One study claims that one beer a day stimulates male fertility

One study claims that one beer a day stimulates male fertility

It was conducted by a team of researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and claims not only that beer consumed daily doubles male fertility, but also that excessive coffee consumption can reduce a couple's chances of having children.

 The study involved 105 men whose partners resorted to in vitro fertilization.  The average age of the study participants was 37 years.  According to the questionnaires completed by the men, they were moderate consumers of alcohol, and this leads to the reduction of stress (and its negative effects: sleep problems, irascibility and inability to relate to others, physiological problems involving blood circulation, erection and  sexual dysfunctions).

 Relaxation helps very well when you decide to conceive a child, whether you do it naturally or using technology and in vitro fertilization.

 On the other hand, researcher Anatte Karmon considers that too much coffee / caffeine consumption (also present in certain juices) has considerable negative effects on male fertility: it decreases the concentration of sperm.  True, coffee stimulates and makes people a little more alert, creating a certain addictive effect, but it does so at the expense of cellular energy, and this affects the quality of sperm.  But to scientifically prove this theory, a whole series of tests is needed to confirm this.

 Another study, conducted by Loma Linda University in California, claims that compared to those who are omnivorous (also eat meat).  Lifestyle and diet significantly affect sperm quality, and researchers have warned the population about excessive soy consumption.  Another problem when it comes to fertility is raised by the consumption of vegetables and fruits treated with pesticides before being consumed, substances that remain in the fruit, no matter how well they are washed.

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