The erogenous zones of the man

The erogenous zones of the man


 Although it is often rumored that his only erogenous zone is the lingam (the Sanskrit name for the male sexual organ), the man who has activated a certain sensitivity has many such regions that ignite the high passion, they are just as important for  he as they are for women in escorts bucharest

 Often, the man is not aware of his emotional need, so he does not feel comfort as a necessity, but when he abandons it, a deep relaxation of the soul occurs in him, which makes it much easier to unify erotic energy with  the affective one.  The touches in the erogenous zones secondary to the man are in an indirect connection with the opening of the heart and with the erotic arousal, while in the woman they are in a direct connection, hence the importance of the foreplay in their case.

 However, in an unconscious way, even on a subconscious level, the man translates how much he is loved, by how much he is touched by his girlfriend.  This is because he associates his mother's behavior towards him, from the beginning of his life, as a standard of love - the mother who always wrapped him in her welcoming, loving arms and who spoke to him in a warm and sweet tone.  When the boy becomes a man, he disconnects, for the most part, from what could be called the "inner child", but this side of him still needs care and attention.

 It has been found that when a woman spontaneously tends to cling to her boyfriend, often get her hands on him or hold him in her arms, he responds nicely to these initiatives and becomes gentler, more loving and attentive to her.

 When he is open-minded, he can have extraordinary tactile reactions, he can experience states of delight and even orgasm as a result of a simple touch on the palm, which shows an extraordinary consonance between erotic and emotional energy.

 The man's pleasure map is, therefore, also full of hidden treasures that are just waiting to be discovered and explored.  His body may not be used to the pampering of touching, hugging or sensual massage, but once he discovers these delights of intimacy in the couple, I am sure he will be very receptive to new feelings.

 1. Hair

 The gesture of running your fingers through his hair to pull him closer to you is considered, by most men, to be extremely erotic.  But not only when we kiss, but also, for example, when he drives the car we can play with his strands, keeping the interaction with him warm.

 Scalp massage is also appreciated, as it relaxes and relaxes the accumulated stresses, especially if he has an intellectual job at the office.

 2. The hands

 Being very rich in nerve receptors, the hands, but especially the palm, prove to be an area sensitive to the slightest touch.  That is why the walks hand in hand through the park give rise to so many wonderful and fulfilling states, which awaken the soul.

 When we become more intimate, we can kiss her palm with slightly moistened lips, following its lines with the tip of her tongue, then wrapping each finger between her lips, caressing it playfully.

 It is also welcome to massage certain points, such as the back of the hand, at an angle between the first two metacarpals (during a day of work or during a period when he is experiencing certain worries or stresses) (  fourth point on the large intestine meridian).  He will translate this as an act of affection, by which we show him that we care for him, that we care, that we put our soul in interaction with him, which will open his heart.

 The initiative of these gestures is good for us.  Under no circumstances should we ask him anemic if he wants to, or wait for him to address this request to us.  It is best for these gestures to infuse themselves in a natural way into the interaction between us, and then he will certainly not stop us.

 Massage has multiple effects at the psychosomatic level.  Thus, the lover will be more refined in manifestation and language, will become more affectionate and some behavioral improvements will appear - in other words we will tame him.

 3. The eyes in bucharest escorts

 In the case of men, the visual impact is very important, so that, over time, women have always sought to enhance their personal charm and beauty through various methods - makeup, attractive and exciting clothing, sexy lingerie, etc.

 The art of dance is also highly valued.  For this we do not necessarily have to be experts in the field.  An underwear of his favorite color, a few playful and sensual movements on a corresponding song, a deep look and I have already (re) conquered it.

 4. Mouth

 It is a very sensitive and erotic area.  Touching the lips - one of the first signs of intimate closeness - produces a cascade of feelings and emotions, most men being even eager to feel the kiss of his girlfriend.

 The "French" kiss is, however, much deeper, involving both touch, taste and smell.  If we adapt to this first "chemistry", it is very possible that we will continue to be compatible.

 5. The ears

 Especially the area behind the ears is more receptive to touch, but also their lobes, which can be easily bitten, or touched with the tip of the tongue in a sensual way.  Whispered compliments or fantasies are also a catalyst for elevated passion.

 6. The neck

 Especially the lateral areas are shown to be extremely sensitive to strokes with fingertips, lips or nails and to light bites.

 7. Neck

 The nape of the neck is not a very erogenous area in itself, but the upper part of the spine can produce, when massaged skillfully, a deep relaxation and relaxation.  And if we descend along the spine, massaging it in an erotic way with our fingers and palms, to the sacral area, we will be amazed by the magnitude of the induced state.

 8. The chest

 The caresses made both with the hands and with the hair on the entire surface of the man's chest, are deeply fulfilling, amplifying the state of love.  Also, the rain of kisses or hugs directly on the skin are very appreciated and exciting, especially if they are made with our erect nipples.

 9. Back escorts bucharest

 The back is an area as large as it is erogenous in both sexes.  The fine or pressed massage, with the palms or the breasts, arouses thousands of shivers in the beloved man.  During the love affair, many women stick their nails behind their boyfriend, as a result of the intensity experienced, or wrap their thighs around him, to feel him even closer.

 10. The inner and back parts of the thighs

 The same type of caresses with fingers, hair or any other part of the body we have fantasies, fit here.  The finesse or intensity of touch, but especially the alternation between them, awaken the senses, amplify the erotic desire and trigger thrills of pleasure.

 11. The lower abdomen

 This area is most sensitive to light scratches with the nails, which induce those involuntary and delicious spasms.  But also the deep massage with the chin, along the line that unites the navel pubis, is very exciting and has multiple welcome effects, among which we mention:

 - awakening and amplifying erotic energy and frenzy;

 - intensifying the desire for union with the loved one;

 - unblocking abdominal tensions:

 -facilitating the transmutation and sublimation of the erotic potential.

 12. Genitals

 The lingam, the glans, the scrotum and the area between the testicles and the anus are particularly erogenous regions.  All this is good to be stimulated carefully, depending on how well the man controls the energy, because, although we want to give him moments of intensity and deeply fulfilling pleasure, the recommendation is that all these feelings be before the point  of non-return.

 Precious details and descriptions on how to caress your beloved man orally,

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 During the love game, when the lover is on top, the woman can catch him firmly, but sensually by the buttocks, with both hands, thus indicating the way he wants to be loved and adored.  It is important for the woman to manifest and express what she wants, guiding the man she loves in this dance of sacred love.

 We have presented the main erogenous zones on the map of man's pleasure, but just as each of us is unique in his own way, so are the ways we react in private.

 The recommendation is, therefore, to embark, always and always, with great enthusiasm, in this wonderful adventure of discovering the loved one, because even after many years we will be surprised to find new and enchanting things.

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