My erotic story (1)

My erotic story (1)

 Alin was a poor young man, living on the outskirts of the city in a small house, working from others.  After a few rainy days, it was really bad, the belly and the old refrigerator were empty and the need to do something about it was urgent.  So go out and look for work.  And he met Geanina, the owner of the store in the area.  Who was going home and offered to help her.  He took things from her hands and followed her.  They reached the house and put things in the hall.  She took out some money and paid.  He went on and asked if he could help. She dropped her skirt and said

 Lick me - exposing a beautiful, shaved pussy.  And he pulled him lightly toward her and his head went between her legs.  His tongue began to lick her lips intensely, to make circles, to penetrate easily, to come out and come back .. she moaned under this delicate assault of his .. and unloaded in a final cry falling on the armchair.  Notice that he is still aroused after the swelling in his pants .. Mmmmm mă if you fuck me well the bonus increases!  she said !. escorts bucharest

 And he didn't wait, in two seconds he was naked in front of her showing a nicely raised cock.  He stroked her for a few seconds and she looked at him passively.  He penetrated her briefly and began to move.  Intense and deeper.  She was fine.  He felt like a man after a long time.  She began to moan, the pleasure came through his movements.  It wasn't necessarily desire what he felt but it felt good.  She was full and from what she felt she will be even fuller .. That made her think of her own orgasm and relax .. And once the mind was released the orgasm came .. You feel the cock expanding and realize she doesn't have much left.  And at this thought he had an orgasm, bigger .. Followed by his discharge.  Long and intense. She hugged him.

 When you go out, go to the store, you can ask for everything you want, you will be served.  I'll let you know.  And Geanina put a robe on, ready for the shower.  And whenever you're looking for a job, look for me too.  I have work to do and the urge to fuck, she smiled.  And you're fine, "she continued. bucharest escorts

 And she led him to the door.  Then call the store to announce it and complete it to Corina, the saleswoman - if you want to fuck him, it's good ... but not there.  It's just business at the store, she continued.

 Alin went to the store and began to put in the basket.  From here bread, from beyond salami, mineral water, cheese ... made a consistent basket for him.  He went home to scan it and there Corina looked at him.  He liked what he looked like in his clothes.  Yes, she will try it too.

 "Come here at 7, I need you to take a package home," she said.

 Of course, he replied, I'll be here.  Take this shopping home and come back.  Corina looked after him, looking good.  It was already 6, he could prepare for closure.  If she hadn't been warned she would have taken him there, she didn't have many customers at 6 o'clock.  But that was better.  Fucked after work meant plenty of time .. she thought and smiled.

 At 7 or 5 he was at the store, she had already done a shopping package. She had taken out the zet, it was ready.  He closed the store, handed her the bag, and went out into the street.  Alin notices that she was going in a different direction from the one she had come from Geanina and she explains where she is ... it was a bit of a walk.  They finally reached her block, she opened it, he followed.  They entered the house and she showed where the kitchen was.  As soon as she let things down, she rushed at him, undressing him in a few gestures as the clothes on her also fell quickly.  He saw her phallus half straight and began to suck it lustfully.  The alert movements made him strong and she hurried to ride him.  He quickly realized that it was another idea and began to give her more and more rhythmic and powerful cons .. she moaned with pleasure.  She also increased the rhythm and the orgasm came easily ... after a day of work a moment of pleasure had to be honored with orgasms - she thought.  She wanted more and kept up the pace ... she felt his cock getting stronger and more eager and that gave her another orgasm, to feel so wanted .. He felt her condition and it was as if in flight, it was gorgeous to feel her orgasms.  He knew how to fuck his babe, he thought.  And from a few well-placed cons he felt his end, as intense as her orgasm.  She collapsed on top of him, happy ... then stood up.  She needed a shower.  For a moment only hers after such a fuck.  He looked at her and understood.  It was his evening. escorts bucharest

 "Thank you for these moments," she said.  You can stop by the store tomorrow and see how we complete your shopping today.  "You're gorgeous," she said, then closed the door behind him.  Would follow a night of sweet dreams .. with his dick filling it getting better .. fuck fucking great - she said to herself, the boss recommended him well and if the news goes to her she doesn't have any worries from now on.  And she smiled wearily, stepping into the shower.  But tomorrow ... tomorrow she will have him again, she thought happily.

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