That's how I became a slave

That's how I became a slave

We were in the club together.  We both drank and got dizzy.  He rubbed me all night, he excited me to the max.  It was late so we decided to continue the party at home.  In the taxi, he bit me, slapped me and bit me again… ..

 - I'm your filthy mistress!  You will do everything I tell you to satisfy me!

 - Yes, my mistress !!!

 I entered the house.  He turned on a red light in the hall and turned to me.

 - Sit down, slave, and lick my legs like you've been looking at them all night!  Lick my shoes!  Make them shine!

 I started licking her shoes, feet to my knees and going upstairs… .. she was already very excited, but she stopped me.  He pulled my hair and slapped me twice on the face.  Then he started undressing me, slamming clothes on all sides.  She threw me on the cold tiles and started licking my balls and sucking me until I ended up in her mouth.  Then he spat my cum on her and told me to lick it.

 He returned and went to the room, sat down in the armchair and spread his legs.  She had a short red skirt and was without panties.

 - Make me climb the walls for pleasure!  You understand?  I don't hear shit!  You understand?

 -Yes, my mistress!

 I started licking her legs, sucking her fingers, I went up to my knees to the clitoris.  I start licking her pussy, kissing him, biting him and I feel a hand grab my hair and press me to stick my tongue inside.

 -I told you to make me tremble with pleasure, not to make me wait.  Ordinaule!  You deserve a punishment to remember.

 He takes a whip from the table and starts hitting my ass hard and fast.  He pulls me with the other hand of his hair, spits at me and whips me faster and faster.  He stops abruptly and starts kissing and biting me.  I get up suddenly and put it on.  I fucked her hard with my cock like iron.  Fuck her in all the holes. She ends abruptly, stormily, unexpectedly.

 -Fuck better and better!  Don't stop, you bastard!  Keep licking me, I want one more time.  I want to end up in your mouth.

 And I get on my knees in front of her master and continue to lick her clit… ..

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