my erotic story (2)

my erotic story (2)


 Alin had changed his life significantly.  He hadn't paid anything in the neighborhood for two months.  He was either at Geanina's or Corina's and after that he had a full basket and a wallet as well, leaving the store.  But now he felt a little sick and didn't know how to do it.  The family doctor?  He was unbearable ... he didn't want to see him but people told him he had to have tests - maybe he had anemia and he couldn't go and do them without a referral.  So he calls and schedules at 5 in the afternoon ... the last one on the patient list told him the nurse. escorts bucharest

 He arrived reluctantly, but he heard another voice inside, "She may be a nurse," he thought.  The last person comes out and the nurse comes out with her.  He entered and was astonished.  A blond, gentle-looking lady was waiting for him.  New doctor - he introduced himself, Oana and he didn't remember the rest ... he liked the woman.  To take a tension, a pulse, the whole cutlery of a consultation.  He explains briefly that he wants to have tests and that he is not feeling well with his stomach, he thinks, describing the symptoms.  She finished writing the tension and pulse on the sheet and asked him to take off his T-shirt for a detailed consultation.  He stayed in his pants, lay on the bed in the office and looked at her ... she had beautiful breasts!  And he smiled at her… starting to think of her as Geanina or Corina and seeing her naked on top of him.  She responded with a smile and moved the stethoscope on her chest, then on her abdomen ... this movement made him think that he was so close to him ... and his phallus woke up with a determined movement.  Giving her pants down slightly to finish the consultation, she noticed and smiled… so she pushed them all the way and his cock came out in the open air.  She glanced at him and began to caress her lightly.  He felt her grow stronger and smiled again, he replied, with a shiver of pleasure ... she stood up and he was slightly upset.  He closed the door with the yala to be sure and left the key there.  On his return he dropped his robe.  He stood up slightly and took her hand.  He pulled her to him and kissed her.  With her hands, she quickly threw off her blouse and then her bra.  He continues to kiss her and with hurried movements he also gets rid of his pants and panties, then he finishes undressing her too.  She looked in the office mirror: two naked people next to each other looked like two lovers and yet they were a doctor and a patient.  She stretched out her hands, gripped her thighs tightly and began to give him tongues with pleasure .. to make circles, to enter and leave the already wet vagina, to caress her with his fingers .. until he felt her first orgasm and stopped.  He pulled her gently towards him and she understood .. she sat down slightly on his phallus .. until she felt him still in her.  From that moment on, she began to give rhythm, gradually increasing her movements.  He moaned with pleasure and let her drive ... it was so good!  He could feel his cock living through it, as if better than ever, decidedly, he would have to be more eager for consultations.  This thought excited him terribly and he felt ready for the last counters, so he moved too - feeling her orgasm with them.  The moisture that came on the phallus helps him and ends up with long jets in it.  She fell on top of him and hugged him ... it didn't take words for him to feel how good he had felt.  He got up hard and went to the office.  He sat down in front of her and wrote his referral note.  He moistened the initials in her mixed juices and applied it with a smile and he began to laugh.  "That way you'll at least get my scent home," she said.  And he smiled again. bucharest escorts

 The next day he was present early in the morning at the clinic to do the tests.  At 7, not many people had come there and most were waiting for the doctor to discuss treatments with him, problems, he was the only one who did not have such problems.  He went into the office and handed over the referral.  The nurse looked at him, looked at the ticket, and felt something special in him.  He said that part of the analysis is paid, as he does.  Certainly already practiced, he looked at her and pulled her toward him.  He kissed her lightly, stroked her breasts, then his hand went down firmly next to her blouse, entered her panties and reached her pussy .. "That's what you felt on the ticket" - he said starting to move his hand on his lips.

 Initially blocked by his audacity, she relaxes.  She was moving well, she liked what she was doing ... With a movement of her hips she made her panties go down and he smiled, there was more going on now ... she hurried the movement and thus provoked her orgasm.  She hugged him and kissed him, thanking him for the gesture.  "I'm waiting for you at 4 in front of the hospital, so we have time to finish without worries.  And what do you have to pay here ... I'll take care of it! ”  And putting his clothes back on, he began to take the necessary blood samples and sent him to take a urine sample.  But he sat down on the bed and with a sure movement solved the test under her admiring gaze.  Then he gets dressed again.  He went out smiling at the nurse and spent the rest of the day in the city, doing various one-off errands.  At 4 without 5 he was back in the hospital, waiting for the nurse.  Which appeared smiling and led him to a market where he had to shop, which he took over.  They took a few more steps to a discreet house where she opened the gate and led him inside.  The moment they entered the house she showed him where to leave the nets ... and the next second they pulled him towards her and hugged her.  The clothes were both pulling at her in the desire to escape as quickly as possible. He jumped on her and penetrated her directly, without groping .. he felt super aroused and wanted her a lot in the morning.  She moaned briefly and she started to move too .. she felt the first orgasm but he was far from finished .. she overturned him and took his phallus in her mouth sucking it with gusto.  He played licking the balls, then the cock again ... then he tried to suck it and swallow it as much as possible.  Then she looked at him, at his joy, and jumped on him, savoring every inch of the phallus.  The rhythm came slowly and began to move better and faster .. from her movements his palms lightly touched her breasts - which sent erotic impulses in both bodies .. With a shout he finished and leaned back at the same time  with the cry of her orgasm .. they hugged and went to the shower together .. They hugged again in the bathtub and she dropped to her knees and took his phallus in her mouth again.  He began to give rhythm and he said starting to fuck her mouth In a few minutes he managed to finish to her satisfaction.  They then washed and returned to the living room .. "to any problem with analysis and stuff like that, count on me, you're gorgeous!"  She said as he prepared to leave.  He smiled and went out into the night ... another beautiful day had passed without expenses and benefits ... that gives balance.  The sexual mercurial was going well

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