Sexual roles in the couple

Sexual roles in the couple

 Each of us has the ability to play any role, any aspect of human emotions.  We don't have to study acting to do this: life itself is a scene in which we play, over time, a multitude of roles, which are specific to various ranges of emotions and feelings.

 As a couple, it is necessary to do this consciously: by approaching more roles, the relationship becomes more complex, deeper.  Choosing to assume only the role of husband or wife in the couple, without being at the same time a lover, a friend, you will experience a stagnation both in terms of personal and individual development and the freshness of the relationship.

 There are, for example, periods in the life of a couple, when the woman, after giving birth, plays only the role of mother, as if forgetting to be a lover, friend, wife, lover for her husband.

 The necessary ingredients for a healthy relationship are: love, respect, joy, compassion, happiness, spontaneity, joy, freedom, emotional intelligence, sensuality, passion, a uplifting common goal. escorts bucharest

 For a relationship to be doomed to failure, only one of the two can present: imprisonment, pride, selfishness, stupid prejudices, stupidity, habituation to evil and unhappiness, pessimism, shame, modesty, etc.

 Who is my boyfriend to me?  How many roles do I play on the stage of our relationship and how many more do I have to develop?

 Am I Simultaneously Mother, Sister, Daughter, Lover, Friend, Wife, Goddess?  Is he for me, simultaneously, Father, Brother, Son, Lover, Friend, Husband, Divine Beloved?

 In our erotic life I am able to manifest myself as a:

 Muse, to inspire him to the most exciting love positions and ideas for erotic games?

 Mistress, to be always ready, eager and lustful to receive in me the lover of my soul?

 Virgin, to be docile, pure, ready to abandon myself, to be initiated again and again in the mysteries of love, having the same fascination towards him as at the beginning of the relationship?

 Woman, to delight him with all my specifically feminine qualities, such as sensuality, purity, power of abandonment, love, mystery, magic, maturity?

 Prostitute  in bucharest escorts- am I able to fulfill, totally uninhibited and free from any mental handcuffs, all the erotic fantasies of the man I am in love with?  Can I manifest unconventional love?  Am I sure of my erotic power?  Do I offer myself in all my beauty without any reservations and insecurities?

 Priestess - did I study the "Art of Love" in order to know how to lead my lover to the highest peaks of pleasure and sensuality?  Do I offer my body and heart as an offering to erotic love?  Do I know the purpose of erotic experiences and how to fulfill them?

 The eternal feminine divine: in every woman dwells the Great Mother.  Every woman is the expression of the Feminine Mystery.  In us dwell all the feminine qualities, potentially or fully manifested.  We are divine - and we can experience this especially in erotic experiences.

 And you, as a man, "interpret", like your girlfriend, during erotic games, the roles of:

 Hero - to be aware of your role in this world and even in her life and in the couple's relationship and to act accordingly?  Are you manly, masculine, strong, neat, passionate, a constant source of erotic desire and inspiration for his fantasies?

 Lover - to always be in shape, to control your erotic impulse, to be tender, to know the "Anatomy of pleasure" and the erogenous map of his body?  Do you know how to bring poetry into your erotic experiences?  Are you an eternal lover of Women?  Are you fascinated by the Feminine Mystery?  Do you know how to control your erotic potential?

 Man - do you delight and emulate her with all your specifically masculine qualities, energized and fully awakened?  Are you "awake" and aware of yourself and all the male force that "burns" in you?

 Don Juan - are you able to fulfill all his erotic fantasies, free from any mental handcuffs, and to "awaken" her to a life of perfect pleasure?  Do you tremble in your arms and know the boundless pleasure?  Does it "wet" you with all the fluids of love and you drink it with delight?

 Shaman - are you a master of love?  Do you know the art of healing love?  Do you penetrate it and heal it from all trauma and mistrust?  Do you create magic?  Does his whole being shine during and after he leaves your embrace?

 Priest - are you aware that you are an expression of the divine?  That your source is divine?  Do you reveal yourself to your girlfriend in this way?  Do you honor and celebrate this origin even in love experiences?

 The supreme masculine - divine: in you are in the potential state, or fully energized all the archetypal masculine qualities.  Give it up!

 It is necessary to overcome this limitation induced by the society in which we live, to identify with only one sexual role, completely excluding the others, and to bring as often as possible the unconventional in the experience of love, in stable couples.

 Love games have a very sweet taste, but are rarely experienced in closed, stable, long-lasting couples.  True intimacy must offer total erotic happiness, not limit it. escorts bucharest

 The lack of play in erotic experiences leads to the repression of sexuality and the suppression of natural desires.  The two become dishonest in terms of communication and their sexual desires, and frustration creates complex psychological problems for them.  Then, inevitably, parting results.  The parting of happiness, or the parting of the other and a new chance at happiness.

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