My erotic story (8)

My erotic story (8)

 Yvette, who was a very active 35-year-old woman, arrived one day at the hotel with Claire, a good friend whom she had told about Alin.  Young blood, big cock ... she wanted it too.  Both dressed very lightly stopped on the terrace of the hotel where Paula was talking, very satisfied, with Alin.  The smile of both told Yvette that she was welcome and the young man was available.  They picked him up to carry his luggage and winked at Paula.  He'll be busy - Alin understood from Claire's wide smile.  Their apartment on the top floor was the only one there just to offer maximum privacy and the women from the elevator started nice gestures with Alin, whom they stroked on his shirt, touched his pants while they got rid of their blouses showing their breasts.  generous.  Claire stepped forward and stroked his pants so that his phallus hardened. The women entered the room almost naked and hurriedly undressed him as well.  Claire continued to massage his cock until she felt erect.  He leaned back on the bed, pulled him toward her, and motioned for Yvette to come, so that as she felt Alin's penetrations, Claire licked her friend's lips as she watched the young cock move like that.  an energy .. which also excited Alin, to be watched and from his movement he tried to caress and kiss Yvette .. which brought other moans of pleasure .. But Yvette wanted more, Alin knew that and  she waited to see how she changed position. And the Frenchwoman rose slowly and approached him - looking at Claire in amazement, she sat down so that he could slap her buttocks and her buttocks - a gesture that  he stimulated, after feeling Claire's tongue, even more.  Also with the same kind of movement Alin began to penetrate her with his fingers, alternating their number so that he could surprise at the next entrance .. and with a long moan at this action Yvette gave in .. a huge orgasm he felt embracing her and  she lay down lightly on the carpet to calm down, watching as Alin's cock became more and more intense in her girlfriend ... his moans announced that he was also living a good moment, towards the end.  With the last energies, the rhythm increased a little and it unloaded in her .. intense jets filled the vagina .. as soon as Yvette came out she was there and her tongue sucked her lips, cleansing the sperm, causing another orgasm for Claire. escorts bucharest

 They got up and went to the bathroom. The big tub could receive them all and Yvette let go of the water and watched it start to fill up.  He looked at Alin and wanted him again ... the young man noticed the look and smiled.  He saw the water rise and was the first to sit down, adjusting the water better as a heat level and reached for the two women.  They came in from both sides of him and hugged him.  He kisses their breasts one at a time and then focuses mainly on Yvette while his right hand continues to caress Claire's breasts.  After a few minutes reverse the position.  Then he sat down between them again, and chose a position from which he could see both vulvae.  And raising his hands he began to make double penetration.  The initial slow pace grew faster, the moans and screams announced orgasms again. They looked at him and smiled contentedly.  They set him down and began to wash each other with successive movements.  Then, kneeling beside him, they began to suck his phallus and balls.  When she felt him erect, Yvette sat down lightly on him and Claire began to caress his breasts and kiss them and then turned to him and caressed his chest.  And she did this sequence for good minutes, until she saw her friend change her face slightly .. Alin's rhythm was fast and she was on top of the ecstasy .. another shout announces the final orgasm .. Yvette was a little surprised, usually he ends up at  her moment "I still have a little more!"  he said.  Suddenly she had an idea and stood up to his surprise but immediately went down and grabbed his cock between her breasts.  A few movements and he was ready too ... the cum jumped on her breasts and lips to the delight of the women, Claire coming to them and licking her friend's breasts.  They released the water again and rinsed.  They returned naked to the room and called room service.  They sat relaxed in bed and caressed each other with caresses when the bell rang.  Claire opened the mask at the door.  With the tray in her hand and her clothes down, at her feet, Raluca entered the room naked and smiled at both Alin and the two women.  He sat down in front of the bed and began to pick grapes, cream cheese, pieces of cold steak that he took to the mouths of those in the room after they had chosen. Alin wanted to receive the cream cheese for the first time.  on her breasts .. then asked her on Yvette's lips .. and each time licked well .. Claire wanted Alin to receive carp caviar from her lips .. and lick the cream of Raluca's breasts .. to share  with her the cold steak .. Alin looked around and noticed Claire's attention for Raluca .. which he liked .. he had a beautiful girlfriend .. and he didn't like to be kissed by someone else .. so he asked too  cold steak brought by Raluca every time she could ask to show that it was his ... and she also told him to take cream cheese from his phallus.  Raluca seemed to understand the attention she was enjoying and the fact that Alin offered her cream cheese, she really liked it ... when she heard him put cream from his cake on his lips again and feed his phallus like that.  So Raluca anointed her lips with whipped cream and gently sank into her boyfriend's phallus.  Seeing the gesture, the two French women hugged and kissed, abandoning themselves to pleasure ... waiting for Raluca's orgasm to claim Alin again.  And Raluca noticed Yvette's slightly jealous look and increased the pace quite quickly and easily .. and as she knew him very well she knew how to move with him and in his eyes she read the pleasure of giving herself and that she liked very much, that  he and two women there look upon her as his queen.  And the orgasm came .. huge .. intense .. it took her two minutes to recover from him .. slightly lifted by Claire who put her next to him and threw herself on her, wanting to feel her breasts and then the juice of the orgasm left on her lips  .. which brought another .. not like the one given by Alin .. but orgasm!  Meanwhile, Yvette throws herself on Alin with a nymphomaniacal rhythm in her ... she really wanted to feel him a lot and that's why she varied her movements, speculating on the moments of her orgasm and trying to delay him from various movements ... which he liked.  Alin .. felt that he was accumulating a lot of energy at the end and he was also looking for the moment of a final assault .. and he managed to surprise his partner with the change of rhythm .. on the new intensity came his end .. rich and pleasant.  He looked again at Raluca, who was having food sex with Claire again, licking cream from her breasts and descending on the drawing made to her lips ... which she licked with pleasure .. and with surprise she realized that Alin was there while  Yvette was in the bathroom.  but it didn't matter now .. they were there and even at a group sex they transmitted their emotions - as much as he wanted Alin will be able to do that with him .. he had seen every time what he offers and with what polite, professional attitude -  and he smiled here at the thought - and how it is given to him .. what a passion is there, it's still a flame and a desire that now, with Yvette, looking as much as he could, he had not seen .. had seen the desire to end but the passion  it was only now that he had her next to him again ... you could feel his hand penetrating her vulva and the orgasm came instantly.  Overwhelming. She hugged him spontaneously and pulled him to her chest, while she, with her last strength, thrust two fingers into Claire's vulva.  And he also got her orgasm .. Wet and intense too but she knew .. Like Alin no one offers .. and especially like Alin for her ..

 Yvette's voice awakened the group in the wave of orgasm "Pigeons, you and your orgasms have been well heard in France .. And a good friend, a hotel owner, wants Alin .. so I will talk to Paula and I will see with  plane tickets: go to France.  As I have always been generous with Alin, I will be even now .. I will give a thousand euros so that you don't waste time with luggage from home and other things .. you buy everything you need there and anyway it's better what you find in Paris  or in Nice ... he still hasn't said where we see each other.  I'll find out in a few days how long I'm here, but when we leave, we all leave!  And Yvette smiled broadly .. Raluca looked at Alin and couldn't believe it .. the young man who had come to the hospital without money for tests was practically taking her to France .. he wanted to dance with joy! bucharest escorts

 In a few minutes of discussion, they set the country in motion, how to liquidate the hotel, how to solve both .. And when they went down to their room Raluca hugged him again and gave himself to him with all the passion .. she wanted to sleep that magical night  beautiful after once again feeling his cum, from this moment she looked at him as a family, they lived together magical moments And his emotion confirmed all her thoughts.

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