My erotic story (3)

My erotic story (3)


 Alin did the tests and found out that he had some liver problems that needed to be investigated in more detail ... and he needed a referral note ... again  to go to the hospital and do all the investigations.  After examining him very carefully, the family doctor scolds him for the chaotic meals he had and which had created the problem… to see what is completely with him, he thinks he will stay at least a week at the Municipal .. or she wants to see him again  he consulted a little at the end of the program, ”he said, smiling, looking at her soft cock as he dressed. bucharest escorts

 With the referral ticket, Alin arrived at the Municipal triage and was sent to room 2 of the hepatobiliary after finishing the admission sheet.  There was a slightly older guy there who was just being discharged.  Alin was left alone and lay down and fell asleep.  A few minutes later, the nurse came in to see who the new patient was.  She notices him and moves beside him.  From his movement in his sleep, his trousers reached a little lower and through their slit came out the semi-erect phallus ... after so many days of sexual delight, Alin dreamed beautifully at the hospital as well.  Raluca, the nurse, couldn't help herself and took him in her hand ... she stroked him and saw with pleasure that his body responded and his cock became erect.  He smiled, continuing to masturbate Alin continued to sleep moaning slightly. Then she lowered her lips and began to suck.  Easy, then more energetic.  Meanwhile, her left hand reached into her panties ... and she began to masturbate as well.  He realizes that his clothes are tangled and he quickly throws tights and panties off her.  He came back and continued to suck his cock slowly, wanting to get used to her size now.  You feel after a few minutes that he can't.  She climbed into bed slightly and sat down with his pussy in his cock and began to move happily .. it was the best cock she had ever felt .. and she had had a few more patients - but Alin was the first to fall asleep. escorts bucharest

 He felt something going on there and looked slightly through his eyelashes and saw her .. beautiful, in a robe, eager for a dick .. to wake up completely .. to sit like that?  She decided on the second option and kept her eyes closed, enjoying the rhythm she gave ... she was versed in sex as she moved.  He felt an intense liquid and understood that she had an orgasm ... but what does he do ... to answer or not?  And she started to give light cons taking advantage of the fact that she was after orgasm and relaxed, she did not realize at first .. and his cons had the desired effect, she increased the pace .. he felt ready and greeted her rhythm with a few more  against .. and ended up intensely in it .. and opened his eyes at that moment.  She hugged him and got up from him.  She hurriedly put on her tights and threw away her panties. "Now I don't need them, I want you to feel better in me, not the panties."  And get out.  It took about an hour and the doctor came.  Cheerful, she saw his file ... she joked with him and looked at him carefully .. she noticed the rise of the semi-erect phallus and a desire seized her.  He called the nurse again - he was reaching Reserve 1 - she said as she left.  The nurse smiled.  Reserve 1 was usually for the hairy, for those to whom the important world comes, with a very good bed and a well-maintained refrigerator with water and juice.  She let him get up and took the bag that held the luggage, reached out and grabbed him by the phallus, and smiling, went out with him to the reserve.  He installed it there and smiled again "if he moved you here for sure the boss has something with you, relax and wait for her .. as I get rid of my chores, I'll come too!"  And she kissed him lightly on the lips and left.  Alin glanced around - he noticed in a corner and a TV unplugged - he would do well here with the TV.

 He relaxed with the thought of the nurse when he saw the doctor return ... entering and locking the door for sure "with me there is no one to come darling!"  she said as she kissed him.  She dropped her robe, then threw off her blouse and let go of a pair of generous, round but not very large breasts, beautiful anyway.  He keeps getting rid of his skirt. ”I left the panties in his bag already, coming here, they were confusing me! escorts bucharest

 Alin got up slightly, kissed her breasts and went down ... he looked at his well-shaved lips and kissed them.  He began to play, groping, entering, exiting, so that the doctor began to moan ... he stopped and looked at her and changed his position so that a 69 could come out and he was satisfied when he felt her lips on his cock.  They continued like this for a few minutes until she felt well wet and stopped.  She looked at him eagerly and pulled him with her feet to her.  He easily enters her and accepts the rhythmic support of her legs that pushed his seat .. And the rhythm was fast this way from the beginning… then she moved her legs at a slower pace given by him and put them on  his shoulders. And his rhythm returned.  Slower, faster ... until he said "I want to finish with you on top!"  and lay back on the bed.  The doctor didn't wait to be invited twice and sprang to his cock.  And her rhythm was already alert, she was eager to finish it, she had already had enough orgasms with his wonderful cock.  And he notices that something is changing on his body and he understands that he is coming .. he increased the pace as well as he could at the end and received his jets with pleasure, looking at him candidly .. he leaned over him and for a few seconds remained like that .. then he  he kisses and strokes her face with his palm.  look at how she dresses.  Then she went out and he went quickly to the reserve bathroom and took a shower .. but he didn't formalize himself with pajamas on his way back .. who could enter knew him naked.

 He heard voices in the hall and realized that the table was coming, so he quickly pulled the sheet over him.  The nurse came in, dropped the bowl, and left.  He looked at the food - potato stew with pipettes next to it - and realized it was something to order.  Nearby, a man's voice - probably from a salon - commented on the received beans, which were not very good, and realized that the doctor had asked for a changed menu for him - to feel good and not just eat with her there.  He finished eating, left the bowl on the nightstand, and waited for it to come after him, and the nurse returned.  With quick movements she took the bowl and the cutlery and went out ... He smiled at her ... what her grandmother looked like - he thought.  A little time passed and the nurse returned.  Cheerful, she closed the door and kissed him on the lips.  Then, seeing that he was already naked, she smiled broadly and dropped all her clothes one by one.  She then jumped on the bed and kissed him again.  "I want to finish you differently now!"  she said and began to suck him lustfully, stroking his balls and thighs.  He relaxed - he had seen for the first time that he knew how to create pleasure .. a few minutes passed and she was still there .. and she got caught, she wanted to finish in her mouth .. she started to give light cons, so as not to drown her but to  feel his strength and he felt somehow that fucking mouth ... and the reaction come soon .. she groaned a foot long and carried on looking labia orgasm that.  A few movements and he also felt the end ... and she concentrated even more when she felt his phallus grow in her mouth .. she caught him with her lips and swallowed everything ... until the last drop.  Then she lay down next to him in bed and hugged him again.  "A little rest and I'll take you again!"  - she said and kissed him .. Then he started to play absentmindedly with his left palm on his cock, preparing her .. during this time talking about what she likes, about her house, how much they both relax a little.  A few minutes passed like that and when you felt his cock ready for work, the goat sat down and said "my ass wants you ... give it a go!"  And he adjusted her carefully and entered the anus without much weight .. from which he deduced that total sex was common for her .. and for him it had become - from where in his first experience on sexual mercurial he was accustomed only to normal sex  gradually she had come to know many positions and had sex wherever she wanted.  So now he was really excited to find out that she wanted him there too and that she was ready.  At first he took it slowly, to get used to it, to feel its depth, then he increased the rhythm, hitting harder and harder and feeling more.  However, he was starting to feel tired so the pace increased .. it would be the 4th ejaculation today and he hadn't had much in a day so much .. he didn't even remember if he had had such an intense day but he wanted to finish .. he felt  her wetness, she felt the tremor of orgasm and that stimulated him .. she slid easier and faster .. She caught the moment, she felt the cum in the canal and plunged in its best rhythm .. a blow, the second, the third and with a groan  it ends in her warm ass, with short jets but with immense and intense pleasure .. ”Thank you love for this day, you are a wonderful lover, that's what she said after dinner when I was alone and the doctor .. you will have all the investigations free but it's  and a small inconvenience for you .. it will take about two months .. you are so good in bed that earlier than the day we go on vacation we do not let you go! Now I tell you good evening, see you in the morning .. before  visit to be the first to fuck you! ”  she said with a laugh and closed the door ... and Alin stared at her, with her laughter in her ears and the desire for the night to pass quickly.

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