Premature Ejaculation: Causes, Remedies, and 6 Ways to Prevent It

Premature Ejaculation: Causes, Remedies, and 6 Ways to Prevent It

 Premature ejaculation, also known as ejaculatio praecox, is a condition that involves uncontrolled pollution before sexual intercourse or after short-term stimulation of the penis.

 Although fully treatable premature ejaculation can affect the couple's intimate life.  Since the volume of stress felt by men seems to have reached dizzying levels lately, stress being one of the main causes of premature ejaculation, below we present the most effective ways to overcome this embarrassing problem.

 What is Premature Ejaculation?

 According to the International Standard for Disease Classification (ICD - 10 -AM), premature ejaculation is a sexual disorder that involves premature emission of sperm fluid due to short-term stimulation of the penis before or shortly after penetration.

 From a biostatistic point of view, approximately 20-30% of men will experience premature ejaculation during their lifetime, and the condition is generally found among men over 40 years of age.


 Unfortunately, premature ejaculation does not have well-defined causes and, most of the time, it occurs against the background of other medical problems.  Here are the main causes of premature ejaculation:

 Recent studies show that stress and other neuropsychiatric factors may be possible causes of premature ejaculation.

 Partner change can be considered another cause of this condition. escorts bucharest

 Many doctors believe that premature ejaculation can be a symptom of another disease, often of a mental nature.

 Possible causes include adolescent masturbation, when men masturbate very quickly so as not to be caught by their parents.

 In rarer cases, premature ejaculation is due to a genetic defect.


 There are various remedies for treating premature ejaculation depending on the severity of the case.  Most doctors recommend sexual therapy and psychotherapy to reduce stress and anxiety.  The simplest remedies you can try in the privacy of your home are:

 Kegel exercises for strengthening the pelvic muscles.

 Rhythm change - a very easy exercise that involves slowing down the movement of the pelvis during intercourse to delay ejaculation.

 The method of squeezing the head of the penis - during sexual intercourse, the moment you feel that you are very close to climax (ejaculation), withdraw the penis from the vagina and gently squeeze the head until the sensation passes.

 The method of stopping in the middle of sexual intercourse - when you feel that you are approaching climax, stop the movement in the pelvis, without withdrawing the penis and wait for the sensation to pass.

 A sincere dialogue with your life partner - discuss with your partner about the things that bother you in bed and try one of the exercises listed above.

 Ways to prevent

 In concluding our article on premature ejaculation of causes and symptoms, we want to present you the most effective ways to prevent this condition.

 1) Quit smoking

 Specialist studies have shown that smoking is one of the main factors in decreasing sexual appetite and many sexual conditions.  In the case of patients suffering from premature ejaculation, doctors recommend complete smoking cessation at the same time as drug treatment or psychotherapy.

 2) Moderate alcohol consumption

 Sometimes a glass of red wine can improve sexual appetite but excessive alcohol consumption can have adverse consequences such as premature ejaculation due to the vasodilating effect (enlargement of the arteries) of alcohol.

 3) Stimulation before sexual intercourse

 To prevent obviously embarrassing episodes such as ejaculation a few seconds after penetration, you can try to masturbate an hour or two before intercourse.

 4) Use condoms with anesthetic bucharest escorts

 Some condom manufacturers sell a range of products that desensitize (anesthetize) the head of the penis for a longer duration of sexual intercourse.  Condoms in this range are usually impregnated with mild local anesthetics, such as lidocaine.

 5) Prolonged prelude

 Talk to your life partner about your problem.  If she agrees, try a longer prelude.  A long foreplay can help you maintain an erection longer and get rid of the stress of intercourse.

 6) Food supplements

 Herbal supplements can help you get rid of premature ejaculation when treatment is followed properly.  Moreover, they are made from natural plant extracts, considerably reducing the risk of side effects.

 Remember that premature ejaculation can be an alarm signal for a serious hidden disease.  If natural treatments do not work, it is advisable to seek the advice of a specialist.

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