My erotic story (10)

My erotic story (10)


 The next day was very relaxing and so was the next.  Alin wanted to start work on Monday and enjoy some peace.  Yvette took them with Roselle to Versailles on Saturday - it was a good time to visit.  And the gardens could be attractive, she thought.  After walking from room to room for three hours, with fleeting touches of excited nobles as Alin joked, they reached the gardens.  Hugging Raluca, she whispered to him "in Ludovic's bed I couldn't have you because there were a lot of people but in his garden we can lose ourselves to others and make love" And Raluca's eyes shone, the idea excited her terribly.  She clung to him as long as his hand could reach her lips and feel how wet she was already - with that thought.  And he proposed to play as a catch in the gardens and Alin to catch the first - that he is the man.  The two women accepted without first understanding the cunning of the idea.  Alin was a little behind - to give them distance and Raluca pretended to be confused and a little behind and she then took a left and went down an alley. The two women remained in the central space believing that Alin, seeing  he will come to them ... but Alin ran after Raluca and the two got lost in the vastness of the garden, looking for an intimate place as access but from which they could easily see the palace.  And they found a pool guarded by two statues next to which was a bench and no one there. Raluca's dress fell quickly and so did his pants.  He sucked his cock with a lust worthy of the best royal mistress.  When he felt it hard enough, he took the phallus between his breasts and continued the game, licking and stroking.  Realizing that they didn't have much time, they hurried - that they weren't afraid of the surprise, Ludovic had made that garden so that he could get lost, he couldn't find it ... and Raluca slowly let herself into Alin's cock and waited to feel it all, moving slightly.  After a few seconds he quickened his pace, wanting to feel more again ... as in all their moments.  A moan announced the first orgasm and she looked at him with great gratitude for this moment shared there. He moved a little and put her a goat by the pool and continued the game, increasing the pace, he wanted to end like that.  Between moans she said she couldn't, she wants him now and again her call subjugates him ... with two long movements she ends in her.  They hugged, kissed long and then thought they were expected and took her carefully back to the palace. escorts bucharest

 Yvette did the trick after a few minutes and smiled.  Smart Romanians.  They want to play in the park.  Good luck to them.  They found a seat on the bench in another alley and sat down.  Roselle looked at her and didn't really understand what was happening .. the desire in the moments with Raluca was repeated .. Yvette wanted to say something and met her lips a few millimeters.  Initially he locks but the girl does not, he kisses her lightly.  He stopped and looked at her.  And he kissed her again.  Yvette was stuck.  To stop?  To continue?  At first it would have meant rejecting his daughter who - at least at that moment - wanted her.  The second was to open an unknown door - and leave it open.  And without thinking, she parted her lips and let herself be kissed ... what will be, will be but now she could not reject it ... And Roselle continues.  She stroked her chest and gently put her hand under the shirt to make her breasts feel better .. her left hand reached for the grip and the bra fell .. Her breasts were hers.  She shook her head slightly and went downstairs, and with a quick movement she saw that no one was looking at them, and her lips caressed Yvetta's breasts lightly.  Which moaned with pleasure so the girl insisted ... and sat down in her mother's arms.  Yvette's hand was now on the girl's panties and she understood what she wanted ... she moved her arm with a little difficulty but managed to reach her lips.  Roselle moved again and her mother's finger entered her easily .. a groan showed the pleasure felt .. her head turned from her mother's breasts to her lips and kissed her again .. and Yvette's tongue was there, ready to answer and the kiss was  extended.  A phone rang and Yvette parted with regret - she was wanted and Alin said that they had returned and were in front of the palace.  They quickly rearranged themselves and Roselle whispered "promise me that you will take me to the sea .. I want this feeling .. I felt the desire with Alin, I became a woman for a woman with Raluca but it's beautiful with you and I want  to repeat!  - of course baby, you will go too! ”  Yvette replied as she smiled at Raluca and Alin.  They began to talk about the park, statues, fountains, and the new subject easily drove the thoughts out of Yvette's mind.  The next day was a day of luggage, and the airport, a flight to Montpellier and a drive to Beziers ... it was quite crowded during the day, it required rest ... and Raluca could not wait to feel a bed. bucharest escorts

 The rest was long and well felt by Raluca and Roselle, but also by Alin.  Fatigue required some relaxation, and the first part of Sunday was a two-hour walk before Yvette called and announced that the time to go to the airport was approaching.  They quickly packed their bags and after they put them in the car Raluca and Alin framed Roselle in the back seat and Yvette climbed up next to Claire - who was driving - and headed for the airport.  There Claire was driving them alone and was going to bring the car to the villa parking lot.  Feeling the kid relax, Raluca grabbed her hand but Roselle grabbed her and carried her to her breast and Raluca realized that the girl was full of desire again.  He stroked her insistently and then put a finger to her lips which Roselle began to suck lightly.  Their play stopped the moment Claire turned right and entered the airport parking lot.  Once you got out of the car, Claire hugged them and they entered the huge waiting room.  They looked at the screen - the flight was at 1:30 and it wasn't 12 yet. Raluca and Roselle apologized and went to the bathroom and Alin began to look around carefully.  Yvette was still thinking about what had happened yesterday, how she had kissed her daughter and what a confusing reaction she had aroused in her body .. she wanted it and she didn't want it at the same time .. she was a beautiful woman but .. still, her daughter!  Meanwhile Roselle went into the bathroom and gestured for Raluca to a cabin.  He pressed her to the wall and began to kiss her.  To stroke her long hair.  Look for his chest.  Raluca did not get lost and attacked directly.  Her hand went down to her friend's skirt and insinuated under her .. She smiled .. the panties were missing .. the girl wasted no time, always ready to fuck .. She inserted two fingers on her lips and caressed them insistently.  Then he introduced them slowly and began to give rhythm ... but as time the press hurried and climbed quickly.  The girl's moans encouraged her to touch her more and the other hand lightly massaged her chest.  The orgasm came liberating and Raluca stopped and smiled at him.  He kissed her lightly on the lips and motioned for her to come out.  When they arrived in front of Yvette, she guessed from the look and look of her daughter's hair that the two had given each other some beautiful moments.  She smiled at them and looked at Alin - who was paying attention to the DVD listened to with the guide in French and smiled again ... a lot of silence around her.  At that moment the flight was announced and they got up. escorts bucharest

 The flight passed relaxed and in Montpellier the car sent by Philippe took them over.  An hour and they were at the hotel by the sea.  Quick accommodation, they are presented with their apartment at the end of a side aisle, the hotel being long, with no upper levels.  Everything looked gorgeous.  Alin returned to the reception hall to be useful.  At that moment, some Asians were staying and one of them looked at him insistently.  He asked to help them carry their luggage and the receptionist confirmed.  Alin took the two trolleys from the hall and followed them.  The one who had requested his presence opened a door with the card and motioned to enter.  Once inside, very naturally, the other Asian undresses in two movements and enters the shower.  Alin looked at her admiringly but didn't say anything more.  The second Asian pulled him, surprisingly hard and, trying to balance himself, fell on the bed.  A scarf appeared in the young woman's hand and tied her hands above her head.  She partially undresses him enough to play with him.  Discovering the phallus, she chuckled appreciably and undressed as well.  She received him slowly but let out a shout of joy when she felt full of him.  He did not react, he remained passive.  He was slightly amazed at the moment but did not react.  She was encouraged by his passivity, and as she moved, she slapped his body — which surprised him a little but remained inert, unresponsive.  A few minutes passed and the second Asian came out of the bathroom.  Which stopped above him and her vulva reached his mouth.  He began to lick her diligently - he could not say with pleasure - pleasure was only with Raluca - he thought quickly.  But she liked that she aroused orgasms .. she was getting wet - and more eager because she asked to feel more and the second Asian approved and went to the shower .. she felt a little abandoned .. the moisture on the phallus indicated a lot  ends, he nothing.  The one who sits down, however, enters at an alert pace from the first.  From where he understood that his tongue had also offered satisfaction.  He looked at her detachedly but decided to move easily and he and the moans intensified.  He was hitting harder and faster and the one above him had almost fainted with pleasure. She had understood that you didn't have to tie him.  You tell her and it's enough to give you a huge orgasm .. and their movements matched .. a new cry of hers announces an orgasm again but she was already tired .. he decided to pick up the pace .. maybe even so, he had noticed in  an evening with Raluca tired above him had ended without her keeping up.  She felt her end coming and she was happy ... two movements and his hot jets filled her and made her run to the bathroom again, where the other one came out - which released her hands and let him go to the bathroom too.  He washed his mistress slowly and was pleasantly surprised when she turned and took his cock in her mouth.  Insistent, with long movements.  He thought he was ready but he made it erect again and continued at the same pace ... He had some beautiful movements!  His pleasure further stimulated her phallus which reacted .. Unprepared she notices the near end - she knew how to suck it well .. until she finished the thought his erection unloaded in her mouth .. and she waited to feel the last drop then washed them again  dick and they went out together.  At least for her, and she'll do more services in their room, he thought as he left.  A new place, a new experience already - he thought going out to the pool where he saw Raluca enjoying a fresh - so she feels good too - he thought.  It was going to go well here too, they had to do better, the place was much better than the sea, what you see everywhere around it will be a wonderful experience!

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