My erotic story (4)

My erotic story (4)


 Alin lives boyar in the hospital.  The meal was well dosed but very tasty and so she found out that the doctor had set that diet to balance her body substances, proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, it was still well calculated - but also the sex was good, with doctors visiting him every turn and  the nurse who was still doing shifts and coming free just to feel him in her ..escorts bucharest

 And with the day of the discharge came another news: the women in the hospital had found Geanina by chance and had all taken her ticket to the sea!  It will stay at 4 stars and will have a room with a sea view - enough for them to feel good on vacation too ... because Geanina had decided, she ran the store by phone that no one at sea for a week caught fire.

 The doctor's car was at the block's door at 7 in the morning at his block, the day after his discharge.  Full of women.  The doctors in front, the one who had hospitalized him and the shift colleague and in the back the nurse ... who was eating him with his eyes.  They went to sea and the nurse rested her head on his shoulder as if she wanted to sleep.  After a few minutes he used a steeper curve and lowered his head to his belly as his hand reached the middle.  And she started stroking him, quickly finding the cock in the half-direction ... he smiled and started stroking her but for Alin it was no surprise, he knew she would do something and relax .. and she laid him on the bench and climbed over him.  The phallus came to light quickly and she began to suck it.  First slightly then more possessive.  From her movement he notices that her skirt invites him to investigate how short she was .. and finds that she has no panties so he pulled her lightly towards him and began to suck her lips, then penetrate her with his tongue, snatching her moans of  pleasure .. who sporadically mingled with his .. The women in front were eagerly looking in the mirror at what they were doing .. so she decided that maybe more.  He stopped, turned, and sat down lightly on his dick, at which point he snatched a groan from both of them. She continued to move just as easily, aware of the lack of space.  Once he adjusted to his place, he began to alternate the slightly faster rhythm with the slower one, in search of orgasm .. which he announced with a groan and a long kiss on Alin's lips .. they remained embraced, naked, soon after  she bent down again and began to suck it with pleasure .. her intense rhythm took effect and he ended up in her mouth - to her immense joy.  It's just that an indicator almost announces Constanța and they started, without much desire, to get dressed.  Looking back, they also saw Geanina's car moving at their own pace.  When they arrived at the hotel, they stayed quickly and went to the showers, feeling boiled after the road in the heat.  that's what Alin did, but when to go out - his doctor was there ... naked and ready to be hugged.  He threw her on the bed and threw himself on her, entering her without any groping.  His rhythm aroused moans of pleasure and desire, exclamations of encouragement that stimulated Alin.  And moving her hands on her chest she better coordinates her assault .. which she really liked, to feel it in both places .. The moisture given by her orgasm showed him what pleasure it creates in her and increased the rhythm .. A few movements and  he felt the end .. pushed firmly and ended intensely in it .. under the eyes of the maid who was standing in the doorway, wanting to put on new towels .. and who slowly withdrew.  Alin got up slowly - he had heard footsteps and wanted to get dressed for dinner now, he was hungry.

 The group went down to lunch with a very good mood.  Two of the women had already felt Alin's cock and the others were thinking about how to have it too.  The hearty lunch required a short walk to admire the sea and talk about what they were doing that day.  They decided to go for an hour of sleep and see each other at 5 o'clock to go to the beach.  So Alin, feeling a little tired, went upstairs.  Where the maid was still arranging the things she thought were wrong.  When she saw him, she blushed but waited for him to close the door ... and hugged him.  A little surprised, Alin let her continue and eagerly received his kiss, after which she hurriedly undressed him and he threw his clothes off.  She understood that her haste was also given by the idea of ​​sex during work and that provoked him too.  She had done this often at the hospital, but now she was a new woman.  Which once undressed she threw herself on him and began to caress his phallus ... enough to get the desired erection.  When he felt his strength, he sprang to his feet and began to give rhythm ... and he sat relaxed.  The size his cock had reached was enough for her, she didn't want to move, she just wanted to feel him in her rhythm.  And the rhythm sought alternated, sometimes more intense, sometimes slower as she felt the approach of orgasm .. came quite hard but gladly received by her .. Her moisture helps him to enter the game of cons and stimulate a  the second orgasm, stronger - which brought her a wide smile .. but feeling that he is coming and he continues to move and managed to make him finish in a few seconds .. so she leaned over him for a few seconds, with his chest  trembling with joy.  She looked at him with pleasure and saw that he still held her close to him, she understood the pleasure he had received.  She gets up without much desire to go to work but not before telling him that she will stop by him ... and she and her friend, the receptionist.  And that in these conditions he can order for free in the room, they solve it with his note.  That she saw that she aroused desires but she also wants to join his group.  To which he smiled and approved - thinking about the possible visit of the receptionist - probably after dinner - and how he would thank so many women But that should be the problem, he will manage - he thought for a few seconds before falling asleep bucharest escorts

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