The art of fellatio (1)

The art of fellatio (1)

 Given that the male universe is precise and determined, and because men are the beneficiaries of the "secrets" we will gather in this article, we will seek to answer the questions: when?  how many times?  How?  and why do we make oral love?

 Why do we like to make oral love?  Or why would it be so necessary for us to like to make oral love? escorts bucharest

 The man directly associates proportionally how often he is treated, how he is treated, what condition his girlfriend has when he makes oral love with her, how much she loves him: much, extraordinarily much, exceptionally much.

 When a man receives oral love, he can realize the woman's condition towards him, because this is a pure act of devotion.

 Cunilingus is a necessary act for the prelude that the man must make for the woman to become erotic.

 By comparison, fellatio is a voluntary act, physiologically optional.  In this way, the woman shows her desire for her boyfriend and the way she relates to him: with passion, with adoration, with lust, etc. bucharest escorts

 In essence, when fellatio does not come under the sign of barter, it is an act of adoration and the man perceives this with all his being.  In this way, the woman can induce a higher state of consciousness because he becomes very receptive on a psycho-mental level to what she experiences, and thus he can also live this nuance of adoration.

 Let us now refer to the beginning of the relationship - in each case the love availability of women is very high, she has a relentless desire for him, she feels at every moment that she wants to eat him - this is why women choose  to introduce into their love life various erotic games in which they unconditionally give, for example, the pleasure of a blowjob in the morning, before her boyfriend leaves for work or while he drives the car.

 What is the condition of a woman when she gives oral love to her boyfriend?

 Before any technique, it matters what the woman transmits to the man, through the way she relates to him.  In her being, she must have a living desire to give herself completely to her lover and to make him the happiest man in the world.  In those moments our egotistical desires no longer exist.  All are eclipsed and absorbed in the desire to give the being we adore boundless pleasure.

 We kneel before the symbol of the lingam (the Sanskrit name of the male sexual organ), in an act of veneration, of admiration.  The lingam is the symbol of the generating power, whose role is to sustain and balance the world through its mysterious, masculine, solar, divine, creative energy. escorts bucharest

 Think now of the state that a woman has towards her hero, towards the man she is truly in love with, through whom all the secrets of love are revealed to her, which awakened her soul and made her body vibrate In those moments the woman adores the Man, the archetype of masculinity, the masculine, virile essence, which resides in every man.  She is a Goddess who worships a God.

 Why would you like to have oral sex?  Why would you find pleasure in giving pleasure?

 There are women who feel intense pleasure in the mouth and throat when offering oral love.  Others, I feel through empathy only the pleasure that the man feels.  Others find no pleasure in this act.  This often happens due to internal conflicts caused by education, or psycho-emotional traumas that we will discuss later.  There is also the case of women who have not developed, at all or sufficiently, the necessary qualities to be able to feel and give pleasure (the case of women for whom the career is first and then nothing else, cold women, women in whom they do not  with strong feminine qualities).

 The importance of oral love bucharest escorts

 First of all, it helps to deepen the intimacy of the couple, to maintain the freshness and erotic effervescence.

 Just as a hearty meal does not have the same flavor without a delicious dessert, so does the love interaction, although it is nourishing and sufficient, it is not fully fulfilling without this erotic act.

 The erotic games that integrate this act represent one of the most numerous fantasies of men (it was noticed after a study, that men who self-eroticize mostly watch scenes with oral love).

 A woman with sensual lips and beautifully rounded and arched, leads the man almost instantly to fantasize in this direction.  They see on our lips the promises of oral love (now I hope you understand why so many women inject their lips - unconsciously they want to arouse desire in men).

 Well-made oral love exalts the man - and a man who feels valued and appreciated, has a surprising relational behavior - will always positively surprise his girlfriend.

 Oral love diminishes many of men's complexes - even if they are complexed for various reasons by their manhood, when the woman he loves adores her with erotic insecurity, these complexes dissolve and leave room for self-confidence that will be reflected in his entire behavior.

 His general well-being will have a beneficial indirect influence on the relationship and the way he relates to his girlfriend.

 For those initiated in Tantra we can list a number of esoteric effects:

 Dynamization of the subtle secondary center soma chakra that is connected with regeneration, longevity and rejuvenation.

 It induces a state of mental calm, deep peace, clarity, euphoric expansion, lucidity by energizing the higher centers of force vishuddha chakra, ajn chakra and sahasrara, and by energizing the subtle ascending breath, uddhana vayu.

 Elimination of emotional traumas and emotional stresses that block the flow of energy in the upper part of the being.

 Lucidity in identifying psycho-emotional mechanisms that are difficult to detect normally.

 Increased will, self-confidence, harmony in being.

 Awakening of the inner man (for those who know notions about the Androgyne, of which Plato, Eliade, alchemists, etc. speak) when the woman also receives oral love.

 When is oral love made? escorts bucharest

 She can offer him oral love at any time, but if he is a novice in this direction (it can be easily unloaded and thus the woman risks being frustrated), it is not recommended to make oral love at the beginning of the love act, although he would  she liked this very much, because there will be an imbalance: he will be very horny and she will not (although he offered her oral love, she is not stimulated inside the yoni) and when he will penetrate her very  excited, there will be a very big difference between their degrees of arousal, which she will feel in a less pleasant way.

 If the man's erection decreases during the love affair (this does not mean that he no longer wants it and that the act of love must end - there may be several causes that we will discuss in a future article), then she  he can resort to this way of dynamizing his lingam.

 In Taoism and Tantrism it is recommended that this technique be performed after the love interaction because its effects are to lead the woman to transcendence, to energize some aspects of consciousness, and in the case of the man - because he has greatly sublimated his desires.  inferior during the love interaction.  This is why, although the glans is very sensitized, the pleasure is much broader and more nuanced.  The sensation of sudden braking present at the beginning no longer appears.  The man is detached from the instinctive aspects of the erotic act and pleasure and can live fully and distinctly every sensation, with much refinement.

 In the case of relationships that face a certain erotic monotony, the woman can initiate several erotic games that include fellatio, without getting stuck in preconceived ideas such as: "if he does nothing means he does not want me, and if I do  something, it is possible to reject me ”.

 It has been shown that there are certain taste buds in the lingam, even if in small numbers: in this sense you can initiate games that include essential oils with various flavors (like mint or cinnamon, in small quantities) or even fruits to keep  in his mouth as you caress his lingam.  He will really feel their taste in the glans.

 In the same way, the sensations of hot and cold can alternate.

 Exciting places where you can catch him: at the red light, in the shower, in the elevator, in the restaurant toilet, at the cinema (first or second), in the park in the evening, in a taxi, in a romantic bath, on the train,  in the bookstore, in the rehearsal booth, at a concert, in the box at the opera, in bed, on a chair, etc.  It is important to turn this act into a kind of beneficial routine.

 What does refusal mean and what effects can it have on the conscience of the man you love and on the relationship?

 Inhibition, one can feel unloved because men associate a woman's love availability with her feelings towards him.  Men remember the erotic lust of the woman from the beginning of their relationship and will tend to reproach if it diminishes, just as women reproach the diminution of romance, gallantry, etc.

 When a man is denied this act of adoration, he has the opportunity to discern whether his girlfriend's refusal is just a matter of moment, availability, or even a rejection of his being, sometimes associated with an inner judgment (even like "  you didn't take my flowers for 2 weeks and now you want oral love ”- refusal by which she considers that she is punishing him).  In these cases she does this act as a reward and not as a desire of her to give her lover unconditional pleasure or to live through this act her own specific pleasure.

 Not knowing that she has a problem that she does not communicate, the man will consider that she does not love him enough, that her love has diminished, which will cause him to close emotionally and become cold towards her.  In all these cases, the man will "use" the woman only to satisfy his sexual needs, because the connection between them is zero.  For this reason he will no longer pay attention to her and her erotic needs, and love affairs will last very little, and attention will be focused only on instinctual pleasure and the so-called energy discharge.

 When a woman notices that she is resisting, she should do an inner analysis to see why she is judging this act because the man will never know what she is thinking and feeling if not even it is clear to her.

 In situations where the refusal is justified, the woman must explain that everything is fine between them, that she wants it and that this is a temporary situation, for now she must reschedule this act and keep her word so that he does not  do not suspect that she is hiding anything.  Shortly before, you can even show your delight that you are going to give her what her boyfriend has been waiting for. escorts bucharest

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