My teacher, my master

My teacher, my master

My name is Marcela, I am 19 years old and I am a student at a famous college in the city.  There are two weeks until the summer holidays and I have a big problem: anatomy.  I don't know if I'll take the exam, and that could ruin all my vacation plans: big goodbye, sun, crazy sex on the beach and in clubs.  I will have to stay home to study for arrears.

 Mihai is the anatomy teacher.  A good guy, blond, athletic asa .so about 35 years old.  It's the most interesting of all the men around me, but it's like the forbidden apple.  But that makes everything more exciting for me.  I always try to get her attention during class: I bite my lips when she looks at me, I play with strands of hair or she caresses me discreetly and I see her watching me undress.  But there can be no more: he is a teacher and I am a student.  Today I have to go to his office to give him a report.  That should help me increase my media.

 I arrive in front of the office.  I don't knock on the door, I go straight in.  Mihai corrected some tests.  He invites me to take a seat.  I sit in front of him.  I was wearing a college uniform, but I was wearing high heels today.  We start talking about the subject, the notes, the paper.  I could see his gaze slipping into my cleavage.  I start playing with the buttons on my shirt, I slowly open my legs and I start to caress his sensitive area with the tip of my shoe.  At first he seems to avoid it, but then he begins to breathe jerkily.  He suddenly gets up from his chair and rushes to the door.  With a sudden movement he locks the lock, turns to me and slams me on the desk.  He takes off my clothes, as if trying to tear them.  He starts biting me, hitting me, licking me.  I can feel his cock growing in his pants.  I slowly whisper in his ear that I want him in me, but he replies that I am not ready.  He puts his finger in my wet sex and then gives me a taste

 Mihai starts a series of rhythmic, deep, deliciously painful blows.  It hits my breasts, arms, buttocks and legs. Wet abdomen and vagina.  He strikes calmly, without haste and I feel that I am ready to surrender to him.  I love the delicious way he punishes me and I want him not to stop.  She finally does it when I'm crazy about orgasm, pulls a vibrator out of the drawer, separates my swollen lips, puts it between my legs, presses on my clitoris and triggers it at full power inside my vagina.  He screams with pleasure, but he immediately pulls it out and shoves it in again, as if with more power, deeper.  I start to type:

 - Yes yes yes, louder, put it on me !!!

 I was on the verge of orgasm, but he stops abruptly, puts me on my knees in front of him.  It is forced into my mouth and I am mad with excitement.  I grab him with my lips and ask him to let me finish.  It pushes hard and I feel it strengthen.

 - Until I finish, you don't finish either, bitch!  I am your master.

 He grabs my arms and leans me over his desk.  He puts it on my back and pushes hard.  I felt that I could no longer, that I no longer had air.  He hits me on the ass, and pushes me harder.  Mihai is on the verge of orgasm and takes it out and ends it in my mouth.  pushing hard.  Then he looked at me contentedly:

 - Want more?  Can you still be an ordinary bitch?

 - I want to finish too.

 Mihai grabs the vibrator again and without making any sound he puts it deep in my sex, letting it go to the maximum.  I feel a strange warmth radiating between my legs.  I shout for the pleasure of liberation and thank the Master !!!

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