a man, not a ballerina !!  What do I have muscles for ??  I thought you were teaching me to be strong.  I need to be strong.

 - That's what I do.

 -30 minutes a day ??  I thought you were teaching me about strength, about struggle and power.

 -Do you feel strong now?

 -Yes, I could really take someone down now.  I feel strong to fight not to make a splash.  I'm weak there, I admit.

 -You will conquer by force only once.  The real strength comes from flexibility.  Now you are inflexible and angry, you are far from strong.  Only a mind that has learned to be flexible will gain power.  Your crying and anger now are only the result of your resistance.

 "But I'm a man," he said, falling to his knees. "And I have no more money."

 - Find solutions.  Manhood is not just about power, it is about courage to allow yourself to become vulnerable in order to gain power.  Manhood does not mean anger. It does not mean hiding emotions.  You want to win a fight, surrender first in front of you and your inflexibility.  Now go home and decide what you want to do.

 The master turned to leave, but not before telling him:

 -A 5-hour workout would not have brought you to the second. And the money is to remember that nothing in life is free.  Not even the pain.  An unbalanced and inflexible mind will pay twice: materially and emotionally.  You choose how many times you want to pay.

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