My erotic story (12)

My erotic story (12)


 After Melissa's departure, Raluca was left with a slight regret.  He had liked that very cheerful and expressive woman, eager to have sex and uninhibited by her presence.  As the activity did not follow for a few days, he relaxed at the pool.  Alin often came to her because she had more administrative duties and fewer clients that week.  But one day a woman came to stay - who declared herself a lesbian from the beginning and wanted company throughout the stay of a woman, at least bisexual, to share time with her.  The receptionist called Raluca, explained the matter to her and the two women left for the room so that the newcomer could leave her luggage.  Once the job was done, Louise undressed and lay down on the bed, motioning for Raluca to come too.  The French blonde hugged her, caressed her hair and began to kiss her.  Without losing her temper, understanding her friend's uninhibited way of being, Raluca answered and began to caress his generous chest, which aroused the first moans of the Frenchwoman.  Raluca insisted and, with total relaxation, Louise lay on her back under the impact of orgasm.  Raluca kisses her and continues to caress her lips and chest.  Then he looked at her and said, "Let's go to the pool!"  I want to love you there too! ”  And they received a silent but approving answer and got out of bed ... looking for the swimsuit.

 Outside, she caught sight of Alin - and she wanted to go to him, but for the first time, she was also specially contracted.  So he shook her hand and sat down by the pool with Louise, kicking the water to her amusement.  The two women went down to the pool and hugged.  Then Louise hugs Raluca and that helps Alin understand the situation well.  He'll get her in the room tonight if he can't tell himself now.  Looking around, he noticed a newcomer on a deck chair, a tall black-eyed brunette who had finished the cocktail and seemed to be looking for an employee.  He got up, took the glass from the woman's hand and immediately received the order for another cocktail and the room number.  He smiled at her and walked to the bar.  he came with the cocktail and stayed with the brunette, conversing trivial things.  You feel the attraction that his partner has towards him and he gets closer.  And he felt an eroticism in the air and if it wasn't for a trio with Raluca coming out ... come on with this wave!  Find out so that the young woman is Timea and she is on holiday coming from Switzerland.  And the two kissed lightly.  Then more insistently she whispered "I want you!"  - and gets up.  Alin followed her and they went to her room.  There she pushed him onto the bed and blindfolded him with a scarf.  He smiled .. blind sex .. super!  But Timea did not stop.  New scarves gripped her hands on the side bedside tables.  That was kind of dangerous ... he started saying in French a "no whip!"  - He didn't want to be beaten.  Tied up, yes, it was something new, especially since Timea also tied her legs ... it was completely hers.  And she started biting his thighs, belly, chest, neck ... but the sensation intrigued him, he thought where he would bite in the next second and he got involuntarily aroused.  Timea smiled at the raised phallus and continued on her chest and abdomen again ... she bit his phallus slightly and began to laugh at his grimace.  And she began to suck him lustfully, energetically, arousing his moans of pleasure.  Her palms began to hit his skin, arousing other sensations Complex and complicated because, at the same time, he was sucked and hit.  Pleasure and pain but the pleasure was greater and his cock felt wonderfully caressed like that.  He thought about the next moment. Timea rose slightly, just to sit on it.  The phallus slowly penetrated her moisture, all the way to the end - so she was badly aroused by hitting him. And after feeling it, it started to move.  Initially slow - and this movement gave him time to hit his chest with his palms.  But he didn't feel enough and increased his pace, focused only on that and became really wet, water was flowing from his forehead, from his chest on it, aroused and sweating at the same time.  She felt ready and wanted to shout, to sing her release.  The orgasm you feel was overwhelming too .. wet it with the juices intensely .. and you feel it coming .. if it continues like this.  And she continues .. she wanted to feel him finished too .. she needed to go to the bathroom but the first time to feel him .. And his cock immediately explodes in intense jets .. She gets up slightly from him and then she realizes  the situation .. will get rid of it!  He looked at his tied body and smiled, "I have nothing to do with your friend!"  She thought, sitting immediately above him.  He was upset and did not understand .. he is no longer on his dick, nor does he hit .. it is interesting to be a slave but what does he do?  And you immediately feel her urine on her tongue.  For a second I don't know what to do .. to oppose or to let go .. exactly the time between the first jet and the second .. He decided to accept and opened his mouth and Timea smiled again.  She let her jet flow gently so that he could swallow without haste.  She finished and left him so little.  She went to take a shower and kept it as long as she could.  Come and release him ... it was enough.  He wanted to rest now. escorts bucharest

 Alin came out and reached the terrace.  The two girlfriends, nowhere.  He took her slowly to the room.  He will wait ... either Raluca will come to him or he will call him.  He felt that - so he went to take a shower, he really needed his experience.

 The two women had gone out to the pool, splashed in kisses, provoked each other with brave gestures. Raluca had massaged her breasts, as if by chance Louise under the astonished gaze of a girl who was looking at them upset - and provoked at the same time.  It was the first time he had seen two women touching each other.  Under the impact of that touch, Louise had hugged her and kissed her in the middle of the pool.  "We are being watched," Raluca whispered.  "Leave her alone, she will come!"  Louise said, continuing the kiss.  And her hand goes into Raluca's panties, starting to love her lips.  The middle finger managed to enter and move again and again until a long moan announces the end of Raluca .. "we can't stay here anymore, these costumes are burning, I want to get rid of them!"  Raluca whispered and pulled Louise out of the pool.  A discreet touch and Raluca turned.  The young woman who looked at them whispered "I'm coming with you too ... I don't know exactly what you're doing but I know that I want to look at you too ... I want to make love!"  she said with a sigh.  Raluca held out her hand and smiled at Louise. "You were right!"  And the three of them left the pool for Louise's bedroom ... where the swimsuits immediately fell and Alice ... enters the Wonderland under their touches.  Raluca to her right, Louise to her left, began to kiss her body, kissing on top of her.  They played caressing her breasts, they played on her abdomen, they kissed her thighs.  Alice felt them fly when you felt their mouths there.  He had made love to boys but had not felt that feeling now.  "You haven't felt anything yet," Louise whispered, enjoying this first orgasm.  The split kiss as they licked her lips sent new sensations into the body of their young mistress.  They started to penetrate her with their fingers one by one and Alice got completely lost ... a long cry and vibrated with her whole body under the pleasure of orgasm ”I can't anymore but thank you very much!  I've never experienced anything like this! ”  she said weakly.  "If you had a good man you would live every day," said Raluca, smiling.  He wanted to turn to Louise when he noticed a double dildo in her hand.  He smiled and looked at her for a long time. "Do you want to play with him?"  The Frenchwoman confirms and Raluca said "there are better ideas like a dildo but if you want ..." and suited him for her while still lying on the bed, under Alice's watchful eye.  And the two mistresses started to move and moan, it was good but not enough for Raluca .. Louise felt orgasm after orgasm and looking up she saw her friend's slight dissatisfaction .. "what is it, isn't it good?"  "He's good, but after a beautiful, real dick fills you up every day, it's hard for a plastic to excite you ... look, I'm going to the room ... you say you're a lesbian but you're playing with dildos ...  Alin, practically the hotel lover - and Raluca started laughing - and you will see the difference when he ends up in you! ”  Louise agreed and Raluca came out. Alice approached and hugged her and the two women began to kiss. bucharest escorts

 Raluca enters the room. Alin was sleeping.  He saw the marks of his nails, fingers, bites and understood what morning he had.  When she woke him from outside, the bell rang for lunch, and the two hugged, glad to see each other again.  He explained to Alin what challenge he had launched and the young man smiled ... if that's all, it's a little.  Louise was already talking to Alice at the table.  They saw them too and invited them to eat together.  Alin asked for a glass of red wine as an opening and Raluca smiled ... her boyfriend knows what he wants.  They ate something full but not consistent and Alin proposed that they go for a walk with them in the afternoon, which was approved by all 3. They finished and got up, Raluca with Alin and Alice with Louise went out for a tour of the area.  A play on Alin's middle given by Raluca's palm woke the little giant from his pants and Alice let out an admiring exclamation.  the two smiled and continued walking ... the desire was already aroused.  Raluca stepped forward and started talking to Louise while Alice was left behind with Alin, also looking for topics to talk about ... she was eating her tongue to say "I want to see him now!"  but he managed to restrain himself and finished the walk well.  The receptionist smiled when she saw them ... a few days ago she had enjoyed Alin's turn at the end of her shift ... she knew what would happen if she came in like that.  "Lucky for Alice," she thought, placing some papers.

 Things rushed into Louise's room.  Alice undressed in a close motion and quickly pulled on Alin's shorts.  Seeing his cock still half-erect, he knelt down and began to stroke her lightly, then pursed her with his lips and continued his movement.  He was already feeling ecstatic.  Proud of this spontaneous reaction obtained by Alin, Raluca threw Louise on the bed and began to caress her body, undressing each other.  With two fingers she entered the already wet vagina and began to penetrate it and Louise moaned ... she was super aroused.  He looked at Alice and began to wonder if Raluca was right about her bisexuality ... if the animal between Alin's legs didn't offer much satisfaction too.  She is willing to try even if her lesbian nature stopped her somewhere ... to see how she feels!  The next second Alin stopped Alice.  He turned her over to Raluca and Louise and moved her in a movement.  Alice moaned with pleasure and Louise watched with interest what they were doing.  Raluca also stopped to admire her boyfriend and then bent down again, starting to kiss Louise's breasts, hips, thighs, calves, fingers, one by one, moaning.  He then climbed back to his thigh and Louise began to tremble with excitement again.  A long kiss on the lips triggered orgasm but she did not stop.  He penetrated with his tongue and sucked all the juice.  Again and again.  For a second he stopped and looked over his shoulder.  Alin was in full swing with Alice, who was moaning beneath him in orgasms ... she couldn't take pleasure anymore ... "Honey, I'm playing with her, come here!"  And the two changed places.  Until Louise realizes what is happening, Alin's phallus enters her.  A long groan greets the movement.  The pleasure of feeling full.  Louise leaned back and didn't think there was a man there.  He cleared his mind and thought of a dildo.  A huge dildo that is now only hers.  And that has big size and speed .. yes, speed .. because in her emotion only "faster!"  he could still whisper .. And the orgasm came like an ocean over the shore .. Intense.  Yes, she had had a very intense one with Raluca earlier .. now she was so confused that she didn't know which and how but yes, for someone like Alin she could be bisexual if she gave him such pleasure every time .. And orgasm floods her  and .. and again .. Alin was wonderful - she thought .. when you finally feel his end.  Intense and rushing ... she felt completely flooded by a lava that was constantly unloading.  Raluca heard his final moan between Alice's thighs.  He caressed her enough to see that she could be finished well by a woman ... She didn't have Alin's phallus but her tongue was good.  The best caressed her pussy - she bragged to herself.  And trying to move deeper, you feel a new orgasm ... long of Alice's.  And her finished voice "I can't anymore, stop!"  which made her get up.  Kiss her breasts and hug her girlfriend.  And to feel again a great satisfaction - that she and Alin conquered the women who stood by them that day.  We are good, we are very good, she thought, and smiled broadly at Alin.  She hadn't touched him intimately in the morning, but after such a day she wants him more, more intensely to be hers.  Dinner is coming and they will spend the evening in two .. the two of them and his wonderful cock .. for her hot pussy .. like every night or night his last touch is just for her.  Maybe they should think of something to catch him more during the day .. but they will discuss this in bed .. in their underwear .. And Raluca smiled broadly again at Alin .. it will be a wonderful evening!

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