The art of fellatio (2)

The art of fellatio (2)


 Prejudices that may exist:

 It is an act of humiliation, the man uses the woman to satisfy his sexual desires and does not offer him anything else. "

 If there is such a thought, then it is necessary for the woman in this situation to resolve her inner conflict that most likely arose due to the fact that at some point she felt abused (not necessarily physically, but also mentally) or used.   Unfortunately such a way of thinking that is not eliminated, will affect all his relationships, no matter how his boyfriend will relate to her (he may be very loving and attentive, but because she has not healed  trauma, will punish him, because she is angry with men, by depriving him of this pleasure that can even be sublime and healing).  If she does not resolve this inner conflict, she will attract into her life even men who consider that kissing her in the intimate areas is a disgusting act.

 Nothing you can offer your loved one, who is sublime and who can make him feel valued and adored, can be degrading.

 It is not an act of humiliation, it is an act of worship escorts bucharest

 "It's not hygienic."

 Even if the man you fell in love with has poor hygiene, you can teach him to take care of his hygiene, in a playful way, going with him to the shower and washing the intimate area and not only you.

 If you are in a position to show rejection of your own secretions (after they penetrate you) keep in mind that this shows a sexual guilt.  In Taoism and Tantrism it is even recommended to enjoy your own secretions from your lover's lingam, because they are "loaded" with the states of pleasure you have experienced and contain many natural hormones and pheromones that amplify charisma and magnetism, have a regenerating effect  and so on

 What do we do if the man refuses to receive oral love?

 First of all, we discuss this aspect, after creating an ambiance full of intimacy, trust and emotional security.  Under no circumstances should this situation be maintained.

 If he refuses because he is afraid that he will lose very quickly, in order to eliminate this problem, it is advisable for the two of them to practice this technique together with perseverance and patience.  She has to start kissing her boyfriend's tongue when he is flaccid.  Even if it is in a flaccid state, it is recommended to decapitate the glans because the play with the tongue in the foreskin area can amplify its sensitivity and when it is erect it may be too sensitive to stimulation.

 Then they can create certain numerological landmarks:

 1. flaccid state

 2. semierect bucharest escorts

 3. erect but not completely

 4. erect and hard.

 The lingam must be kissed so as to be kept as long as possible in the state no.  3. When she becomes too strong, the woman can continue to caress the chest area, to invigorate the man's anahata chakra (to balance him emotionally, to support the connection between the emotional and erotic planes).

 Blowjob technique

 So far we have talked about the state that a woman must have when she embarks on this journey of pleasure.

 Body language:

 Regardless of the posture you decide to adopt, the body must express sensuality, relaxation, desire, delight.

 The eyes must seek the man's gaze and convey pleasure.

 The lips should be relaxed, or as appropriate, create a slight vacuum effect.

 Depending on what you want to express and convey (and what you are prepared to do) you can choose to:

 You kneel in front of your lover: this gesture can convey a state of deep devotion or veneration.  There is another case where she gives him the opportunity to be active, in control.

 You sit stretched out, with your head at the edge of the bed, slightly left on your back: through this position you invite him to go deeper and penetrate your mouth, with a lot of passion, as if it were a yoni.  He can choose to caress your yoni or not.

 He is lying down, and the woman is gently sitting with her back to him to create the right angle to swallow the lingam as deep as possible.

 He lies down and the woman makes oral love to him, creating an exciting eye contact.  In this position you can also play with the breasts, catching the lingam between them and kissing the lingam's head, between "penetrations".

 There are many posts that you can even note in the comments section and so we will all enrich our theoretical and practical notions.

 Before moving on to the actual technique, approach lingam with maximum curiosity and love, as if it were the first time you see it.  Gently blow on it and then inhale its scent.  Approach the area of ​​the perches and kiss them lightly, gently without creating the tickling effect.

 Kiss the testicles (depending on their sensitivity), on each one, passing the tongue lightly over them.  Then hold them between your lips and suck them very lightly (because some men have a very high sensitivity in this area).  If their size and your tantric qualities allow you, hold them both in your mouth and walk your tongue over them in concentric circles.

 Howl  Because you like it!  Because it's a pleasure to be there, with your adored boyfriend, giving him unsuspected pleasures.

 Slightly climb with your tongue along the tongue and when you reach his head, you can catch it between your lips, or just run your tongue around it several times, or insert it deep into your mouth, as long as your neck allows.  .

 With wet lips, covering the teeth, make movements from top to bottom, in the rhythm you want.  When your mouth penetrates just a little, make quick movements around your head.  Then insert it deep into his throat, stay in this position for a few seconds, and then withdraw and look him passionately in the eye.

 Depending on the length of the lingam you can use your hands.  You can massage his “one million dollar” point (see Mantak Chia) which is at an equal distance between the lingam insertion area and the anus (he will feel a special pleasure and can help you identify this point).  You can also stimulate the lingam with the palms or the circle between the index finger and the thumb (as the length of the lingam allows you).

 Gently move your hand from top to bottom, and when you reach the head, rotate your hand with your palm open and very wet, then move it down again.  You can choose to touch it with your tongue instead of moving it with your palm.

 Relax your jaw and breathe through your nose.  If you choose to penetrate your mouth in the position where you are lying on your back, with your head slightly bent and he drives the whole act, learn to breathe only between the multiple penetrations.  The secret to deep penetration in the throat is to recreate the effect of yawning: to relax and dilate the throat as you do when you start yawning.

 There are many more methods of worshiping the lingam, you can write whole books about them.  We have created here only a brief analysis of this delightful process, which we hope will become more and more extensive with the help of your additions!

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