My erotic story (13)

My erotic story (13)

 A few days of pleasure passed for Alin and Raluca.  Especially since the rain came to the beach and blocked them in the hotel - it meant many hours in the room hugging and making love.  One Friday, the first sunny day, Alin went out on the terrace and met Yvette and Roselle, who were each having tea, and invited him to sit down.  Seeing that Raluca is late in the room, Alin accepts.  Looking around, he notices Alice somewhere - so Raluca would have company if she came.  After a few minutes of discussion, they invited him to accompany them to the beach, they wanted his pleasant company while they were there to catch the aerosols in the morning.  Alin accepted and left.  He managed to text Raluca and tell her that they were seeing each other at noon, he suspected that he would stay longer with Yvette.  You get a smiling face in response, and that reassures him a lot.  They searched for a quiet place and noticed a bay where no one was present at the time.  They spread the blanket and undressed.  Uninhibited and naked, they jumped into the water and began to play a catch in which the women tried to touch the phallus and he on the breasts ... And Alin won the game detached ... or left, the women couldn't say either.  They went ashore trying to dry themselves and continued the game, but Alin also noticed Roselle's brave gestures on her mother's chest - who was smiling nonchalantly.  He shrugged, not understanding the matter, "but it's definitely none of my business," he thought.  Immediately the women attacked him again and made him fall on the blanket.  One by one they began to suck his cock, kissing on top of her - which excited Alin.  The women seemed to do this with pleasure - from which he deduced that they may not be in the first trio together ... "it's nothing, it will be the best!"  he thought.  Immediately Yvette decided and started climbing with kisses to his chest and Alin waited ... usually such ideas ended with a French kiss… great and so on!  But with Yvette's attention, she doesn't get to see Roselle's movement, you just feel her leaning over him ... "great, start dancing!"  he thought, waiting to pick a rhythm.  In those seconds Yvette climbed up and searched her mouth and began a deep kiss ... their tongues were playing intensely, this combination was a gorgeous mix of sensations - but what was next?  Because he was sure something was coming. And Yvette rose above him.  Her breasts were almost glued to Roselle's, her lips were within reach of her licking, Roselle continued to be in control. Alin felt comfortable with this passive state ... it allowed him to come to the rhythm whenever he wanted.  He felt the women's movements and realized that they were kissing him again and that their breasts could be heard clinging to each other and that he liked terribly .. he was participating in a mother-daughter love scene in which, however, their complete satisfaction was due to  he moved well ... and decided to start moving - and a long moan escaped Rosella's lips.  He became a little more aggressive in the movement of the phallus and tried to coordinate as well as possible to caress Yvette's lips .. the moans showed that he was doing well .. a few jerks announced about Rosella's orgasm… a few moments and Yvette followed on his lips.  It was so good!  But the two women stopped abruptly - and he understood, they were changing positions ... That's what Alin liked - who went against it from the very beginning, eager to finish faster.  Yvette's moans were getting louder and louder, and that showed that she was living the moment well ... she could feel his orgasms.  Roselle had been well aroused by his cock, it was a little harder to feel it but a more intense tremor told him that the girl was finished again.  He decided it was his turn and picked up the pace, growing as much as he could .. Yvette was almost fainting with pleasure .. she fell into her daughter's arms when she felt Alin's end .. and she was glad he had chosen her.  He got up hard and ran into the sea.  Roselle and Alin followed.  A more relaxed splash began in the waves.  They caught and kissed with unbridled pleasure.  Especially Yvette and Roselle enjoyed every moment they caught.  Alin looked at them and admired their courage to display like that.  The women kissed again, they had forgotten about him ... but the desire returned to him ... he came between them again and was caressed by both of them.  Roselle began to caress his phallus.  He left her for two minutes ... and leaned over her.  He put on a goat and entered from the first forcing.  Yvette looked at them and decided to sit next to them.  Roselle's position was tender, she will stand in front of her!  And the young woman began to give him tongues at the pace set by Alin.  Seeing what the two women were doing became more aroused.  And it hit Roselle's vagina harder, which in turn moaned louder. She saw Yvette's satisfaction and understood how well he was moving so that they would have such sensations.  This thought stimulates him again.  You can feel it being carried away by the wave and it ends intensely with a shout ... then it fell next to the two women on the sand.  He looked at them with satisfaction, he had provoked all their moods that morning.  He went back into the water, this time to wash himself.  Slow.  He watched the two women sit and talk.  How they touch .. He still felt desire but still .. the day was long.  Maybe later.  And he came out of the water walking slowly towards the two women and asked if they were still there.  They both said they would stay but the sun gets strong and they don't want sunshine .. they better sit on the terrace, umbrellas, juices, sunbeds .. So they dried quickly and took her to the hotel .. Alin was interested in Raluca - at the pool with  Alice, she was waiting for him.  A smile lit up his face, he liked the idea of ​​being expected by that woman.  She was beautiful, she was polite, and yet as a soul she was his alone.

 Raluca had spent two beautiful hours with Alice.  Kissing.  Playing.  Comforting themselves.  Telling various at the end.  But now, Alin's return was a wonderful moment.  She looked at the clock, it was not yet 12 .. she would wait for him in the room .. they would have their little moment before lunch, she would make sure it was as beautiful as possible.  And Raluca smiled, lying naked on the bed.  And Alin happily enters the room.  A wide smile lit up her face when she saw her in "underwear" as she had called the posture.  He approaches undressing.  And she stretched out slightly and began to suck.  Initially light, like a caress, then more and more possessive.  He stroked her hair and whispered all the sweet words that came to her lips.  He saw her full of desire for him and loved her more.  She listened to his words and wanted him more .. it was wonderful to have him in the middle of the day .. But there was no time for long foreplay .. how to take him .. with her or with him upstairs?  Hmmm .. I hadn't received him back in a long time .. daaa!  And Raluca sat down and motioned to him what she wanted.  Alin let her wait for a while, moistened his palm with saliva and stroked the rosette .. he knew that for some time he had jumped for her beautiful pussy .. He slowly inserted a finger there, slightly .. more, still light .. he felt  that it's hard to get in, but it took a little preparation for his phallus.  He started to move his finger in a penetration, Raluca moaned .. Then he tried with his index finger there .. Alina moaned again but also discomfort .. The finger was not phallus, it was just a replacement.  And Alin withdrew a little.  Alin's cock slowly enters her ass slowly.  It was already something else and Raluca smiled broadly.  She adored his cock even so, with the slight pain she felt .. she would take care of it from now on, to be a host more often there too .. only from the first attempts she had liked it .. she shouldn't forget her ass   You can feel his movements getting a little faster but still careful. She will help him too, just to get well.  Finally, she feels full again with him .. and he moves so nicely .. a cons?  Yeah !!  It's great, let's go ... and even if it still hurts a little, it's still good!  Alin noticed her attention and he also became careful about coordinating his movements ... such a moment had to come out perfectly.  Desired by her especially, she had to be honored with all care and attention.  What a super cons he has!  And he also came to meet them .. already the channel was sufficiently lubricated .. it was good!  You feel her getting wet .. mmm… a small orgasm .. come on more then .. And he approaches her, he stretches out his hands so that he holds her better .. one on his hip, one on his chest .. superb sensations And she felt them too, she felt her answer .. She felt his dedication and she was already in the ninth heaven .. orgasms came against this background in series .. but she wanted to feel him, she wanted that warmth to flood her ..  with the last effort she gave a few cons .. it's great, I feel it .. and she tried another one .. enough for Alin - she exploded in her ass in a wave of pleasure .. she eagerly grabbed her breasts and held them for a few seconds ..  waiting for the last jet ... he came out slowly and turned.  He received a look full of adoration .. Raluca took him in her arms and held him like that .. I love you, I love you, I love you .. that's all she could say after such a moment.  He took her in his arms and took her to the shower.  He let the water run and washed it slowly, as if he wanted to sponge them every inch.  She relaxes more under his movements.  She went out to watch him wash himself ... hurriedly this time, he wanted to hold her in his arms again ... but from outside he heard the bell announcing lunch ... he was fixed, she thought, they would relax.  They dressed quickly and lightly, a hastily thrown dress was all her coat while he found some light pants and a red T-shirt. escorts bucharest

 Alice and Roselle appeared beside them at the table, looking at their table colleague with interest.  As she had shared the bed with both of them, Raluca looked at them amused.  At that exchange of glances and marking the territory.  He started joking and that changed the atmosphere.  At the end of the meal, Yvette and Philippe appeared, who were going to Paris for a few days, and Roselle was chosen - she stays at the hotel or comes with them - and the young woman chose to stay ... her mother was tempting but Alin was better, even in competition.  Maybe she won't have him again today, but how she felt with him in the morning. Once the meal was over, Raluca took Roselle for a short walk, just to relax her and they stopped at a bench.  There he took her in his arms and kissed her.  The Frenchwoman answered.  Her breasts tightened with arousal and she clung to Raluca. The two hugged in the scorching sun and Raluca kissed her again.  And again ... "I can't stay long now, Alin is waiting for me but I promise you that you will have a trio with us, we won't leave you so alone these days!"  And Raluca smiled at him and stood up.  The young woman also smiled contentedly and watched her leave for the hotel.  she thought, smiling. bucharest escorts

 Raluca hurried to the hotel ... what are the two doing?  He found them talking on the terrace.  When they saw her, they stood up.  Alin understood the game ... a little with Roselle for an afternoon with Alice.  They entered the hotel and walked to their room.  The clothes, not just from the sun, were already burning. You could feel the energy in the air.  And they entered the room full of desire but also with a well-defined idea.  And Alin was sure that Raluca knew how he saw the scene.  They caught Alice in the middle and undressed her quickly ... the next second they were naked too.  From behind, Alin rubbed her body against Alice.  In front of her, Raluca hugged her and the two kissed.  It was time for Alin to pull them lightly to the bed.  She felt Alice well aroused and tried ... she was wet.  It penetrated her slowly and the young woman moaned softly.  She tried harder and Alice shouted for pleasure but Raluca was there too and covered her cry with her lips .. he kissed her long and with his tongue and lips - she already felt eager for Alin's cock but she had patience .. to confuse her  now Alice!  And immediately the idea came to her, wait a minute, she can confuse her well.  And while Alin was picking up the pace and getting longer and longer moans from Alice, Raluca started kissing her neck, then her breasts .. Oh, how beautifully grown up she is thinking making tongue movements on them, very excited .. she continues to  He kissed her and then lowered her abdomen .. and on her chest again .. She looked over Alice's shoulder and saw Alin's eyes .. she knew that look!  And again an impulse told him what to do .. he came down with kisses on his abdomen, waiting for the moment .. And a moan of Alin told him that he could catch his cock with his fingers .. a few seconds that the first jet of cum enters his mouth  she and Raluca smiled contentedly, otherwise she had had it again!  He immediately let her go back into Alice's vagina and leave the rest there, now it didn't matter, the first jet had been hers and that was what she wanted ... And her partner's satisfied final moans showed her that she was ecstatic from that moment too.  He looked at her again ... tired of labor he had closed his eyes and fallen asleep in their bed.  Alin and Raluca hugged her.  And they kissed happily that they had made a wonderful new moment together.  Then they framed their young mistress again and they also fell asleep .. the evening followed and they had to rest .. the evening was theirs!

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